What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 13-19


Greg and Tracy completed Nuclear Countdown, the third scenario in Escape Room: The Game. “This one had a slightly higher difficulty rating than the Virus one, but we actually found it to be not too difficult on the whole. Part 2 did stump us a bit, but parts 1 & 3 weren’t too bad, and it was a pretty fun one overall, with some interesting puzzles.”

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Tracy and Greg played a game of Cartographers on the live stream and had a few people join in from home. “We played the solo rules for the ambush cards since we couldn’t easily pass our sheets to other players, but otherwise it played exactly like normal. It’s a fun flip & write game of mapping out terrain on your sheet to try to maximize your score based on the four score cards over four seasons, but each season two of the score cards are in play.”

Renee and Jenn also played a game of Cartographers on Friday, “I’ve been wanting to show Jenn this game for a while now and used the upcoming livestream as an opportunity to teach Jenn the game. I was so happy to get to play it again! This seems like a simple flip and write but there is a lot of strategy to this game and with different scoring objectives, each game will feel different. Jenn agreed that it was a good game too! We found ourselves often muttering under our breaths about how to place our plots of land in ways that helped with the scoring objectives. Hard decisions are hard! Jenn was able to play again that evening on the livestream and enjoyed it!”

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Renee, Jenn and Christopher played Chai again at Christopher’s insistence, “It seems that it is his current favourite game! We’re enjoying getting to play it with more than 2 players and getting beaten by an eight year old is totally cool.”

Renee taught Age of War to Jenn and Christopher, “This is a dice game where you roll the dice and attempt to claim a card by placing matching dice on the card. The trick is that you can only assign dice to one line (of 2, 3 or 4 lines) each roll and then you have to re-roll all the remaining dice and hope to match another line on the card with that roll. If not, you have to remove a die and roll again.  You can either claim cards from the center market or steal them from other players, however if a player claims all the cards from one clan, they flip them over and those points are safe and cannot be stolen. This game has everything I love in dice rolling games; the thrill of a successful roll and the shouts of dismay when you roll over and over and can’t get the dice you need. Christopher obviously felt the same way because later he excitedly asked to play ‘that game that I hate!’ Never been prouder.”

Before dinner Renee, Jenn and Christopher played a quick game of Animal Upon Animal. Christopher kept making extremely risky moves and when we questioned him about it, he said, “Come on! It’s a 4 year old’s game, we have to make it more challenging!” Good point.


Greg finished reading Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, “This was a very easy read that was light on sci-fi techno-babble and more focused on the main character. As John Scalzi’s first novel I am pretty impressed and may pick up some more of his stuff in the future.”

Alex and Greg played three games of Unicorn Glitterluck, “With Alex winning the first two and the last ending in a tie. Game two in particular was a beating. It’s light and mindless but I actually don’t mind playing this with her.”


Greg and Tracy completed the final scenario in Escape Room: The Game, Temple of the Aztec. “This was the final scenario in the box and the one with the highest difficulty rating. We managed the first part ok but part two was definitely tricky. We spent the rest of the time on it and felt we’d done everything right but couldn’t get the right answer. Afterwards we checked the walkthrough and a youtube video and discovered that we must have had a different version as our components didn’t match the walkthrough or video properly and we still weren’t able to figure out how to get the right answer. Kind of frustrating and disappointing as the previous three had been enjoyable.”


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