What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 22-28

Greg and Tracy taught their friends Tichu, playing a shorter game, just to 500 points. “Obviously the random pairing put myself and Tracy, the two experienced players, together as a team. Things kind of went our way as far as the cards too, so it wasn’t a long game and the score was lopsided but hopefully it was enough to give them a good introduction to how the game works. It’s one that needs lots of plays to start to see some of the subtlety and figure out when to call Tichu, etc. Happy to get the chance to play again!”

They followed up with a game of Sushi Go. “It just went horribly wrong for me, giving me scores of 9 and then 6 in the first two rounds. It was a low scoring game overall but I was well off the pace and came dead last!”

Greg also gives us an update on their Dice Throne Adventures. “After defeating the Mad King with the Gunslinger and the Treant we decided to step up the difficulty, starting a new campaign on Veteran Difficulty with the Seraph and the Huntress. So far we’ve played through the first two Portal Crawls and defeated the Fallen Barbarian. The Portal Crawls were actually pretty straightforward and we completed both at the first attempt, but the Fallen Barbarian proved to be a tougher challenge, taking three attempts before we finally took him down. In fact the third attempt, that we ended up winning, started horribly, with the Barbarian getting five attacks in two turns due to causing stun tokens, and after those turns we were at 5 health, with the Barbarian at 76 health (6 above his starting amount). Somehow we came back to win that one, which was super satisfying!”

Greg finished reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. “This was an interesting take on the Wizard of Oz story, focusing on the Wicked Witch of the West and her back story. I enjoyed a good chunk of it, but then it seemed like it suddenly had to switch gears and make things fit with the original Wizard of Oz story, and it didn’t quite jive with me. It was a fun and interesting read overall though.”

Meanwhile Renee finished Cibola Burn, the fourth book in the Expanse series. “This book covers the exploration of a new planet, the negotiation of rights to the land and the riches (both material and scientific) it contains while giving us more glimpses at the world of the protomolecule. This series continues to be a fun read, constantly introducing new characters in ways that allow you to quickly bond with them and leave you wanting to hear more of their story. The characters really are the stars of this series and I’m along for the ride while we figure out what there is to discover in the expansive world they inhabit.”

Chris recently came across a bunch of Dystopian Wars Prussian Empire ships in his stash. “These models have been out of production for a couple years, and while the game is making a comeback the look of the ships has been re-imagined somewhat. So, while they may not look as spiffy as the new hotness (and I don’t really have any plans to play the game) I think  these little ships are still pretty neat and I figured that I might as well paint some of them up just to look cool on display. I wanted to use a fairly light grey with darker, angular camouflage, since I imagine this fleet fighting in the far north, dodging between icebergs and chasing around the enemy in snowstorms (history buffs who are familiar with the fate of the battleship Scharnhorst in WWII will know what I mean). The main color is Light Grey, with German Grey camo and I picked out the deck planking with Desert Yellow – all from Vallejo Model Color. I used an overall Dark Tone wash, but diluted it with GW’s Lamian Medium to avoid staining the lighter color of the decks too much. There’s quite a few more units to add, so you’ll likely see the fleet continue to expand…”

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