What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 23-29

Lots of painting being done this week by the staff, which is appropriate with how popular our painting contest was this past week! We’re running it again so please share with us and everyone else the painting projects that are helping you pass the time these days for chance to win a $25 gift card!

Sue painted some WizKids Preprimed D&D Gazers. “I painted the big eye in the middle, and then touched up around it with Ulthuan Grey before coloring the bodies with Contrast paints. I find Ulthuan Grey matches white primer quite well. All the bodies were colored with Contrast Paints. After applying the Contrast Paints, to everywhere but the main eye and mouth, I used Ulthuan Grey again to draw the eyeballs back in on the 4 eyestalks on the top, and then draw in the eyes. This was much easier, and looked better, than trying to draw the eyestalk eyes first and then color around them with the Contrast Paint. I have included a photo with the regular WizKids Preprimed Beholder for scale. The Gazers are quite little!”

Tracy and Greg played Clank! Expeditions: Gold & Silk “We tried the Gold half of this expansion, which is the Dwarven Mine board. There are gold veins throughout the map that players can dig using skill. At the end the players score bonus points based on who dug the most veins. I love Clank and it’s always fun to try out new maps and see how the little rule changes affect things. Such an awesome game!”


Later they decided to try out the Spider Queen’s Lair side of the board. “It has spider web tokens in some passageways that need an extra boot or sword to cut through and are worth points at the end. Some rooms with secrets also had webs and you had to spend a sword when entering if you wanted to take the secret. It ended up being a bit of a strange game as there were a few cards early on that reduced your clank, and we went quite a while without a monster attack. As it turns out we both escaped when there still wasn’t enough clank in the bag to kill us. Tracy ended up winning 120 to 113.”


Greg has been working his way through all the Rush Hour puzzles. “Some of the Expert Level puzzles are downright nasty, but I eventually managed to finish them all!”


Jordan finished this Chaos Lord on Karkadrak (he thinks the name is funny). “I think he looks great. The model is awesome and lends itself to some great detail work. He gives off great “Bad Guy” vibes which I love.”


Tia has been working on painting her Morrsarr Guard for the past couple days. “I’m pretty new to painting minis. I took a long time trying to pick a colour scheme (analysis paralysis is real lol) and ended up with a dark blue and pink. I’m happy with how it’s coming out so far!”


Sam was struggling to add depth to this tree lord, so asked the team for some feedback on what she could do to make the colours and bark look less flat. Kris answered, “Agrax Earthshade fixes all problems…” and suggested that she “could try mixing with some medium and going for a more controlled application if you are worried about washing out the colours.”


Sam also shared her progress on her Harlequin Kill Team.


Jordan started painting one in blue as well! Which elicited Greg’s comment, “Jordan loves his icy blue paint schemes.” He does.  He does.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.06.21 AM

Tracy and Greg streamed a few two player games, starting with The Rose King from the Kosmos 2-Player line. “It’s an abstract, area control game where players play cards to move the crown token around the board to add their colour pieces. The game ends either when the pieces run out or neither player can go, and then players score points for connected areas based on the number of pieces in that area. It’s simple and quick to learn, but definitely has some depth to it and I enjoy it quite a bit.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.06.40 AM

They followed that with Santorini, “Another fantastic abstract game where players are building on the island of Santorini and trying to be the first to move one of their builders up to the third level. The game comes with a bunch of god powers to spice up the game as well. The production quality is really amazing and it’s a lot of fun.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 9.06.59 AM

They finished with Reef, “This is a neat little game about building up your coral reef. Players play cards to add pieces to their reef and then score points if they have specific patterns showing on their board. You’re constantly planning your next moves to try to maximize your scoring. Lots of fun, and this one plays up to four players too.”

With her isolation finally over, Renee played a board game yesterday for the first time since GAMA. “Jenn came over and we played the newly acquired Chai, by local designers Dan and Connie Kazmeier. Jenn and I have both play tested this a few times over the years so it was more about getting to play with the final components rather than trying a new game. The components turned our very well and it was cool to see the vision suggested by the prototype pieces come to fruition. In this game, players are fulfilling tea orders for customers by collecting the necessary ingredients. On a players turn they can either go shopping at the market (a tile board where you pay once for an ingredient but get to collect matching tiles that are neighbours ) or from the panty (pick up tokens on the board or try your luck drawing blind from the bag) or reserving a customer and using one of the three abilities available that round. At the end of their turn, players can fulfill a customer order, getting a tip in the process! This is a fun game and I’m looking forward to playing it with more players because I think it benefits from some more player interaction.”

Image from iOS (2)

Renee and Jenn then played the 2 player classic Morels, “In which players are foraging for mushrooms to collect as sets to cook for points or sell for sticks which allow you o forage further into forest. This is a hand management game where you want to collect as many mushrooms as possible but also need pans to cook them in and don’t want singles to end up dead in your hand. This is a solid 2 player game and I always enjoy playing it.”






What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 16-22


Sue painted this amazing WizKids Preprimed Owlbear. “I painted this Owlbear using brown and off white (bone color) paint for the feathers, with brown and sepia washes over top. To achieve a similar result using Contrast Paints, I would recommend using Gore Grunta Fur and Skeleton Horde. For the beak and claws I used Eshin Grey. As a layer paint, it is a little bit shinier than a base paint of similar color. Though I didn’t do it on this model, a little drybrushing is a nice touch for any model with feathers, fur, wood, or stone.”

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Bolt Action Starter Set; A Build Blog by Howard Nason

Part 1 – An introduction to the game and the period. 

Bolt Action is a 28mm tabletop miniatures game set in World War II.   Produced by Warlord Games, Bolt Action is arguably Warlord’s best-known and most expansive gaming system with a huge catalogue of nations to choose from.  Each offers infantry, tanks and guns from which to select and paint up as your army.  Sentry Box has a big selection of product on their shelves and can Special Order you products from the Warlord website if you want to sift through all the options!


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Games Workshop Contrast Paints: Part 1 – Initial Impressions

With the launch of our new Social Isolation Painting Challenge, we thought now would be a good time to start a new series of articles looking at Building and Painting your models!

