What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 20-26


We start this week’s blog with a review of the a new product from Chris, “I’ve been eagerly awaiting a restock of the Army Painter Wet Palette that was released last month, and today I finally got to try out one of my very own. My first impressions are good! While I spent a little bit of time fiddling with the exact amount of water to add, I found this quite a bit easier to get right than with either my older P3 wet palette or my attempts at a homemade one. I didn’t have any problems with the paint absorbing too much water and “blooming” out over the palette like I’ve sometimes had in the past. The paint stayed nicely wet and at the end of a two-hour session my first colours were only just past the point of usability. I don’t know if this can live up to their claim of keeping paint fresh for days or even weeks (when closed), but when using a standard palette I end up adding more water to my mix in the space of maybe five minutes so a two-hour working time is a massive improvement. It was really convenient to be able to go back and use a previous colour without having to pour and thin out more paint.”


Jordan finished off his first unit of Chaos Warriors! “I’m excited to get started on some cavalry next!”

Greg finished this beast, “Only to have a few parts break off when trying to get it to the designated display spot. Currently trying to get them fixed, but I did at least get these pics of it when complete.”

Danielle is building a mini model house and has finished the kitchen.

Renee started Monday Board Game Night with a few shorter party style games starting with Jungle Speed. “This is a card sloughing game in which players take turns flipping over their cards and if there is a match, the matching players race to grab the totem in the middle, with the losing player getting the winner’s discard pile. It’s a quick game that requires both mental speed – recognizing the match – and physical reaction time to grab the totem. There are some special cards which temporarily change the rules so you have to stay on your toes. Definitely a game that if you played multiple times, you’d get better and recognizing the matches and would start getting pretty competitive.”

She then played A Fake Artist Goes To New York. “In this game all the players, except for one, is given the same word. The players then collectively draw the the word, taking turns drawing one line without taking their marker off of the paper. The ‘fake artist’ has to try and figure out what is being drawn and hopefully not give themselves away. This means the other players have to try and be clever in their contributions – both revealing to the others that they know what is being drawn without revealing to the ‘fake artist’ what it is that is being drawn. I somehow managed to end up being the ‘fake artist’ in all three rounds we played which made it challenging for me, but I can see why this has been such a popular game, it was a fun game.”

Renee got to play Captain Sonar again after trying it once years ago. “Setareh, Derrick and I played against Sonya and Kevin, the more experienced players. The three of us were trying to figure out our roles and it took a bit to keep on top of everything – especially since it is a frantic real time game. We quickly lost the first game, but did a bit better the second time. I think this game does reward some experience but it is fun right from the start. Trying to plan a path without giving away your position is hard. And figuring out the best use of the weapons is interesting. This is a great team game and with 4 different positions to manage there is a lot going on to sink your teeth into while playing.”

Image from iOS (20)

Renee et al ended up with 6 players so they played Alhambra, a classic! “A great gateway game that we used to play in the family a lot, I enjoyed getting to play it again. You collect money cards that you use to buy tiles of 6 different building types. You are trying to build a city with a large exterior wall, without blocking yourself too much from future building. There are 3 scoring rounds in which points are giving for majority of each building type. It’s a fairly quick game, even with 6 players, and for a lighter game still has good strategic choices. Setareh‘s winning Alhambra is pictured.”

Image from iOS (21)

Renee ended the evening with a 5 player game of the new Caylus 1303. “I had only played the original game twice, but liked it enough that I bought the sequel. This version not only has updated art and components, but has made some changes to the gameplay while maintaining the overall feel of the original game. The starting buildings are now tiles so their order will change each time you play and players compete for favours which give the player a special ability while they hold the tile – however every time a player earns a favour they are able to steal them from each other so this is constantly changing! I really enjoyed this version and while I don’t have a lot of experience with the original, it definitely kept the mechanics that I enjoyed from the original.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 10.21.41 PM

Renee and Greg played a two player game of Coloma on the live stream, so we got to try out how it works with the dummy player. Greg, “It’s a simultaneous action selection game, where players secretly choose one of five options each round and then reveal their choice. Whichever option has the most players choose it has more limited actions, so you typically want to avoid going where others go. Players are pioneers in Coloma during the gold rush period, and score points for building up the town, surveying rivers, building bridges, exploring the surrounding area and for fighting off outlaws at the end of each year. There are lots of bits but the gameplay is actually quite straightforward. There are a few strategies to go for though and it’s fun trying to plan which action to go for each round.” Renee, “I had a lot of fun with this game. I love the player interaction of trying to figure out which action space the other players are going to, knowing that the space may ‘bust’. There seem be quite a few different strategies to try and your building cards really give you a chance to build up a bit of an engine so that different actions can give you quite a few bonus actions – including actions that trigger when the space ‘busts’. The player powers also allow you to try different strategies based on your special abilities which I enjoyed. The deluxe version also has some great upgrades to the components. This would be fun to play with more players; I’d love to see how a 6 player game turns out.”

Renee finally got a chance to play Tapestry with Jenn, “It was a teaching game and since I hadn’t played in a while, honestly a bit of a refresher for me. I like the simplicity of the mechanics – spend resources to go up one level on one of the four tracks – combined with the challenge of optimizing your civilization ability and the benefits from your tapestry cards. There’s also the choice of which items to invent and when to upgrade them to capitalize on their bonuses, exploring and conquering, the puzzling of placing the buildings on your city board…I have fun playing this game. And I’m never going to stop being impressed with the components. So beautiful!”


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