What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 20-26

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Maddie finally got Bumblebee and Prime done! “I was able to figure out the water-slide decals so Optimus has one of those, while Bumblebee has just the clear sticker. Overall I’m pretty happy with how these turned out. I still have to get Megatron finished.”

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On Monday Christopher and Renee played another quick game of Age of War before dinner. “Still fun, still frustrating and still awesome.”

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After dinner they played a 5 player game of Chai. “I really enjoyed it at the max player count, turns are quick so the game keeps moving and the increased competition for the customers was fun. I love that everyone in the family enjoys this game so much and we’re getting a lot of plays in these days.”


Sue played Talisman: Kingdom Hearts. “Super fun game, really easy to play. Delightful models to paint.”


Tracy and Greg tried another one of the Deckscape Escape Room games, Test Time, this one about time travel. “They have clue cards for each puzzle that you’re allowed to look at if you’re stuck, but you don’t get penalized for using them. We did use those a few times but otherwise found this to be fairly straightforward and didn’t make any errors. We also finished it in less than an hour, so we got top marks. It was a fun one!”

Jenn and Renee played another game of Cartographers, “It’s so much fun to colour in the sheets and with the different scoring cards coming out each game, each game feels different. Christopher saw us playing and asked to play, so we played again with him. I wasn’t sure how he would do with managing the 4 scoring objectives, but he managed to get a very decent score and we all had fun!”

They then wrangled the kids into a game of Reef, “We’ve been wanting to try this with them for a while now. It’s a pretty straightforward game in that you’re placing pieces on the top part of the card on your board and then scoring the pattern on the bottom part of the card. However, since the cards never give you the pieces you need for their own scoring pattern, it requires that you collect cards that work together well and do some planning. The kids enjoyed it.”


Tracy and Greg were talking online with some friends and they tried out a game of Just One over the video chat. “It worked out ok, with the guesser looking away while the others compared clues, etc. and we ended up getting a pretty good score, getting 9 out of 13.”



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