Marketed as “an incredibly powerful paint range” that will allow you to “accomplish some remarkable effects” Games Workshop launched the Contrast Paint Range almost a year ago, so it’s about time we started writing up our feedback after trying the paints in a few different ways.
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Kickstarter March 18

Today we bring you another update on our Kickstarters. During the last 6 weeks we’ve backed 7 more projects and received 1 backed project in the store.  If you want to be updated when new products – including Kickstarters – arrive at Sentry Box, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  And if you see a project you want, just contact us at the store to be added to the pre-orders list for the project. It works just like any other order at the store, you only pay when you pick up the game. This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most popular kickstarter games without having to pay upfront and you don’t have to pay for shipping! Plus you get double points on all pre-orders!

Recently Arrived

Annotation 2019-03-25 140645

Teams compete to guess science terms based on clues from a different clue giver each round. Each team has 60 seconds to submit a guess and place a bet based upon how confident they are in their guess. The more points you bet, the more you score if your guess is correct – but if you’re incorrect, you lose those points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins! It’s fast-paced, deduction-fueled fun, no matter how nerdy (or not) you are!

Nerd Words is available for $31.99.

Newly Backed


The Looking Glass has shattered, madness is being drained from the inhabitants, and war has come to Wonderland. Alice, Mad Hatter, Red Queen, and Jabberwock must gather all that they can while playing nice at the Hatter’s Tea Party before going to battle in Wonderland’s War!

In this Drafting, Bag Building, Area Control game 2-5 players take the role as a Faction Leader who has been invited to the Hatter’s Tea Party. Drink tea and eat cake as you move around the table drafting cards to gather your forces, build your towers, Upgrade your Leader, and recruit Wonderlandians to your cause. But one must be careful, as shards of the Looking Glass are spread throughout Wonderland. Once all the plates are empty, the Tea Party is over and war begins.

Use the forces you gathered and Wonderlandians to battle your enemies in familiar Locations, but make sure not to draw your Shard Chips or your towers will fall and you will be out of the fight. Can you muster enough strength to win the battle or will you just try to gain Region Bonuses for set scoring throughout the game instead?

After all the battles have been fought, a truce is called and everyone meets back at the Tea Party to plot their moves for the next fight. After 3 rounds, the Faction with the most points will be crowned as the new Leader of Wonderland!

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for both Wonderland’s War Deluxe ($107.99) and Wonderland’s War Deluxe Plus Upgraded Chips ($154.99)


It’s time to become the Heroes you were always meant to be! Designed by Eric M. Lang and Andrea Chiarvesio, Marvel United is a fast-paced cooperative game where players take control of Marvel Super Heroes and band together to thwart the master plans of the most dangerous Villains in the universe. With an all-new visual take by Edouard Guiton, brought to life in fantastic sculpts, Marvel United will challenge you and your friends. Only by standing united will you have any chance of victory!

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for both Marvel United Core Game ($80.99) as well as the All In Add-on Bundle (price and contents TBD).


Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game is a worker placement, dice-drafting game set in St. Thomas’ Abbey, where Gregor Mendel performed his paradigm-shifting experiments. 1-5 players take the roles of research scientists competing to collect and validate experimental data on pea plants. Players will spend time working on the monastery grounds, simulate plant breeding with dice and Punnett Squares, and use funding to further their research opportunities.

Plan your research wisely, demonstrate your knowledge of genetics, and use the harvest schedule to your advantage to excel among your colleagues.

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition ($94.49).


Working from the shadows, Mind MGMT once used its psychically-powered agents to put a stop to global crises. However, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Mind MGMT is now rotting from the inside. To tighten its iron grip on the world stage, Mind MGMT deploys covert operatives around the world to recruit other psychically-attuned individuals to their side. How can this enigmatic organization, hell bent on global domination, be defeated?

Thankfully, a few renegade agents have figured out that Mind MGMT has been compromised and have defected, turning their backs on the syndicate. They now use their own psychic abilities to prevent Mind MGMT from achieving its nefarious goals.

In Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game.”, one player controls Mind MGMT and must scour the city for new recruits. They move around on a secret board, trying to visit locations that match one of their three randomly drawn recruitment cards. They can also use their four Immortals to protect locations from being exposed.

All other players control the rogue agents who must try to stop Mind MGMT before it’s too late! When they move onto a block, they can ask the Mind MGMT player whether they have ever been on a block that contains one of the features shown on the block where the rogue agent is currently located. If the Mind MGMT player has been on one, they place a step token on that block on the board. If a rogue agent lands on a block with a step token, they can use their action to reveal it, and the Mind MGMT player then indicates during which of their turns they were on that block. Rogue agents can use “mental notes” to track all the information they’re given. Even when Mind MGMT answers no to a question, that means that they’ve never been on a block with that feature (and there are always five blocks with each feature).

Mind MGMT wins by either collecting thirteen recruits or surviving fifteen turns. The rogue agents can win only be capturing Mind MGMT, which they do when they believe they’re on the same block as Mind MGMT.

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for Mind MGMT Deluxe ($88.99)


Viscounts of the West Kingdom is set at a time when the King’s reign began to decline, circa 980 AD. Choosing peace over prosperity, our once strong King began offering our enemies gold and land to lay down their axes. But peace is a tenuous affair. As poverty spread, many people lost faith in his ability to lead and sought independence from the crown. Since finding favour in his courts, our future has also become uncertain. As viscounts, we must be wise and decisive. Loyalty is to be upheld, but gaining favour among the people must be our priority, should there be a sudden shift in power.

 Key Features:

  • Unique gameplay experience, blending deck-building, tableau-building and rondel movement, with a lot of interesting and tough decisions to make each turn
  • 10 unique Hero characters, more than 60 unique Townsfolk Cards and a modular board, creates a huge amount of depth and replayability
  • Multiple paths to victory, due to the 4 unique primary actions, virtue/corruption system and deck-building flexibility
  • Positive player interaction, with a lot of off-turn benefits to keep players engaged
  • Intuitive and easy to use solo play mode, with 4 unique AIs to compete against
  • Over 200 cards, 200 wooden tokens and a 3D castle!

The aim of Viscounts of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most victory points (VP) at game’s end. Points are gained by constructing buildings, writing manuscripts, working in the castle and acquiring deeds for new land. Players begin with a handful of townsfolk, but should quickly seek out more suitable talents to advance their endeavours. Each turn they will be travelling around the kingdom, looking to increase their influence among the various areas of society. The game ends once the Kingdom reaches poverty or prosperity – or potentially both!

