What have The Sentry Box been up to – Sept 7-13

Greg played The Rise of Queensdale, “We’d had a fairly long hiatus from this legacy game, so it took a while to re-familiarize ourselves with it. The game play is fairly straightforward, at least for now, with players rolling their dice at the start of the round and then taking it in turns to play them to gather resources, build buildings, scout for herbs, etc. We’re still early in the game, so the story line hasn’t really got going too much yet, but it seems like it has potential. I can see how it will make players diverge in ability and strategy as the games progress, so I’m hoping we can play more often now that it’s made it back to the table.”

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The Only Thing That Matters To Me Is: Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia!.

I’ve mentioned before how Necromunda is a game for older, more experienced gamers. Well, if you are as old as me then you are very much excited about how the hobby (and your favourite game: Necromunda…) has turned out…yet, you are also very much driven to have the things you never had or always wished you did.

One of the words that can be used to describe what that is is ‘Nostalgia’…we’ll leave those other words out for just now…

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Kickstarter Update – Sept 13

Today we bring you another update on our Kickstarters. During the last 7 weeks we’ve backed 2 more projects. If you want to be updated when new products – including Kickstarters – arrive at Sentry Box, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  And if you see a project you want, just contact us at the store to be added to the pre-orders list for the project. It works just like any other order at the store, you only pay when you pick up the game. This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most popular kickstarter games without having to pay upfront and you don’t have to pay for shipping! Plus you get double points on all pre-orders!

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Start Collecting with Combat Patrol: Chaos Factions


A new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is here and it’s a great time to get into the game or start a new collection. However, building up an entire army in 40k can be a bit of a daunting prospect – especially considering the cost in both money and time. Fortunately, the new 9th Edition has put some new emphasis into playing smaller-scale games. Combat Patrol is a specific size of game requiring a force of no more than 25 Power (or 500 points) worth of models. This translates into a compact collection of around a couple squads, a character or two and maybe a vehicle.

Better yet, most factions in the game have a ready-made starting point in the form of Start Collecting boxes. But which offer you the best bang for your buck? In this series, we’re taking a look at all 25 Start Collecting boxes available for 40k, and evaluating just how useful they are when building a Combat Patrol. We’re using Power here to compare the different boxes (just to keep things simple) but building your list with points instead will still come out quite similar. The values used here are also from the recently published Power level updates, so these should all be up to date with the latest info.

This time around, we’re examining the options for everyone’s favorite spiky boys, the Chaos factions!

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Aug 31-Sept 6

Greg and Tracy played Escape Room: The Game: Wild West Express. “This one had a difficulty rating of 2.5/5 which is on the easier side, and it mostly was fairly straightforward. As is often the case though, we sometimes overlook something initially. This one involves being captured by bandits on a train and having to escape the cell, uncouple the train cars, unmask the leader and fix the train so it can slow down before crashing. It was a fun one!”

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