Maximum Arbitration Part 7: ‘Game Week Four’, What’s Yours Is Mine…The Takeover Phase Begins!

YYC Hive is dangerous and ill-spirited, just like it’s citizenry. The potential to become a great factory hive was there, but the population could never rise past the petty rivalries and infighting that mark this spire as a lawless outland encampment.

Many come to this hive seeking nothing more than a place to try their fortunes by direct action. Not a place, then, for the faint of heart or the mind clouded by conscience. There are riches here, but none so easily claimed as those simply removed from the possession of another.

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Maximum Arbitration Part 5: ‘Game Week Three’, The Colours of Tithing Season

After a harsh cold cycle where YYC Hive was often cut off due to static storms and desperate raiders along key supply routes, hivers rejoice as Tithing Season brings warmer weather…perhaps ‘rejoice’ is too strong a word. As the season progresses and the temperature rises it is not uncommon to see Barbed Venomgorse and other carnivorous plants growing in the disused sections of the Hive.

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Maximum Arbitration Part 4.5: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Arbitrator

Sometimes the Arbitrator just likes to prattle on about their toys. This is a brief look at the gangs that I will be using in the store Necromunda campaign, as well as thoughts on how the campaign is / will run. This is an additional update and contains no new rules or life changing information. However, if you plan on facing me over the gaming table, this may be worth a read.

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Maximum Arbitration Part 4: ‘Game Week Two’, Rat Patrol!

Way out past the Palatine Cluster, beyond the safety of the barrier city-domes, stands the YYC Hive. A black spire rising out of the ash wastes of the Stormlands. A rough and ready breed of Necromundans call this hive home, bred strong in a region as beautiful and wild as it is deadly and unforgiving.

Geographically set apart by harsh climate and grueling distance, is it any surprise that the flora and fauna of this storied hive are often unique, seen nowhere else on Necromunda? Trade routes through the wastes are limited and highly maintained, a perfect opportunity to eradicate pests before they enter the hive proper. And thus the Rat Patrol was created.

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Maximum Arbitration Part 3.5: ‘Game Week One’, Did You Remember To Generate Territories?

Let’s face it, there is a lot to do to get a campaign of Necromunda properly off the ground. Both our ‘basic’ and ‘advanced’ campaigns use Territories, and each individual Hive will be required to generate some before games can begin…informing players about the area of YYC Hive that they call home, and also so players know what they are fighting over!

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Maximum Arbitration Part 3: ‘Game Week One’, Getting to Know YYC Hive

Hives are at the same time part termite mound, teeming with people, as well as industrial super centres, humming with production. The main exports of YYC Hive are the ichorous black secretion known as Sump Ink, used in the lubrication rites of the machine priests across countless worlds, and delicious and sustaining Malk, derived from the giant Holstein Beetles grown and processed in the assorted hole-steads surrounding the hive proper.

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