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for Viscounts of the West Kingdom ($69.99)


Build the kingdom, defend its borders and increase your influence throughout the lands. In the campaign mode, players will be competing in an epic journey to collect the most tomes and earn their place among the chronicles of their people. Alternatively, players may instead band together to take on the ruthless Overlord in separate co-operative modes for each game in the West Kingdom Trilogy.

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for The West Kingdom Tomesaga ($39.99)


Wehrlegig Games is coming back to Kickstarter for a new printing of Pax Pamir: Second Edition. From the award-winning game designer of Root, Cole Wehrle brings you into an interactive history lesson about life on the edge of empire.

In Pax Pamir, players take the role of Afghan political factions in the early nineteenth century. For generations the Durrani Empire held the region together. Now, their authority has collapsed. Rivals both old and new have emerged from the shadows. It’s up to the players to see if a fledgling Afghan state might come into being.

The core of Pax Pamir is simple. Each turn, players will draft cards from a central market and then play those cards. Cards can be used to entrench your position and grant players access to powerful abilities. Throughout the game players will command mighty armies, direct the subterfuge of their spies, and undertake daring political maneuvers.

Players have many tools at their disposal, but the work of forging a new central Asian state is not easy. Players will often need to band together in coalitions. However, only one player will be the winner. As a coalition grows in size, its members will have to fend off internal rivals and secure their own personal dominance.

Pax Pamir takes its subject seriously. The game is the product of over five years of research and draws on a wide range of both primary and secondary sources. For this reason, the game may not be suitable for all groups. It offers an extended meditation on life at the fringes of European power and asks the players to understand the many currents that guided the history of central Asia in the nineteenth century. It is also a deeply interactive game where the path to victory often cuts through the hopes of your opponents.

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for Pax Pamir ($99.99 as well as the Metal Coins Upgrade ($19.99).


Three unique games. Three different settings. One enduring family.

Chronicles of Crime is back with a range of games called “The Millennium Series“. Three brand new standalone Chronicles of Crime games, working with the same great system but providing interesting gameplay twists and refreshing universes that span an entire millennium from 1400 to 1900 and finally 2400. All three games are standalone but will offer connecting narrative threads for players to discover.

The Sentry Box is accepting pre-orders for Chronicles of Crime: Millennium Series ($106.99)

Still Expecting


The coolest game to ever hit the planet first appeared some 38 years ago, featuring an electronic tower that lit up, played music, and somehow ran an epic fantasy adventure game with its state-of-the-art technological wizardry. That game was Dark Tower. We want to bring you that same sense of awe and wonder, pushing the boundaries of what a board game can actually do. After 3 years of painstaking work by a team of two dozen designers, engineers, and artists, we are thrilled to present to you a game with echoes of that long-gone wonder but ultimately unlike any game you’ve ever experienced.

Return to Dark Tower is a game for 1 to 4 heroes who undertake epic quests, fight fearsome foes, and test their mettle against the looming darkness of the titular tower. Now featuring both cooperative and competitive play. Designed by Rob Daviau and Isaac Childres — designers of the two highest rated games of all time on Board Game Geek — along with Noah Cohen, Brian Neff, and Justin D. Jacobson, the streamlined rules offer players difficult choices about when to advance their objective, gather resources, deal with threats, or level up.

Each player controls a unique hero with their own starting inventory and special abilities. Along the way you gain helpful items, powerful virtues, and trusty companions to help you achieve your goal: Find a way into the Tower and defeat a powerful adversary.

Return to Dark Tower base game is expected to be $168.99. Once the Kickstarter retail pledge is finalized, we’ll have more information about extras and expansions.


Star Realms Deluxe Nova Collection: A deluxe 1-6 player Star Realms collection including over 250 foil cards, 6 score dials and a custom game board! Get the ultimate version of the award winning original Star Realms Deckbuilding Game and it’s expansions! The Nova Collection features beautiful foil versions of every card from Promo Pack 1, the Gambit Set, Crisis: Bases and Battleships, Crisis: Events, Crisis: Heroes, Crisis: Fleets and Fortresses, the Cosmic Gambit Set and the Star Realms Base set with 6 starting decks and extra Explorers.

This set features six beautiful score dials to track your Authority. Track 0-99 Authority on the front side, and if you are gaining tons of Authority, you can flip your score dial to the back to track 100-199 authority! You’ll rule the galaxy in style on this high-quality 14 inch by 24 inch linen finish game board! It has spots for your Explorers, Trade Row, Trade Deck and Scrap Heap and is perfect for games with 1-6 players. These dividers keep your personal decks, explorers, trade deck cards and gambits organized, making game set up a snap! The Challenge board transforms Star Realms from a player vs player game to a solo or cooperative game. Play on your own or team up with your friends to take on the Nemesis Beast or the Pirates of the Dark Star!

Star Realms Deluxe Nova Collection is expected to be $134.99.


The city-building board game Foundations of Rome puts you into the role of an architect competing to own land and build magnificent structures! Build domūs and insulae, fountains, foundries, and more to increase your renown – gaining glory for yourself and the empire! With 96 wonderfully detailed miniatures in the base game, Foundations of Rome is a testament to the glory of Rome that you can bring to the table. Foundations of Rome is the next, and biggest game to date, in the Dice Tower Essentials line and is designed by famed designer Emerson Matsuuchi.

On a player’s turn they select from purchasing a new lot, building a new building in the shared city of Rome, or collecting income! Players collect Glory Points at the end of each round based on the population and commerce they have brought to the city as well as gaining glory for civic buildings that score not only based on their own buildings, but those of their opponents! With a quick setup time and easy to learn to rules you will be on your way to achieving glory within Rome in no time!

Foundations of Rome is expected to be $134.99.


In Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, one to six players guide the course of history in an ancient land. Players might attempt to bolster the power of the Chancellor or scheme to bring the empire to ruin. The consequences of one game will ripple through those that follow, changing what resources and actions future players may have at their disposal and even altering the game’s core victory condition.

Every system in Oath is built from the ground up to be responsive and adaptable. A single decision could reverberate for dozens of games afterwards.

