Beyond the gates of Antares slow grow league

Gates of Antares

Zac and some of the other miniature gaming lunatics are thinking of starting up a Beyond the Gates of Antares slow grow league.

Anyone interested? We’ll be taking orders for starter sets and other add-ons in the next week if anyone wants to get in on the fun.


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Gaming Industry News for April 20th

Hey folks,
Lots of new news and announcements this week!

First and obviously most importantly, we have a new Author stepping up whilst Tracy goes on Maternity Leave.  I am sure you will join everyone in the Sentry Box family wishing her and Greg well with the next addition to their own brood!

So, unfortunately that means you are stuck with me (Kris) to try to keep you all entertained.

That obviously leads in to our actual news:
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Game Industry News for May 8th, 2016

New and Upcoming Crowdfunding Projects

Live Now: Skyways by Eagle Games


Skyways is a strategic block-connecting city-building game for the whole family! You and your opponents build the city, floor by floor, while connecting these high-rises with skyways.

Live Now: Moods of the Mad King from Gallant Knight Games

Moods of the Mad King is a micro-game for 2 to 4 players, where the players assume the role of a playwright in the court of The Mad King! The Mad King demands a play to suit his current feelings, but with his ever-changing moods and propensity for beheadings, all the playwrights are stealing secrets from each other and scrambling to gather information from those close to the king in order to create the perfect play!

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Gaming Industry News

An overview of some of the news and events happening in gaming industry.

New Crowdfunding Campaigns


Live Now: Brass by Roxley Games
Martin Wallace’s original masterpiece with new art and improved 2 & 3 player rules, along with a sequel featuring new industries and new mechanics.

Rifts® Board Game Kickstarter – Coming May 2017 from Rogue Heroes Publishing
The tentative launch date for this Rifts® Board Game Kickstarter is May 5, 2017. Fans of Rifts®, even if they have not played in years, will want this game. One, because it is going to be gorgeous, and two, because it is another way to play Rifts® and walk away with that familiar feeling you get from the RPG.

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Skirmish Gaming Club: First Game

Skirmish Gaming Club Logo

SoBH logo

The first game that The Sentry Box Skirmish Gaming Club will be playing is the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish game by Ganesha Games.

Song of Blades and Heroes is a small-scale fantasy skirmish rule system that takes about 30 minutes to play and requires anywhere from 8 – 10 miniatures. The game plays quickly enough that you can play a campaign in the course of an evening.

The rulebook is available in PDF format for $8.00 from Ganesha Games or from Wargame Vault. A print version of the rules is also available from

The Sentry Box has a wide range of figures that can be used in the game including Mantic Kings of War, Games Workshop figures (check out our stock of individual sprues), Bones, Reaper and even the Pathfinder Battles figures.

The schedule for Song of Blades and Heroes is:

  • Sunday January 24th: First build and paint day
  • Sunday January 31st: Second build and paint day
  • Sunday February 7th: Third Build and Paint Day
  • Sunday February 14th: Final Build and Paint Day
  • Saturday February 20th: First Game Day
  • Saturday February 27th: Second Game Day
  • Sunday March 6th: Third Game Day
  • Saturday March 12th: Final Game Day

We will be scheduling space and setting aside time dedicated to SoBH at these times but you can always come down and play any time you want.

Depending on player interest we may run a Songs of Blades and Heroes campaign on the final two Game Days using the standard rules in SoBH or the expanded campaign rules in the Song of Deeds and Glory rulebook.

The Sentry Box Skirmish Gaming Club

Skirmish Gaming Club Logo

The Sentry Box is starting a new gaming group, The Sentry Box Skirmish Gaming Club. Initially the group will be using Facebook and this blog to communicate but we hope to have a new home on the store’s upcoming new website.

The aim of the group is to try out new fantasy, sci-fi and historical skirmish games by focusing on a new game every two or three months depending on the requirements of the system. We will be spending time building and painting forces and then spend a month gaming with those newly painted forces.

The goal is to focus on games with small numbers of miniatures or that have inexpensive miniature sets available as well as games that have simpler rules or play quickly.

Check out this blog and Facebook for the announcement of the game we will be playing first.

Dead of Winter restock

The Sentry Box has received a restock of the Dead of Winter boardgame from Plaid Hat Games.

Dead of Wnter

If you have made a special order with us then it is on hold for you and if not then come down soon and pick up a copy while we still have some available.

New loyalty program

The Sentry Box has finally updated the loyalty program. We have now joined the Vicinity Rewards program, which is used by many other stores here in Calgary and elsewhere.

The new system just requires you to provide a cell phone number and then you will earn 1 point for every $10 you spend (before tax). We currently have three redemption levels to spend your points: 10 points gets you a pair of limited edition Sentry Box dice; 25 points gets you a $10 gift card; and 50 points gets you a $25 gift card. Points are earned on everything in the store (not just books and price-banded items).

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Unmatched dice for sale

You want dice? We have got dice! Unmatched dice. No set guaranteed to match or we will fix it for you. Each set is a mere $3.50. A pittance for the hours of polyhedral fun you’ll have.

And did we mention the colours?! No two the same! Roll them! Hurl them at overbearing DMs or ungrateful players! Endless amounts of fun!*


* Your ability to be filled with fun not guaranteed. Endless may actually be a finite amount.

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