What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 2-8

This week’s staff blog kicks off with Sue’s Star Wars: Legion, Duros conversion. “The Duros head is from the Rebel Troopers box set and the body is from the Rebel Veterans box set. A simple conversion using just a touch of Green Stuff to make a more seamless transition between head and body. I did pull the head off the Green Stuff after it had hardened to paint it separately. As you can see, I inadvertently glued it back on at a different angle.” 

Greg and Tracy played through story 2 out of 3 of Escape Tales: Low Memory. “Right from the beginning I had an idea of where I thought the overall story was heading. Everything seemed to be confirming my suspicions, until they kind of weren’t. We finished the story and now I’m not sure if I’m right or if I’m completely off track. Either way, there were some neat puzzles and some that stumped us quite a bit, with logic leaps that didn’t always make sense to me. I’m enjoying the story quite a bit though.”

They finished off Low Memory another evening , “Overall it was a bit disappointing in the end. This final part had even more incomprehensible puzzles and confusion, including one where we had to give up and look at the solution even though we thought we’d figured out what we were supposed to do. I do enjoy the story aspect of these Escape Tales games, but the puzzles are definitely not as good as some other escape room games. Many of them were hard to have more than one person working on at a time as well. The action disc selection seemed interesting at first but ended up feeling a bit arbitrary and luck-based. My final conclusion is that I’m glad I’ve tried them out but there are definitely better options for this kind of game.”

Greg convinced Tracy to get Tawantinsuyu back to the table to help get the rules locked down. “The first game we made a few little errors so I was happy to play again and try to make sure we got everything correct. I tried a strategy of getting lots of soldiers to try doing lots of conquests, but it didn’t really pan out to well. Tracy also did some conquests and also focused on the temple and she ended up winning fairly comfortably.  I’d like to try a game with more players as I feel like it might have a slightly different flow.”

Alex pulled Zombie Kidz Evolution one out again, “We played four games, winning all of them and unlocking two new envelopes of content. Alex is enjoying it a lot and wanted to play even more games!”

Greg finally got a chance to give Clever Cubed a go, playing solo. “It’s like putting on an old familiar sweater that you haven’t worn for a while. It was great to be rolling the dice again and trying to figure out the best places to go to get those killer combos. I only played twice so I’ve definitely got a lot to learn still, but I look forward to playing more.”

Jenn and Renee got In the Hall of the Mountain King to the table again. “I love all the deluxe components, especially when you load up your troll smoot. Planning the effective use of your resources is key; we both found ourselves in situations where we didn’t have enough resources to build a tunnel, but didn’t have enough money to bribe the troll we desperately wanted to recruit. I also really enjoy how the spells provide interesting, and often very helpful, additional actions during your turn. We’re still both enjoying this one.”

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