Military new arrivals for Thursday August 27th, 2015

An ill-wind (or a smokey one) might blow no good but Thursday is always a good day for fans of military board games and this Thursday is no exception.

Alea • Iacta • Est by ludifolie editions

Alea Iacta Est is a strategic historical game for two players. It narrates the civil wars that tore the late Roman Republic to shreds and paved the way for the establishment of the Principate. The period covered extends from Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon with soldiers of the XIII Legion (12 January, 49 B.C.) to Octavianus’ closing of the doors of the Temple of Janus (11 January, 29 B.C.), the act that symbolized the return of peace. One player defends the interests of Caesar, his allies, his partisans and his successors. The other defends the interests of his adversaries. The roles of the two players may be reversed during the game.

Great Battles Of World War II: The Canadians In Europe by The Canadian Wargamers Group

The book contains:

  • Introduction (1 page)
  • description of the Canadian Army, including its history in the First World War and a discussion of tactics in WWII (10 pages)
  • discussion of German tactics (2 pages)
  • Canadian and German unit organizations, including charts for a German infantry division and Canadian armoured and infantry divisions (2 pages)
  • Great Battles of World War II system rules and charts (12 pages)
  • 4-page pull-out (game charts, plus sheet of markers to be photocopied and cut out)

Flower of Chivalry: A Guide to the Late Middle Ages by The Canadian Wargamers Group

Flower of Chivalry is an attempt to provide gamers with background on strategy, tactics and campaigns, miniature rules, and conversions to other systems; plus detailed, balanced scenarios for the 14th and 15th Centuries. A gamer with some miniatures can jump right into the period with accurate, interesting scenarios. Gamers will also have the necessary information to understand the features of warfare that are critical, and how they changed through time. While primarily for the miniatures gamer, there is plenty of information for anyone interested in the period.

Special attention is given to what-ifs, and three battles (Bannockburn, Agincourt, and Bosworth Field) receive a full-fledged alternate interpretation.

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run by MMP

Stonewall Jackson’s Way II: Battles of Bull Run is the 9th game in the award-winning Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series. This game is actually two complete modules in one: it includes a complete revision and augmentation of Stonewall Jackson’s Way (SJW; the first game in the series), and an entire new module covering the First Bull Run Campaign, called All Green Alike (AGA).

The two maps included are newly painted by original map artist Charlie Kibler and include new historical and terrain details (to bring them up to the standards of the latest games in the GCACW series). The counters have also been updated to the new look established by Nicolas Eskubi for our latest title Battle Above the Clouds

A World at War by GMT Games

First published by GMT in 2003, A World at War is a grand strategy game based on the award-winning Advanced Third Reich/Empire of the Rising Sun gaming system. A World at War simulates the military, economic, political, diplomatic, research and production aspects of the Second World War and lets the players find out for themselves what might have happened if:

  • Germany had tried to execute Sea Lion, the invasion of Britain.
  • Admiral Raeder’s Mediterranean strategy had been adopted and the British position in the Middle East had crumbled.
  • Russia had been prepared for the German attack.
  • “General Winter” had not come to the aid of the hard-pressed Russian armies in late 1941.
  • The European Axis and Japan had cooperated in implementing a strategy aimed at destroying the Western Allied lines of communication in the Indian Ocean.
  • The Battle of the Atlantic had been won by Germany.
  • War had broken out between Russia and Japan in 1941 or 1942.
  • Japan had avoided disaster at Midway in 1942 and instead invaded Australia or India.
  • Japan had knocked China out of the war.
  • the U.S had mobilized more armor units and fewer air units, or more infantry and less armor, or…
  • the Western Allies had tried Churchill’s Balkan strategy
  • the Western Allies had tried to invade France in 1943 or earlier, leaving Italy for later.
  • The Western Allies had failed to develop the atomic bomb – but Germany had.
  • the Western Allies had developed jets or rockets.
  • You had been in command

Lightning North Africa On To Tobruk by DVG

Lightning : North Africa uses cards to represent the military units, supply convoys and objectives of the historic campaign. To win, you must consider your units’ combat power and maneuver options as well as their supply situation. The game features: the Afrika Korps, Tobruk, the Desert Rats, Malta, anti-tank guns, resupply from Europe, minefields and more. LNA is based around a new combat system that makes maneuver and planning as important as brute force. That approach is faithful to the historic events, in which smaller forces were often able to defeat and rout larger ones by using better tactics and planning. In LNA, battles can be won not only by overwhelming the enemy with firepower, but also by out-thinking and bluffing him. The dynamic game system puts you in charge of one of the most famous theaters of WWII.