The core rules are simple: Players will spend their turns adventuring within the Chancellor’s realm and the lands that surround it. They will gather support, recruit warbands, and discover dark and dangerous secrets. Over the course of the game, players will collectively populate the world with a cast of strange and wonderful characters and institutions. This world is essentially a shared tableau, which every player can interact with and seek to control.

Most players begin as Exiles, powerful figures living on the edge of polite society. An Exile wins the game by directly challenging the Chancellor’s power or by attempting to fulfill a new Vision.

The Chancellor wins the game by maintaining their grip on the empire. To this end, they may wish to make offers of citizenship to one or more Exiles. If accepted, these new Citizens will help the Chancellor maintain control, but the Chancellor will need to be careful. These new Citizens present threats to their own succession. Though players will sometimes need to work together, only one player will ever win.

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is expected to be $148.49.


Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game is a standalone board game that combines the fear and paranoia of George A. Romero’s 1968 horror film with the electrifying gameplay of CMON’s major board game hit Zombicide, to create this modern classic.

Take on the role of the original survivors and try to make it through the NIGHT!  Night of the Living Dead will be available for $107.99.


The nonstop, electrifying zombie-killing action board game is back in great style, with 3 brand new products bringing Zombicide to a new era!

Zombicide: 2nd Edition features all-new art, miniatures, updated rules, fast setup, along with its well-known and acclaimed intense gameplay!

Washington Z.C. Expansion introduces for the very first time for Zombicide a story-driven campaign, full of flavorful and impactful surprises and choices, in addition to advanced rules, new characters and an iconic location.

We will be getting in the Presidential Pledge for $188.99 as well as the Add-on All-in Bundle (contents and price TBD after the campaign).

Annotation 2019-10-22 130813

Emperor’s Choice Deluxified Edition: This regal game will indulge your sight and touch as you maneuver your way to into the Emperor’s Favor.

It is 221 BC, and Emperor Qin has done the impossible – he has achieved a united China. While he was in power for a relatively short period of time, he managed to enact policies, reforms, and projects that remained impactful for centuries. In Hisashi Hayashi’s Emperor’s Choice, 2-5 players will seek to spread their own personal power and influence, while making sure that their status in the eyes of Qin Shi Huang does not falter in the process.

Emperor’s Choice will be available for $134.99


Fossilis: An incredible new dinosaur graveyard has been discovered, and if the early findings are any indication, it could be a treasure trove of fossils and bones like the world has never seen! In Fossilis, 2 to 4 players become paleontologists working the dig site with shovels, whisk brooms, and chisels looking for a find that could make their career.

Each round, players get two actions to dig at the site or make an extraction. As they remove the top layers of sand, clay, and stone, they’ll discover trace fossils, which can be exchanged for tools, the plaster necessary to extract bones, and discovery points. As they delve deeper, precious bones will be exposed. They can make a careful extraction if they have the right amount of plaster, but sometimes shifting the earth to cover up a find and slow down the competition is the right move. Bones on their own can be valuable, but museums are really interested in more complete specimens. Sets of bones can be exchanged for museum cards worth big points!

Fossilis features a unique 3D dig site board, with recessed pockets filled with dinosaur bones, and thick, chunky terrain tiles that cover the dig site. Players have to use strategy, timing, and a little bit of luck if they want to make the best discoveries, get their name in all the paleontology journals, and of course, win the game.

Fossilis will be available for $51.99.


Rome and Roll is a 60 – 90 minute strategic and interactive roll and write game for 1-4 players.  From the designers of AnachronyDice SettlersWelcome to DinoWorld, and Days of Ire, you will rebuild Rome and vanquish your foes.

Draft from a pool of custom dice to collect resources, construct the town, and raise legions. Political alliances, the colonies, and even the Gods all have a part to play.

The game also includes a solo mode crafted by Nick Shaw the “most connected man in solo gaming” (co-creator of solo modes for Cerebria and Trismegistus, and involved in the development of solo modes for Wingspan and Euphoria), in which you play against Nero’s advisor Seneca.


Monster Cards: DnD 5e Reference Cards are creature reference cards to make your DnD 5th edition tabletop RPG games even more fun.

  • Ready-to-play stats and art for 60 commonly used creatures in 5th edition
  • Cut down on clutter at the table by replacing entire books with a few cards
  • Clean design on extra-large cards makes them easy to use
  • Killer illustrations to immerse and inspire players in the game
  • Flavour ideas for the game master to help make every encounter memorable

Reference cards are a better source of creature information for Game Masters who want to keep the game moving. Pick out the cards that they will need for the whole session and lay them out for quick reference. Shuffle through the deck and check out the original illustrations to come up with new encounters for players. Hand out cards at the table so players have a reference while running NPCs. Monster Cards is a resource you’ll reach for every game.


Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower is an encounter-based, campaign-driven, cooperative tactical combat game. Begin your journey as one of 5 Basic Classes and battle your way through a branching campaign where you choose your own path in an attempt to overthrow the evil Queen Domianne. With each encounter, you will level up and unlock over 15 Elite Classes, adding new actions, equipment, and abilities.

Will your team find the right combination of Classes and powers in time to stop Queen Domianne? Let the adventure begin!


Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars is the exciting second expansion to the critically acclaimed Roll Player — the dice game that builds character! In Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, players compete to construct the greatest fantasy characters, now with the help of Familiars and the hindrance of Fiends.  Familiars lend unique powers to their keepers, and along with new goods in the market, offer hope. But all the while, malicious Fiends torment the players with new obstacles. Prepare for a showdown against an all new onslaught of Monsters and earn Reputation Stars by banishing their minions while developing your hero. Prove that your character with your familiar is the greatest champion of Nalos!

The Sentry Box will be getting both the Regular version ($59.49) and the Big Box version ($79.49) which has the same content but a bigger box to also store the base game and first expansion.


Dice Throne Adventures (DTA) is a cooperative expansion that allows up to 4 players to use the heroes you already own in a brand new way. Work together over a series of game nights to travel from the Crimson Sands all the way to the Mad King’s throne room. Your heroes will gain permanent deck upgrades with each session, but don’t become overconfident. The King hasn’t lost a single battle in a thousand years and he’s eager for a real challenge.

The Sentry Box will be getting in the new Adventures box, Season One: Rerolled and the lost Season One heroes. Details and pricing will be finalized after the campaign.


