What have the Sentry Box staff been up to – April 19-25

We start this week with Tracy and Greg playing Lost Ruins of Arnak again, using the regular side of the board. “I didn’t go in with a specific plan, mostly playing tactically to take advantage of what came out each round. I ended up with a bunch of cards and an assistant that gained me coins or compasses, and so I bought a lot of cards during the game, of both types. I did manage to get my first token to the top of the temple track too, and defeated three Guardians, so I ended with my best score so far, 85.”

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GAME-FAM: 1 – Looking into Dungeons & Dragons as a Family Building Exercise


As you enter the clearing you notice that a large furrowed path extends around the whole area in a rough circle. As you stand, considering the purpose of this ancient and much worn track, a distant form approaches your party, jogging down the path. As the figure comes into focus you see that it is an old, mostly naked and quite filthy man. Pausing to cram a handful of berries into his whiskered and semi-toothless mouth he locks eyes with you and an unusual look comes into his eyes. “Time is a flat circle!”, he says, in a surprisingly measured tone and carries on jogging. 

So? Madman or sage? Do you grip your weapons tighter and carry on with your quest more cautiously than before after this unusual event…or do you see the wisdom in his words and minimalist presentation and get behind your new life coach in the endless loop? Only you can decide!

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Kickstarter Update – April 18

Today we bring you another update on our Kickstarters. During the last month we’ve received 1 Kickstarter project at the store and backed 1 additional project. If you want to be updated when new products – including Kickstarters – arrive at Sentry Box, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  And if you see a project you want, just contact us at the store to be added to the pre-orders list for the project. It works just like any other order at the store, you only pay when you pick up the game. This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most popular Kickstarter games without having to pay upfront and you don’t have to pay for shipping. Plus you get double points on all pre-orders!

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X-Wing: Why Should I Fly – Firespray-31 Patrol Craft?

This month, Kris will be looking at X-Wing Squad Lists featuring the Firespray-31 Patrol Craft, this iconic Star Wars ship not only featured prominently in the Mandalorian Season 2 but also got a new release for X-Wing with the Jango Fett’s Slave-1 Expansion for the Separatist Alliance.

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 5-11

We start this week with an update from Greg on Dice Throne Adventures. “I’m so pumped right now! Huntress and Seraph on Veteran difficulty coming into the fight against the Mad King with zero salves. I fully expected it to be over quickly and then we’d come back next time with a few salves to help. But then… we only went and did it!! Nyra was the MVP, taking multiple hits and healing to get back up again. Legacy Pack D here we come!!”

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 29-April 4

Tracy and Greg have played a bunch of games of their latest campaign in Dice Throne Adventures this week, culminating in completing Scenario 7, the 4th Portal Crawl. “This one was tough – we started with three salves and by the time we got to the final minion we had only one left. It was our least favourite level 4 minion too: the Emperor Cobra. We were low on health and none of our defensive abilities work against the Cobra, so we knew it would be tough. Luckily, we came in prepared, with me having a stamina potion to get two attacks in a row, as well as a life saving Blessing of Divinity Token. So we just went for all out attack and managed a win, moments before we would have died ourselves. The down side is that we now head to a fight with the Mad King with no salves. In case it isn’t obvious, we’re really enjoying this game a lot!!”

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