Flying Circus by DVG

Flying Circus: Aerial Combat in WWI depicts the fun and flavor of World War I aerial dogfighting. You fly the colorful and agile aircraft of WWI as you make history in the world’s first use of aircraft in a military role.
This is the basic game. You have everything you need to play single aircraft duels to multi-aircraft dogfights. Each aircraft has its own unique characteristics reflected in its ratings and special abilities. The basic game rules cover all the maneuvers that made WWI aerial combat: barrel rolls, stall turns, Immelmans, vertical rolls and Candelles. Outmaneuver your opponent to line up your guns and watch his planes go down in flames!

Gamers who have played the Down in Flames game series will find many similarities in game play, however, previous experience is not necessary. The basic game rules can be read in less than 20 minutes and you can play your first game immediately.

RPG new arrivals for Thursday August 27th, 2015

Instead of providing one large, and often huge, new arrival post, we have decided to split the new arrival announcements into separate posts based on categories. So revel in the first of our hopefully long line of announcements for new RPGs. Its a brave new world.

Blowing Up The Movies by Atlas Games

Robin D. Laws, game designer by day, cinema super-enthusiast by night, sets his analytic laser sights on action and thrills in a collection of essays sure to supercharge your tabletop roleplaying experience.

As the countdown ticks and the bullets fly, Robin takes you inside the workings of 24 action movies, from the stone cold classic to the unjustifiably obscure. Each essay shows you how the film delivers, and the lessons you can extract from it to enhance your own efforts as GM or player. Explore:

  • Star Wars as a model of storytelling economy.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to see how fights can express inner drama.
  • Seven Samurai as a master class in theme.
  • Die Hard as textbook cat-and-mouse.
  • The Killer, to learn the blood-soaked vocabulary of blood-soaked hyper-romanticism.
  • Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, because deer fu.

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New arrivals for Thursday August 27th, 2015

Another week and another weather related incident hits the city making discussion of the latest Fluxx variant seem inappropriate but oddly refreshing. Much like the rest of the new releases this week.

High Command Rapid Engagement by Privateer Press

High Command Rapid Engagement is a two-player deck building card game in which players raise and lead mighty armies to capture strategic objectives across the Iron Kingdoms. Leverage your resources and command your forces to set your banner above all western Immoren!

This box contains game rules and 132 cards, including:

  • 2 Pre-constructed Army Decks: Khador and Circle Orboros
  • 1 Winds of War Deck detailing the events that shape the continental conflict.
  • 1 new Location Deck featuring key cities and landmarks across the Iron Kingdoms.

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Star Trek Attack Wing Year in Hell OP Event

The Sentry Box will be hosting the Star Trek Attack Wing Year in Hell OP Event on Thursday September 17th at 6:30pm.

Attack wing

While in Zahl space, your fleet finds itself embroiled in a battle between the Zahl and the Krenim. A huge spatial distortion wave is heading for your ships and you find that it is impossible to avoid its path as the wave is destabilizing the ships’ warp fields. If the wave hits your ships, it will cause a temporal incursion and your ships will change, and possibly be destroyed. But you’ve calculated that by using temporal shielding, you can avoid the consequences of this temporal incursion and lessen the effects of the wave. Will you be able to do this and defeat your enemy? Or will you be a victim of the spatial distortion wave?

The event will cost $5.00 and prizes are from the Year in Hell OP kit.

  • 10 Emergency Force Field Participation Prize Cards
  • 3 S.S. Bellerophon/ Intrepid-class Starship Pre-painted Plastic Ships

The event will use the standard Squad Building Rules (see page 21 of the full Rules of Play).

Zombicide Game Night

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Zombicide Game Night on Monday September 21st at 6:30pm. We will be using the Black Friday game night kit from Guillotine Games.

Black Friday game Night Kit

If somebody had said a year ago that we’d be fighting zombies just to scavenge canned beans, everybody would have laughed. Now the world is turned upside down, and urban legends abound. That’s how we first heard about the Jefferson Mall, a place described as “cursed” and “haunted”. Naturally we decided to look into it.

Black Friday is about danger and power. Your Survivors will get interesting weapons and busloads of experience quite early in each Mission, putting them against tides of Zombies as they struggle to complete the objectives.

Expect to use the Ultrared Mode (see Toxic City Mall) every time, slaughter Zombies with the best weapons around, and above all, reach unprecedented body counts. If you love having Red Level Survivors and fighting on the edge, then Black Friday is for you.

