Star Trek Attack Wing – Tin Man OP

Tin Man OP

The Sentry Box will be hosting the Star Trek Attack Wing – Tin Man OP Event on Wednesday July 27th starting at 6:00pm. Games will start at 6:30pm so please make sure that you are on time so we can start on time.

The Star Trek: Attack Wing: Tin Man Organized Play event is based on the ever popular episode Tin Man from Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Following the path of the Vega Nine probe, your fleet has travelled to the Beta Stromgren star system in order to try to make contact with an alien organism referred to as “Tin Man”. Tin Man appears to be a “living” starship and is orbiting a star that is going to super nova. As you ready yourselves to make contact, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet which is also trying to make contact with Tin Man.

Will you be the first to make contact?

Each Tin Man OP Kit Includes:

  • Three (3) Limited Edition U.S.S. Cairo Prize Card Packs
  • Ten (10) Intercepted Messages Limited Edition Resource and Reference Card Participation Prizes

Summoner Wars – Learn To Play

Summoner Wars

The Sentry Box will be hosting Summoner Wars Learn To Play event on Monday July 25th at 7:00pm.

Summoner Wars is the exciting card game of fantastic battlefield combat that puts you in the grandiose role of a Summoner. Strategy shapes the composition of each deck of cards and how they are used. Tactics determine the effectiveness of those cards in battle. Call walls of stone to protect you in combat and serve as magic portals for you to summon your warriors. Call your forces forth and send them in a surging wave against your enemy. Cast spells that bolster your forces and cut down those who would oppose you.

All materials will be provided so come down and play.

Guild Ball Game Day

Guild Ball

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Guild Ball Game Day on Saturday July 23rd at 12 noon.

Guild Ball is a fantasy-themed medieval football game that blends elements of rugby with the game mechanics of modern miniature games like Warmachine and Malifaux to create a fast-moving, easy to learn miniature game. Guild Ball only requires 6 miniatures per team and is played on a 3′ x 3′ area with limited terrain making it an accessible game for people new to tabletop miniatures.

We will be playing some games, swapping tricks and strategies and will also be holding demos for anyone interested in trying out the game.

Star Trek: Attack Wing – The Classic Movies OP – The Voyage Home

Classic Movies OP

The Sentry Box will be hosting the Star Trek: Attack Wing- The Classic Movies- The Voyage Home OP event on Wednesday July 13th at 6:30pm.

While you are battling with an enemy fleet, an alien probe enters your sector. This probe is draining the power from everything that it comes in contact with and none of your efforts have had any effect on it. The probe seems to be on a course towards the Earth. Can you avoid this strange probe and defeat your enemy? Or will you be left powerless in space?

The format for the Month Three Event is a Sealed/Constructed format using the “The Voyage Home” special rules and the standard Squad Building Rules (on pg. 21 of the Full Rules of Play). The starting Fleet Build is 90 SP. Players will build an additional 40pt ship using the contents of a blind booster.

Upon completion of the event, the Improved Hull Cards are the Participation Prizes to be awarded to each player.

The H.M.S. Bounty Prize Packs are to be awarded to the First (Admiral) and Red Shirt (Fellowship) players. The U.S.S. Enterprise-A Storyline Grand Prize is to be awarded to the player with the highest total Battle Points after the Month Three Event.

New releases for Friday June 17th, 2016

Two new release posts in as many days?! Clearly your sacrifices to Centeotl have been answered. Or was I the only one doing that? In any case, there is a harvest-like bounty of new releases today including many new RPGs.

JurassAttack! by Green Couch Games

In JurassAttack! by Ryan Cowler two players face off in an epic face-to-face dinosaur battle!

In the game, each player chooses a dinosaur or pack of dinosaurs of the same type from their hand, then they reveal them simultaneously to compare Ferocity values. The player with the highest total Ferocity wins the round, taking their rival’s dinosaurs into their score pile. Different types of dinosaurs are worth varying amounts of victory points, so it’s important to plan well and make sure not to give away too many points in the event of a knockout!

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New releases for Wednesday June 15th, 2016

Its an exciting day at The Sentry Box. Why? The arrival of fun new games an expansions of course. That and Assistant Manager Drew has promised to take us all to Dairy Queen for a cone after work. But enough talk of cold soft-serve treats, here are the new arrivals for today.

Captain Carcass by Mayday Games

Welcome to Captain Carcass, a world of underwater adventure and danger. Captain Carcass is a 2-4 player game that is a press-your-luck style game that many have described as “Incan Gold meets Blackjack”.

There are 10 suits in the game and 6 cards of each suit. Players take turns revealing cards. Play until you choose to “bank” your cards and keep them for scoring at the end of the game, or press your luck too far and “bust” if you reveal a 2nd card of the same suit in your turn. When the deck runs out players sum the highest card from each of the 10 suits and the highest score wins! Simple right? Well each of the 10 suits has a special ability which is activated every time a card is played, making for some clever combinations and some difficult decisions.

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Epic Draft Night

Epic Card Game

The Sentry Box will be hosting an Epic Draft Night on Monday July 11th at 7:00 pm. Epic is a fast-paced non-collectible fantasy card game that provides draft, sealed and constructed game all from a single box.

For this event we will be using the Pack Draft format and all the required cards will be provided. The rules for Epic are available for download or you could come to our Learn To Play event and check the game out in advance.

All participants will receive an Epic promo card. This is a free event.

Epic Learn To Play Night

Epic Card Game

The Sentry Box will be holding an Epic Learn To Play Night on Monday June 27th at 7:00pm. Epic is a non-collectible fantasy card game from White Wizard Games, the makers of Star Realms, that provides everything you need to play in a single box. You can do four player head-to-head, draft and even constructed format. Its all of the fun of similar fantasy card games without the cost and the complexity.

Come down and learn how to play the game and then participate in a draft. All cards will be provided and participants will get an Epic promo card.

Ashes Organized Play Night

Ashes cover

The Sentry Box will be hosting an Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn Organized Play Night on Monday July 4th starting a 6:30pm. There is a $5.00 entry fee for the event and we will be using the contents of the Ashes Organized Play kit for prizes. Prizes include an Ashes playmat, Dimona Odinstar cards and Lulu Firststone cards. There are also a limited number of alt art Mist Spirit cards.

The event will be a Two-player Drafted Deck event (using the Drafting rules from the Ashes core rulebook) with players split into pools depending on the number of participants. All cards and dice will be provided.

Ashes – Learn to Play Night

Ashes cover

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Ashes – Learn to Play Night on Monday June 20th at 6:00pm.

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is a non-collectible fantasy card game from Plaid Hat Games that combines the constructible deck play style of Magic the Gathering with a pool of dice to power your spells. Players alternate taking short actions and the game rewards strategic play.

Everything you need to play will be provided so just come down and check out this amazing new card game.