Hot on the heels of the wildly successful launch of two new boxed sets, the BattleTech tabletop game comes to Kickstarter for the first time ever to unleash totally remodeled Clan and Inner Sphere ’Mechs on your gaming table. Utilizing the same process that modernized the nine BattleMechs found in those bestselling box sets, each ’Mech has been painstakingly re-imagined, holding to the spirit of their original design while embracing a modern aesthetic.

The Clan Invasion box set will add five popular Clan OmniMechs to your arsenal, including the seminal Timber Wolf (Mad Cat). It will also include a bevy of support materials, the rules needed to play Clan technology, all new maps, and more.


Designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic MaublancCleopatra and the Society of Architects is a fun and engaging family game that includes a true, three-dimensional palace that players compete to build. Players strive to become the wealthiest of Cleopatra’s architects by constructing the most magnificent and valuable parts of her palace.

Players, however, will be tempted to deal with shady characters and trade in materials of dubious origins in order to help them build faster. While these corrupt practices might allow an architect to stay a step ahead of the rest, they come with a high price – cursed Corruption Amulets honoring Sobek, the Crocodile-god. When Cleopatra finally strolls into her new palace, at the end of the game, the most corrupt architect (the one with the most amulets) will be seized and offered as a sacrifice to her sacred crocodile! Only then will the wealthiest architect, from among those still alive, be selected and declared the winner of the game.

“The component design in Cleopatra is the most innovative we’ve undertaken to date,” said Days of Wonder CEO, Eric Hautemont. “While it’s still a board game, the dozens of 3D pieces – Column walls, Doorframes, Obelisks, Sphinxes, and Palace Throne – all create the sense that you’re constructing a royal palace.”

“The game play really forces players into continually weighing the risks and rewards between taking enough corruption to enhance your position in the game, but not so much that you are forced out of the game at the end,” said the game’s co-designer, Bruno Cathala. “It’s a classic ‘push your luck’ dilemma that continually raises the tension level higher and higher until the game reaches its climax.”

Cleopatra & The Society of Architects Deluxe will be available for $134.99 and the expansions (2 per pack) will be $33.99.


Dungeon Drop: Instant Dungeon… Infinite Possibilities! A delightful dungeon crawler for 2-4 players.

Gather your gear and prepare to dive into the labyrinth! Teeming with untold treasure, the tunnels are said to be inhabited by unusual creatures, both adorable and terrible. Keep your wits about you as the very walls shift in the torchlight…

…it’s time to drop into the dungeon!

Dungeon Drop will be available for $38.99.


Iron Clays & Spades: Luxury tabletop game counters with elegant storage container & beautifully designed playing cards in letter pressed box. A follow-up to the incredibly popular Iron Clays put out by Roxley Games, this version has new clays for the 500 and 2K denominations and configurations for 200 and 400 clay sets. They’ve also designed a new set of cards called Iron Spades.


In Endeavor: Age of Expansion, players will take the mechanisms they know and love and use them with a new set of buildings and cards for all-new game play and interaction.

The new building market creates a totally different strategic experience within the same rule set. Most of the actions on the buildings are familiar, but new concepts include trade, fortify, and conscription & mobilization.

Age of Expansion also comes with a new set of Asset cards. All of the cards feature a new and interesting distribution of symbols.

Endeavor: Age of Expansion will be $46.99.


Blood on the Clocktower: A highly replayable social bluffing game for up to 20 players who delight in murder & mystery, creative strategies, and unique challenges. No two games are ever the same and no player is ever eliminated. In Blood on the Clocktower, death is not the end…

Blood on the Clocktower will be available for $106.49.


Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time is a fully cooperative, campaign-driven, tower defense puzzle game of epic proportion! In Kingdom Rush players build Towers on pre-assigned spots, as you would expect to do in a tower defense game. Squared cards depict hordes of monsters on a 5×5 grid. Towers shoot damage tiles that have specific shapes, and monsters are defeated by simply covering them with a damage tile. You remove a horde card from the board once your team solved its mini-puzzle and covered all non-monsters on a horde card.

In a typical tower defense game. you play towers to build sites and they stay there for the rest of the game. In Rift in Time, the magic of the Time Mage has made towers unstable. At the end of every round, players take the tower cards that they have played and pick them back up for the next round. To upgrade tower cards you must pass them to a partner. This means that every round you have to decide between using towers to fight the hordes, or passing the towers to make them stronger for future rounds.

Play through a unique campaign to foil the Time Mage’s plan for total domination of the space-time continuum. Each new scenario in the campaign is more challenging than the one before it, introducing formidable foes, game changing events, and epic bosses to battle. The only way to stop the Time Mage is to close all of their pesky portals but you’ll have to do so while combatting wave after wave of their minions.

The Sentry Box will be getting the King Pledge and it will sell for $106.49.


The Revenge of El Dorado, an expansion for El Dorado. Play as The Guardian of El Dorado, a new asymmetric faction which summons beasts, giants, and ruthless natural disasters to reclaim the shrines and cleanse the island of its trespassers. Upgrade your buildings and units, unlocking new abilities, new militaristic and economic tactics, and new paths to victory. Explorers band together against the island, employing complex strategy to control the shrines while defending against the island’s varied and savage attacks. New optional paths to victory add even more strategy to the world of El Dorado allowing you to sneak a victory out from under you opponents.

The Revenge of El Dorado expansion will be available for $73.99.

Annotation 2019-03-25 125941.jpg

TerrainCrate is back and better than ever! Our original Kickstarter was a huge success and, thanks to your support, we were able to make a massive range of affordable, unbreakable and plastic fantasy scenery that allowed gamers to create the dungeon of their dreams, bring their RPGs to life or produce a battlefield worth fighting over.

The Crates are Bleakwood Hall, Campbell Heights, Bellevue Square and Morneville Ruins.

Annotation 2019-03-25 130408

Wavelength is a social guessing game where two teams compete to read each other’s minds. It’s a thrilling experience of TALKING and THINKING and HIGH FIVING that anyone can play—but it also has some of that deep word game sorcery, like Codenames, where your decisions feel tense, strategic, meaningful.

Wavelength is designed by Wolfgang Warsch, Alex Hague, and Justin Vickers. Wolfgang is the creator behind The Mind and won the Kennerspiel des Jahres award in 2018—basically the most prestigious award in tabletop games. Alex and Justin make Monikers, which the New York Times called “the perfect party game.”

