What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 15-21

We start the week with an update from Greg and Tracy on their Dice Throne Adventures. “It actually took us two more attempts before we were finally able to defeat the Mad King. Our first game was over fairly quickly as, yet again, he just overpowered us with serious beatdowns and forcing each of us to try to attack the other. We finally beat him but it was still tough and we ended up with just one salve left. I think we had finally got into a good rhythm though, and collectively did about 40 damage in our last three attacks. Now we’ve unlocked some of the hidden content, which looks very cool, ready for the next campaign. What character to choose for next time though??”

Sue painted some terrain this week. “I used Wraithbone Primer and Contrast Paints. I used Snakebite Leather for the straps, and Aggaros Dunes for the hay. I used various greens for the stems, and Gryph-Hound Orange for the pumpkins. The pumpkin on the right is highlighted and the pumpkin on the left is just the Contrast Paint over the primer.”

Greg considers Stone Age a classic and it’s always fun to play. “Matt decided to try out the starvation strategy and it paid off in the end, giving him a narrow victory. I went for agriculture and never needed to go hunting the whole game, but didn’t quite pick up enough points elsewhere.”

Greg and friends also played some Solo. “It is very similar to Uno but has a few other special cards, such as cards that let you swap hands with someone or make everyone pass their hand to the player to their left or right. It was quick, easy fun for those looking for something light.”

Renee decided on her birthday that she wanted to play a Wolfgang Warsch game with Jenn so they played Taverns of Tiefenthal. “We hadn’t played it in a long time so we played the base game only. Which was good because we both definitely felt like we were playing for the first time again! I still love this game as I now want to play it again with the additional modules.”

Renee finally had a chance to try the Nightfall expansion for PARKS with Jenn. “We already really like this game and we both thought the expansion was awesome. It adds a some new action spaces which you can use when you go to a trail location with a tent, which added more options while hiking the trail. It also added new parks which could be bought with a few specific resources and then 2-4 resources of your choosing and then also granted you an immediate bonus. There was a new Year deck (end game bonuses) which granted 1 or 2 points for each set of something you managed collect (1 point for each set of 4 pictures, 2 points for each set of 3 parks with 2 trees) and one of the tent actions let you collect more during the game. Overall, very good additions to the game. Easy to recommend picking it up if you have and enjoy Parks.”

Renee also got in a play of Calico which for a quick tile drafting game is very puzzley and thinky! “Between the board, cat and colour objectives there are a lot of ways to get points, but they all contradict each other! Deciding which objectives to attempt to achieve with the tiles available (or is it having the tiles available direct your decisions for which objectives to achieve?) is a fun and frustrating time. Definitely happy with this purchase.”

Kris decided to do something he had not done since the Dark Imperium box was released, he painted an Ultramarine! “Captain of the 4th Company, and Master of the Fleet, Uriel Ventris. I enjoyed reading his books when I was younger and was happy to see a new model released for him this month and so I didn’t hesitate to join in with #MarchforMacragge. It’s not quite up to the display standard of some of the painters in the store but it was a fun 4 or 5 hours and did make me want to paint more of my other Space Marines I have around the house…Just need to finish a million other projects first!”

Greg and Tracy finish the week with Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor. “I had actually played this before, but since Tracy hadn’t played it and it was about five years ago that I did, I figured it was probably safe to play again. I did remember some vague things but no specific details about any solutions. It was still a pretty straightforward Escape Room though, with no puzzles that stumped us, just one or two that we had to take the time to figure out. If you’re looking for an easy entry to this type of game I think this is a good one.”

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