What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 20-26


We start this week’s blog with a review of the a new product from Chris, “I’ve been eagerly awaiting a restock of the Army Painter Wet Palette that was released last month, and today I finally got to try out one of my very own. My first impressions are good! While I spent a little bit of time fiddling with the exact amount of water to add, I found this quite a bit easier to get right than with either my older P3 wet palette or my attempts at a homemade one. I didn’t have any problems with the paint absorbing too much water and “blooming” out over the palette like I’ve sometimes had in the past. The paint stayed nicely wet and at the end of a two-hour session my first colours were only just past the point of usability. I don’t know if this can live up to their claim of keeping paint fresh for days or even weeks (when closed), but when using a standard palette I end up adding more water to my mix in the space of maybe five minutes so a two-hour working time is a massive improvement. It was really convenient to be able to go back and use a previous colour without having to pour and thin out more paint.”

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