The game’s stunning art is by Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal of Hvass&Hannibal.

Wavelength will be available for $38.99.

Annotation 2019-03-25 140120

Return to the world of Root with The Underworld Expansion. Tunnel through the land as The Great Underground Duchy. Infiltrate the hands of your opponents with the Corvid Conspiracy. And, with two additional maps, new and experienced players have never had so many ways to explore Root!

The Underworld Expansion includes:

  • The Great Underground Duchy: an imperial faction that mixes the flexibility of the Marquise with the escalating Eyrie Dynasties.
  • The Corvid Conspiracy: a secretive faction that hatches plots directly into the hands of their opponents.
  • Two new maps: dig tunnels on the mountain map or fight to control the ferry on the lake map.

The Underworld Expansion will be available for $67.49.



Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak is an RPG board game, where you can wreak havoc on the world as the Evil Wizard Mordak, or form an opposing band of Heroes to thwart their wicked schemes.

The Heroes embark on a quest to locate ancient shrines that will shrivel the Wizard’s magic, while the Wizard does every bit of meddling they can to overwhelm them and achieve ultimate cosmic power! The game ends as the Wizard returns for the throne, and fireballs fly in an epic battle to determine the winner!

Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak will be available $79.49


Munchkin Dungeon is a hilarious adventure game designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric M. Lang where 2 to 5 players explore the Dungeon and have to push their luck, facing not only hordes of monsters but also their friends’ treacherous tricks! The celebrated hit card game Munchkin and its infamous characters come to life on your tabletop with amazing miniatures!

Munchkin Dungeon will be available for $121.49.


In 2016, Tasty Minstrel Games was proud to bring you the original Yokohama. Now, with designer Hisashi Hayashi, we bring you the brand new two player experience set in Meiji Era Japan, Yokohama Duel.

In Yokohama Duel, you and your opponent are merchants in Yokohama, trying to succeed in your business ventures which will gain you prestige. You need to fulfill various goals, which involving amassing copper, silk, tea and seafood, mastering foreign technology, and building shop houses and trading houses. To achieve these goals, you need to run around the streets of Yokohama and gain benefits from the various districts. Also, it may be a wise strategy to employ foreign agents to your side to aid your cause. It is a contest to decide which player can deploy their subordinates the most successfully to become the best merchant in Yokohama!

Yokohama Duel Deluxified will be available for $67.49


In Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef, each player takes the role of a young hero competing to be named a Tidal Blade. The tournament takes place over 5 Days and Nights. By gathering the needed resources, signing up to compete in Challenges and timing your arrival at different islands you can make the most of your Hero’s turns and rise in the ranks of the contestants.

Each day you will send your hero to take actions on the different Locations and to undertake Challenges. Each action will gain you the resource or effect listed on the action space as well as the Location bonus. At the Arenas you may then attempt a Challenge that matches your Location, and at the Fold you may battle a monster. Completing Challenges and fighting monsters will advance your character in the four traits of Focus, Spirit, Resilience and Synergy.

Each Tidal Blade will be judged at the end of the 5 rounds based on the Challenges they have completed, the level of each of their Traits, their standing on the Champions Board, and the monsters they have fought.

Tital Blades: Heroes of the Reef will be available for $119.99.


In Project: ELITE, players are members of the ELITE squad on a mission to stop the invading forces of an alien empire. Stopping the invasion requires players to speedily roll dice as they take part in real-time, two-minute combat rounds against waves of terrifying enemies. Once the ELITE members take their turn, the aliens react. The game continues in this fast-yet-tactical series of rounds until the scenario is won or the aliens take the Earth.

This new edition of Project: ELITE will have new art, new miniatures, new card designs, new weapons, new ELITE members, new enemies, and more.

Project: Elite will be available for $136.00


In Chai, you will step into the shoes of a tea merchant, combining tea flavours to make a perfect blend. Specializing in either rooibos, green, oolong, black or white tea, you will buy and collect ingredients to fulfill your customers’ orders.

Chai Deluxe will be available for $79.49.

fd9f2758f1120a6d2bf6365b269ea4b4_original (1)

Hero Realms Journeys. Hero Realms is based on the Star Realms game engine, so it is fun and easy to learn, but the all-new cards create an exciting new game experience that provides fresh gameplay even for the veteran Star Realms player.

Hero Realms can be played PVP (player vs player), or when played with the campaign decks, it becomes a cooperative, leveling deckbuilding game.

In the campaign, you and your friends each choose a character. Together you’ll face deadly foes, find treasures that are permanently added to your starting decks, and earn experience that you’ll spend to improve your characters’ skills, abilities, and starting health.


The Everrain is a cooperative exploration game where players must each assemble their own motley crew of spirited mariners and take to the dark seas of a world drowning under the curtain of an endless and oppressive storm that threatens to drown the world.

The ancient Old Ones of the sea have awoken and begun to reshape the world in their image, and unless something is done all will drown in the rising tides. Players must explore this dark and foreboding world, completing quests, expanding their crew, upgrading their ship and investigating the source of the Everrain before it is too late.

Starting from humble beginnings, each player must traverse the seas of the Everrain to discover new places. The board is randomly generated from modular tiles, leading to a completely unique setup each time the game is played.

Each player begins with their own ship and a skeleton crew, but more experienced crew can be found in the darkly lit taverns of port towns, saved from shipwrecks and even be rewarded for completing quests.

The game is progressed by completing quests which can trigger important plot points, but players must be wary as the Old God’s minions also seek to advance their own agendas. Combat can take place from ship to ship and even aboard a player’s vessel, so each crew member must be ready for almost anything!

The Everrain will be available for $149.99.


What have The Sentry Box staff been up to March 8-15

This week is a bit lighter, but we have some exciting new game impressions from Renee from GAMA as well the usual gaming from Greg.

Greg and his group played the next couple of sessions in their Clank! Legacy campaign, “We took a trip away with friends and managed to get in games six and seven of our campaign. Things are definitely moving towards an epic conclusion in the main storyline, and we’ve been unlocking more side quest stuff too. The dastardly Dran Enterprises are a constant thorn in our sides though!”