We have enough game kits to have up to 24 people participating but not enough games so if you own a copy of the Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak box and the Toxic City Mall box then please bring them along.

Not AustinThe Game Night kit includes

6 standard Thiago
6 Zombivor Thiago
6 Thiago ID cards
6 experience trackers
6 dice
1 campaign book

Entry to the event is $5.00 and each participant will receive a the Thiago figures and ID cards.

Star Wars Armada tournament

Star Wars Armada prizes

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Star Wars Armada tournament on Sunday September 13th. Registration will begin at 12:00am and the first round will start at 12:30am sharp.

This is also the same day as the Star Wars Armada League so any games you play will count for the League results.

The event will include prizes from the Summer 2015 kit which includes:

  • One exclusive TIE Fighter Pilot medal
  • Four sets of acrylic Navigate tokens
  • Four Imperial-themed dice bags
  • Two copies of an alternate art Assault Frigate Mark II A card
  • Seventeen copies of an alternate art Tie Fighter Squadron card
  • Entry to the event will be $5.00

New arrivals for Thursday August 20th, 2015

It is quiet day here at The Sentry Box so instead of the usual attempts at pithy humour I thought that I’d open this latest new release post with a quote from every geek’s favourite philosopher Henri Bergson.

Homo sapiens, the only creature endowed with reason, is also the only creature to pin its existence on things unreasonable.

I think that we can all agree that he is talking about trying to figure out the score in Carcassonne.

New this week at The Sentry Box:

Heroes of Normandie: Sainte-Mere Eglise by Devil Pig Games

Recreate the Battle of St. Mere Eglise with the new scenario expansion Heroes of Normandie: Sainte-Mere Eglise! This expansion features:

  • New special abilities: Charge, Urban Combatant, Demolition, Inspiration, Munitions Transport
  • New components: Camo, Cricket Lane, Gliders, Hawkins Mines, Knives
  • New character traits: Dropped (for paratroopers!), Sprinter, Walking Fire

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Superfight now in stock

The Sentry Box now has stock of the Superfight card game as well as some of the current expansion decks for the game.



Superfight is party game of super powers and super problems.

The game is all about arguing with your friends about ridiculous fights.

The core deck contains 500 cards. 170 characters (white cards), and 330 powers and weaknesses (black cards). Players use a hand of three white cards and three black cards, and choose one of each to beat the player next to them. Then they get a random black card before fighting. Players then argue their case for why they should win, and the table votes.

New arrivals for Thursday August 13th, 2015

The only thing that you can guarantee about the weather here in Calgary is that someone is going to make a joke about it changing every 5 minutes. The last few days should put a end to that tired old joke.

What isn’t tired though, aside from the quality of the segues I write, are the staff at The Sentry Box who toil day in and day out to make sure that you have new arrivals. Does anyone else have a saccharine taste in their mouth?

New this week is…

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed – Skorne Empire by Privateer Press

Far to the east of the Iron Kingdoms lies the treacherous land where the enduring skorne have built their empire. Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Skorne Empire explores the scorching expanses of eastern Immoren, where survival means embracing the brutality and lethality of the punishing environment. Assume the warrior code of hoksune and adventure through eastern Immoren as a skorne, mastering the powers of pain and death to thrive in a land as dangerous as its inhabitants!

Venture far outside the boundaries of the Iron Kingdoms with this essential full-color guide to the Skorne Empire, eastern Immoren, and its inhabitants

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Assassinorum: Execution Force demo

 Assassinorum: Execution Force

The Sentry Box will be hosting a demo for Game Workshop’s recently released Assassinorum: Execution Force on Thursday August 20th at 6:30pm.

Everything will be provided and we will hopefully be running the game more than once.

A brand-new boxed game, Assassinorum: Execution Force gives four Imperial Assassins an incredibly important mission – slay Chaos Lord Drask before his dark ritual brings about the end of the Imperium itself! A fast-paced co-operative game for one to four players, it blends stealth, tactics, subtle forward-thinking and outright blazing violence into a fantastic, tense, action-packed experience that is accessible to board game players of any level.

Included in the box are four beautiful, exclusive Imperial Assassin miniatures – the Vindicare Assassin, armed with an Exitus Rifle and pistol, clad in a stealth suit; the Callidus Assassin, wielding a C’tan Phase sword, neural shredder and poison blades; the Eversor Assassin, with Executioner pistol and Neuro Gauntlet and the Culexus Assassin, with his psyk-out grenades. On top of these, you get fifteen Chaos Cultists, three Chaos Space Marines, a Chaos Familiar and a Chaos Space Marine Terminator Sorcerer.