Product Review: Kolinsky Hobby Brush 5 Pack by Gadzooks Gaming

The store is always looking to bring in the best products for our customers and what’s more, we love being able to give you awesome folks an informed opinion, so before these guys hit the shelf we thought we would give them a try and get Uncle Mike to write up a quick review!

I always get excited when we get new brushes at the store, especially when we get a reasonably priced five pack! This set from Kolinsky Hobby consists of five different brushes, with five different purposes. 

Each brush is marked and comes in a marked tube. The end of each brush is also colour coded for easy recognition. Four of the five brushes have a thicker, triangular grip section, while one has the traditional paintbrush grip.

The strange names assigned to each brush do hint at their purpose and at a glance the brushes break down like this. 

‘Utility’; This brush is a good mid-size with a fairly fine tip, the smallest brush in the pack. ‘Drybrush’; A medium sized thick, pitched brush, perfect, as the name suggests, for drybrushing figures.

‘Mother’; A bigger version of the ‘Utility’ brush, for bigger projects.

‘Hoarder’; A bigger version of the ‘Mother’ brush, for when you really need to apply paint.

And ‘Carwash’; A very large Drybrush.

If you are a painting snob who likes exacting control while wielding tiny and expensive tools crowned with exotic hair from strange beasts…then these brushes aren’t for you. If you are just learning to paint or are working on a budget, these brushes should be exactly what you are looking for.

That’s all I can tell from looking, time to give them a go on some models and see how they fair…

After a quick play around, I can safely say that at $19.99, these offer fantastic value, and while they may not be replacing my current favorite brushes, or my fine detail brushes, they will definitely find a home in my collection of mid-range assorted paint splashing implements!

If you have some holes to fill in your brush collection or are in need of a good starting brush set look no further. The Kolinsky Hobby Brush 5 Pack will make an excellent addition to your brush assortment, without breaking the bank.  

-Uncle Mike

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