“We also got in a quick game of Point Salad. My lovely tomatoes tasted so delicious and helped me to a very narrow victory: 69, 68, 59, 58. It’s a nice light but fun game.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 10.43.21 AM

On Monday Greg recorded their play of Barrage to post online later, playing a teaching game as Setareh and Kevin hadn’t played before. “Naturally they came 1st and 2nd, crushing Derrick and me. I really like this game. It’s a Euro, worker placement game but with a decent amount of player interaction that comes in the form of blocking or building dams, conduits or powerhouses in places on the board to affect the other players. The unique player boards and Executive Officer powers give each player some direction, and I just picked up the expansion to offer even more options.”

Greg followed up with a classic, Tichu, with Kevin and Setareh taking on Derrick and Greg. “Once again Kevin and Setareh dominated, helped in part due to some sloppy play from both of us.”


Greg ended the night with a game of Illusion. “This game is hard! It’s obviously difficult when cards have a very close percentage to each other but there were plenty of times when we were way off too. Luca in particular had difficulty because he kept mistaking which colour he was supposed to be looking at!”

Meanwhile at GAMA, Renee got a chance to check out Pavlov’s Dogs, by the folks that created Schrödinger’s Cats. “This is a cooperative game, where one player has a folder and is tracking all the rules that the dogs – the other players – have to follow. You start with one rule, but each round another rule is added. The base game is simple: a player flips a card, mentally adding the number on their card to the current sum, and says the new sum out loud.  So if the previous player said 5, and I flipped a 2, I’d say 7.  Seems easy, except now the rules are changing the values on the card as well as adding additional actions that players must follow. We had a lot of fun playing this together! Each round a new rule is added and the folder passes to the person the left. We quickly found that even with the rules in front of you, it was somehow just as hard to keep track if the other players were playing correctly.”

Renee also played a 6 player game of Tiny Towns with the new Fortune expansion, “The designer of the game, Peter McPherson was there teaching us which was awesome! The expansion adds a treasure chest and coins. If you build 2 buildings on the same turn, you get a coin. You can store up to 4 coins in your chest and at the end of the game they are each worth a point. However, you can spend a coin to turn any called out resource into a resource of your choice. As a result, everyone is delaying building until they are able to build 2 buildings, which pays off when you desperately need a particular resource and you can “buy” it with a coin. The expansion also adds new building cards for each building type, a bunch of which use the new coins, as well as new monuments. I highly recommend this expansion for fans of the original game!”

Renee got to play another upcoming game from HABA called Miyabi, “This is a tile drafting game, where you are building a garden and getting points based on the size of the tile and the level at which it is placed. The tiles range in size from 1 to 3 squares with the item in one of the squares. When placing the tile, the item must go in its designated row and in a column you haven’t used yet this round. In addition, if placing it on top of other tiles, it must be fully supported by the tiles below – no building bridges! At the end of the game there are bonus points for most viewable items in each row as well as bonus points for the first person to build each item at the 5th level. This is a great family game, easy to learn but enough going on to keep it interesting. I really enjoyed it!”


Greg and Tracy tried Unlock: Night of the Boogeymen, the first in the Exotic Adventures box. “It was rated as easy and mostly was, but we made a goof by not pulling out one card that we should have and that meant we got stuck and were taking lots of hints and penalties before we realized. The last puzzle took us a bit of time before we figured it out too, so overall we only scored 3/5. Still fun though.”

At GAMA’s second game night, Renee had a chance to check out Namiji, a sequel to the incredibly popular and beautiful game Tokaido. “In Namiji you’re fishing off the coast of the town in the original game. It has similar gameplay for movement on the now circular path, but with some new actions. There are fishing actions which allow you to add fish to your player board on which you are trying to make sets of either the same fish or all fish of the same colour, getting points for completing sets in the rows or columns. There is a fun crustacean action in which you press your luck pulling tokens from a bag, scoring points for pulling shrimp, but if you pull 2 crabs you bust and get nothing! As well as new vertical panoramas and more. I really like it! Can’t wait to see how gorgeous the final product turns out.”

Renee also played Break the Code, “This is a fantastic deduction game where players are racing to determine the code. Each player gets 5 numbers and players take turns asking a question about the numbers the other players have. There are a whole deck of questions and you always have 6 to choose from, replacing the question you asked with a new card from the deck. In our 3 player game, the other 2 players answer the question about their numbers and we were competing to figure out the 5 numbers that were in the middle of the table. It involves being clever about tracking the info you get about the other players’ numbers as well as figuring out which question will get you the missing info you desperately need. I definitely recommend this to players that love deduction games but are looking for something that plays quickly and is easy to pick up and play.”


Later in the week, Greg and Tracy played Unlock: Scheherazade’s Last Tale, “This is the second in the Exotic Tales box and has a difficulty rating of 2 out of 3. I’d actually done this one before but let Tracy take the lead on it and I’d also forgotten chunks of it. We got stuck on one little bit and also ran over the time a little, but scored 4 out of 5 overall.”

Flyin’ Goblin is an upcoming dexterity game that Renee was able to try out, “Each player starts with a catapult and 2 goblins. On the count of three, players start flinging their goblins into the box, hoping to get into the tower, which rewards the player with diamonds. Goblins that land in the box also may gain (or lose) gold or diamonds. In each round, players can fling their goblins until one player yells ‘Done!’ indicating that they have flung all their goblins. At the end of each round, players use gold to buy one additional goblin, some with special abilities, or one tower piece. Players can win either by being the first player to collect a set number of diamonds or to completely build their tower on a platform on the box and have it survive an entire round. We all had an absolute blast playing this!”

Another quick and fun game Renee had a chance to check out, Breakdancing Meeples, “This is a like an updated version of Pass the Pigs; Players have 60 seconds to simultaneously roll meeples, placing them on their cards as they match the required position. If you complete a card, you place a cube on the card, scoring the corresponding points at the end of the round.  You only have 6 meeples so you have to be selective about where you assign them so you can actually complete the card. At the end of each round players have the opportunity to draft new cards with new dance sequences. The cards have a variety of options – some are easy and can score a few points multiple times a round and others score more points once per round. It was frantic and a lot of fun!”


Greg got to play another session of Gloomhaven, “We managed to get our full group together and played a scenario where we rescued some slaves and had to protect one of them as we fought a bunch of Inox. The tricky part was that our ally would move forwards every round, including opening doors. We just about managed it and unlocked a couple of new scenarios.”

