SPQR – Revised Edition

Warlord Game’s SPQR Revised Edition has finally arrived in the store and we thought it was worth a quick write up on what has changed and what this means to all the folks who bought the 2019 version of the game.

So, Kris is here with a quick write up about the game and what you have to look forward too with the new version!

When SPQR arrived in store back in 2019 I was not really sure what to do with it, Hail Caesar was a fairly established range and I didn’t have anywhere upstares to put it, so it was hidden away next to Gords Desk in the Military Room while I thought of something better to do with it.

Hail Caesar has been around for a while now and is a staple of Warlord Games miniature line.

The more I thought about it the more I was convinced that SPQR could be a cool game for the store as it filled a hole in that it’s a Warband level historical game with a focus on heroes rather than masses of troops.
No matter how keen you may be to dip your toe in to more historical games the intimidation factor of painting a huge army of Roman Legionaries or even a small elite force of say 300 Spartans is just off putting, and a game like SPQR fits nicely in with the rise of popularity of “mass-skirmish” style games.

Games like Test of Honour had done really well in the store and so I took the plunge and moved it down stairs in to the more frequented miniatures area and started planning some events. The game was seemingly a hit as we struggled to keep it on the shelf and then 2020 happened…

The “A Clash of Heroes” starter set really is a tremendous deal and a great way to jump into the game.

Luckily, it seems that Warlord Games took note of all of the player feedback and rather than simply re-print the original copy of the game have updated the rules to a new Revised Edition, that tackles a bunch of niggles players had with the original, back in Wargames Illustrated issue 398, they interviewed Darron Bowley, who worked on the new and improved version, saying that whilst the core of the new edition is essentially the same lots of little tweeks had been applied, as such every ability in the game and all the points costs were examined and re-costed where needed.

Then, it finally arrived, the first batch of communications from our sales rep from Warlord talking about what would be available and when. Obviously of primary concern to me, was the fact that this was a relatively new game that I had moved to a prime location in the store in good faith and had planned to run some cool events for and if there were going to be sweeping changes we wanted to make sure we could do the right thing for all of our customers who bought the original version.

So, if you bought a copy of the original version of SPQR, you can return it to the store and we will swap it for a new rulebook absolutely free!*

Don’t worry, if you didn’t buy the old version we still have plenty of copies of the new book for sale too!

But what does this mean, could you not have just done a facebook post about this?

Well, yes, and we did, but we also thought it would be fun to track the progress of the game from release to once we can start running events again, so you can consider this the start of a mini series where you can follow along, and even live a little vicariously through Kris as we have votes on his choice of army, composition, colour schemes and as much interaction and fun as we can get.

We want to get stuff ready to be able to run a league or a narrative campaign once we are able to open the gaming space again and we also wanted to show some love to our awesome miniatures gaming community and all of the folks who love the more historical focused stuff!

So, keep an eye out on our facebook page, the Sentry Box Discord and in store for your chance to pick what Kris has to work on and keep checking in for some more in depth reviews of the rules, models and more!

*While Stocks Last, offer available in store only

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