What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 19-25

Sue liked Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden so much she really wanted to make a diorama. “All miniatures are from the D&D Rime of the Frostmaiden pre-painted miniatures blind boxes, and the village accessories are from the Pathfinder: Goblin Village, and the WizKids 4D Environments: Homestead.”

Auril and a Frost Giant Skeleton under her command wreak havoc over the 10 Towns.
A Reghed village.
Duergar warband.
Auril, the Cold Crone.

Greg played the second scenario in Unlock: Star Wars, “An Unforseen Delay also has a familiar feel to it, with you being smugglers who get caught by Imperials. You have to escape your cell, rescue your astromech, get your cargo and then escape on your ship. It was also fairly easy but I’m enjoying them a lot.”

Greg finished Unlock: Star Wars with Secret Mission on Jedha. “This final scenario was rated as 2/3 for difficulty and it definitely took us a fair bit longer. That was in large part down to the fact that we missed something obvious and spent a bunch of time kind of stuck and taking penalties. Once we figured out the missing piece everything else fell in to place. For some strange reason the pesky Saw Gerrera escaped. Almost like he had something important to do in a movie :man-shrugging:

Greg also completed his third Renegade Games puzzle, Arboretum. “I did about two thirds of this in one day, and then there was: the tree. It’s purple. With leaves. I actually managed to finish it in only a couple more days though, so overall it was one of the quickest so far.”

Tracy and Greg played another session in their The Rise of Queensdale campaign. “Game 16 brought in a new type of figure and a new action. I finished building the cathedral and went on to complete Epoch 8, so next game we’ll be introducing even more new stuff and it means we’re close to the end of the campaign.”

Greg’s Clank Legacy campaign is over but now he can play either side of the Legacy board as a regular Clank game. “We used the final two unplayed characters from the Adventuring Party expansion in this one. Things were going very well for me and I had artifacts worth 30 and 40, as well as a boatload of other points. Tracy was sad and complaining all game. Then, one space below ground, a vicious dragon attack took me from four health to dead. Tracy went on to make it above ground and win the game 102 – 0.”

Just in time for the snow, Jordan finished up another wave of his icy orruks. “These are Morgoks Krushas, one of the warbands for Warhammer Underworlds. This is probably my favourite paint scheme of projects I’ve worked on, and I love getting any excuse to paint more orcs with icy blues and grays. The standout colours are Vallejo Model Color’s Gunmetal Blue, Vallejo Game Color’s Wolf Grey, Citadel’s Talassar Blue Contrast paint, and Citadel’s Thousand Sons Blue. In line with the rest of the Underworlds warbands, these models are super cool push-fit versions of Ironjawz Brutes, with dynamic posing and unique weapons.”

Sue’s method. “Model is from Star Wars Legion: Rebel Specialists. I drilled a hole and there is a wire along with tac to keep the head up. Prime white. Add most of the face detail. Added Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint to face. Finished eye. Touched up hair. Painted hair purple Contrast Paint. Tobee honest, open mouths are not my specialty. I wanted to show the bottom teeth, but I think that it ended up looking like a giant upper lip so I will probably go back and change the bottom lip to make it look more cohesive. Nothing wrong with big lips :slightly_smiling_face: . I ended up redoing the lips. I tried adding some upper teeth to make it look more obvious that it was an open mouth.”

Sue ended up redoing the lips. “I tried adding some upper teeth to make it look more obvious that it was an open mouth.”

Sue kitbashed Star Wars Legion: Rebel Veterans with heads from other Star Wars Legion Rebel packs. “These models come in pieces so you can paint all those hard to reach areas, and they fit together really well. Mostly painted with Contrast Paints. It was my first time using the Gale Force Nine snow on the bases.”

Tracy and Greg played Azul with the base game just adding in the two new factory tiles. “I really enjoy this game but for some reason I am really bad at it. I never seem to quite manage to finish my plans before the game ends. It’s still a lot of fun though!”

Renee and her Dad played Morels, “A quick 2 player card game we’ve always enjoyed. You forage for mushrooms in the forest, trying to collect sets of 3 or more that you can cook for points, but it requires some hand management as the only way to discard unwanted cards is in sets of 2. I’ve always loved the choices and yummy mushrooms!”

Jenn, Adam and Renee also got in a couple of hands of The Crew after dinner one evening. “Still loving this trick taking game more than I ever thought I would.”

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