Back at GAMA, Renee played Coralia, “This looked great at the display booth so I was excited to try it out one night, especially since it had so many pretty dice. Players roll 4 dice and then choose one to play in its spot on the board. Each coloured area has the some options, but as dice are placed, these spaces get blocked. One action allows you to draw fish cards, from which you want unique sets at the end of the game, another action lets you place an octopus, which scores points immediately and whenever another octopus is placed on the board later on, you can also collect cards that give you bonus scoring at the end of the game. It was a light game that might appeal to families, but didn’t end up being a win for me which was disappointing.”

One game Renee absolutely loved at GAMA was Cubitos, “This is John D Clair’s new press your luck dice building game. Players start with 8 basic grey cubes that grant minimal coins and board movement, which they roll, placing dice with faces showing on their player board and re-rolling blanks. Players roll until they have at least 3 active dice and then they start pushing their luck; you can keep rolling as long as you want, but if you ever roll all blanks, you bust! There are 8 colour dice that players can buy to strengthen their dice pool and what is cool is that each colour comes with a whole stack of cards, so each time you play the dice powers and options are different. Movement actions allow players to move along the board taking routes which give them bonuses, but ultimately they are competing to be the first player to cross the finish line. It was so much fun!”


What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 2-8

Sam played new release Gorilla Marketing:

This game is SO FUN. We played two rounds with three people. The first time went really fast since you only go around the table once so we played a second game with two booklets each which was much more fun.

Each player starts the game with one (or two) booklets in front of them, and then they collectively choose a theme for whole game. Each player then roles a die individually to determine the category of their marketing firm. For our second game my firms were advertising Science Fiction and Propaganda films, since the overall theme was movies.

You then pass your booklet(s) to the person to your left, and begin the game! The first player takes one die at a time out of the bag to roll which adds a letter to the acronym. The first acronym you make is what the movie in this case will be called, and the second acronym is the tag line that advertises the movie! On each players turn, the acronym changes, and when you get your booklet back the round ends and voting begins.

Each player rolls two dice to pick between two available awards, determined by the theme of the games, to assign to their project. Then, you flip through the options people wrote and either choose the one you liked the most or that most suited the award. You go through this process for both the name and then later the tag line for the name. The person at the end with the most banana tokens, which you get by your option being chosen in the voting stage, wins the game!

One critique I had immediately is that the age suggestion is 8+ and there are definitely sexually suggestive themes in this game. I don’t think I’d be comfortable recommending this as a family game, more as a college aged party game. With one of the firms potentially being a fetish club or the college class sex therapy 101 it might make for an uncomfortable evening. There are definitely options that don’t include spicy themes so as long as people are comfortable filtering it out then it’s customer discretion.

Other than that I had a blast. The components are perfectly designed and easy to use which I really liked. The rules are also simply laid out so it’s easy to teach and play. Will definitely be playing this again when I own my own copy.

Jordan shares his thoughts on the game, “I had tons of fun playing this game. It’s the best parts of Telestrations, the Jackbox video games mashed together into a great lightweight party game. The booklets, custom dice and banana markers were all great quality and the game as a whole presents itself as a quality product! I’m excited to play more of this game with the different themes and categories and the near infinite replay ability it offers.”


Jordan has been doing some more painting, “Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers, a Warhammer Underworlds warband. This was a lot of fun to paint – the ogre leader looks super cool (I stuck a skull on his face to serve as a mask), and he has a crossbow armed with a bear trap on a chain – very ‘Warhammer’. The goblins are also full of character – carrying more bear traps, giant arrows, or another goblin, carrying a big hammer, which I think is really funny. The big cat is also super cool and intimidating, and there’s a separate bear trap model that is made of large jaw bones. As with all the Underworlds warbands, the Mantrappers are very unique to paint up as well as play in the game, giving a taste of painting an ogre, goblins, and a large tiger without having to paint up a whole army (though who could decline an army of tigers?)”

Image from iOS (67)

Renee played a quick game of On Tour at the start of Monday Board Game Night. “Every time I’ve played, I’ve played with at least one new player, but I’m not convinced that having played before is any help; every time I play I feel like I’m just as horrible as I was the last time. This game is challenging in the funnest way.”

Image from iOS (68)

Renee then played 2 games of Res Arcana with the Lux and Tenebrae expansion, “I’m really enjoying it with this expansion, even more than I already did. One thing the expansion adds is Scrolls. Using a magic item, players can exchange one resource for a scroll which can be used at any time. When you plan ahead, they can be very powerful. It also allows you to play with 5 players – which we did for the first time this week – and it worked very well. The game still moves quickly and I like that it adds a bit more of a sense of chaos to the game. This game just such a fun engine builder, with the cards available to draft each time changing up, the Places of Power being randomized, it creates enough variation that you do feel each time like you have to adapt and make something work. The player interaction is great, not just with the attacks, but the competition for the magic items, scrolls and places of power. In fact, in our second game we discovered that 3 of us were all in a race for the same place of power. Every time we play this, we just have fun.”

Image from iOS (69)

Renee ended the evening with a couple of players of The Game Extreme, “After our plays of The Game last week, I decided I wanted to try the extreme version. This one has 28 cards with symbols on them that either impact the player on the turn it is played (must play exactly 3 cards, must cover this card before end of turn), or put a new rule in effect until it is covered (cannot use the backwards 10 rule, players must play all their cards on any one pile). It definitely was more challenging! But still fun like the original.”



Star Wars: Legion Skirmish Event

Saturday April 5th   11am – 6pm


Basic Structure.

Round time-1 hour 40 mins

Registration 11.00-11.15
Round one starts at 11.30

FFG Cards from the kits

All players can find the battle cards used for this event in the official skirmish rules.

This event uses the official skirmish rules found here-https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/52/ac/52ac3c8e-f20c-44c3-977a-f49a0d0eebb2/star_wars_legion_skirmish.pdf


Showing of Lloyd the Conqueror

Saturday March 21st,  6pm-9pm

Come on down for a FREE showing of this movie, filmed almost 10 years ago right here in The Sentry Box! That’s right, not only was the store a filming location, but a named location in the movie!

This event is co-hosted by Calgary Dollars as a way to celebrate all things local and help celebrate this interesting aspect of the Calgary community.