What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 29-April 4

Tracy and Greg have played a bunch of games of their latest campaign in Dice Throne Adventures this week, culminating in completing Scenario 7, the 4th Portal Crawl. “This one was tough – we started with three salves and by the time we got to the final minion we had only one left. It was our least favourite level 4 minion too: the Emperor Cobra. We were low on health and none of our defensive abilities work against the Cobra, so we knew it would be tough. Luckily, we came in prepared, with me having a stamina potion to get two attacks in a row, as well as a life saving Blessing of Divinity Token. So we just went for all out attack and managed a win, moments before we would have died ourselves. The down side is that we now head to a fight with the Mad King with no salves. In case it isn’t obvious, we’re really enjoying this game a lot!!”

Greg has also been playing a solo campaign with the Moon Elf. “After only losing twice on the way to getting to the Mad King I then lost twice to him before finally defeating him to end the campaign with a score of 236 on Veteran difficulty. Technically I can open Legacy Pack D now, but I’m going to wait until Tracy and I finish our two player campaign.”

Jenn and Renee finally tried out a couple of Exit games on Friday: The Abandoned Cabin, and The Pharaoh’s Tomb. “We both absolutely loved them! We really enjoyed the styles of the puzzles, the way the decoder worked and the elements included in the box to solve the puzzles. We did the Abandoned Cabin first, with a lower difficulty and were feeling very confident and proud of ourselves when we decided to try Pharaoh’s Tomb which definitely felt more challenging but not really too frustrating, although we did have to check a couple of times if we had all the elements we needed to solve the puzzle. I’ve already picked up more Exit games to play and can’t wait to play them all!”

Excited to play more Exit games, Jenn and Renee also completed The Enchanted Forest on Sunday. “This is a fairy tale themed game that had a lot of flavour text which really gave it a story time feel. The puzzles integrated very well with the theme and were a good mix of slightly clever and a bit more thinky puzzles. Overall a win! I think this would be a great one to play with age appropriate kids – the box says 10 and up but I think you could play with younger kids who enjoy puzzles and solving clues. As an aside, while you are definitely intended to fold, cut, write on and otherwise ‘one-use’ the components, we found that tracing to make a quick duplicate, or placing clear plastic on top of a card or item to write on worked quite well if you wanted to make sure it was replayable.”

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