What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 12-18

Let’s take a look at that the Staff have been playing this week!

Greg played the last game in his Clank: Legacy campaign, “I’m sad it’s over because I really had a blast playing this. The nice thing is that the double sided board is now playable as just a regular Clank game, so it’s essentially turned into a standalone expansion. I’m really hoping they come out with a new Legacy version in the future though as I really enjoyed unlocking new elements and the unfolding story.”

Greg played another Escape Room: The Game expansion, Another Dimension. “Set in the 1980s in small town America, with a strange research station on the outskirts of town. Strange things are happening! This was rated as 4.5 out of 5 for difficulty but didn’t prove to be too challenging apart from one bit at the end that was a little finicky. Overall it was pretty good though.”

Greg also picked up all four of the new Renegade Games puzzles and started with the Raiders of the North Sea picture. “They all come with a poster that is the exact size of the finished puzzle which definitely came in handy.” Greg later finished the second of his Renegade Games puzzles, with a little help/hindrance from Alex and Luke. “This one is from the Overlight RPG and was really great to do. Lots of different colors and textures to help identify the pieces, so it went much faster than the previous one which was heavy in yellows and browns. This one is definitely recommended.”

Jordan got a game of Wingspan in after Thanksgiving dinner. “The game is super pretty and the engine building is satisfying and interesting without feeling overwhelmingly complex. The bird theme is used pretty well (ie. big predator birds will ‘eat’ smaller birds off the top of the deck, smaller birds will ‘flock’ together) which is really cool. I was a -BIG BIRD ENTHUSIAST- and just tried to focus on playing large birds all game.”

Greg picked up the kids game Keys to the Ice Castle on a recommendation and gave it a try with Alex. “You lay out a grid of tiles with the closed side of the door showing and each start at one end of the grid. You have a hand of cards and on your turn you draw another card, play one card and then potentially move. Cards mostly have coloured keys and allow you to open a matching coloured door. Some allow you to padlock doors, making them require a skeleton key, add an ice slide, or chop through a frozen doorway. The first player to get to the opposite end of the castle wins. It says 8+ for the recommended age but other than playing with open hands I didn’t change anything to play with Alex (who is five).” Later in the week, “Alex and I played two more games of this and she won the second game fair and square which made her very happy. It’s nice and light and quick but offers some decisions to make.”

Christopher’s pick for a game with Renee and family yesterday was Rush & Bash, “A Mario Kart style board game in which we are playing cards to race around the track, but also shooting missiles, dropping bombs and using power up abilities. The game comes with a fairly large selection of track pieces you can use and we played with both the volcano and the dark jungle tiles in the mix.”

Jenn, Adam and Renee finally got in a few more plays of The Crew! “The first couple of missions we handled easily and we got over confident before the game knocked us down a peg or two with a mission we ended up having to attempt 3 times before being successful but when we were, it felt good. This is such a great trick taking game.”

Jenn and Renee played through Deckscape: Behind the Curtain over the course Thanksgiving day between other activities. “It has a magic show theme and we found the puzzles decent and enjoyable overall. This one came with a few items that you had to physically use to solve puzzles on the cards which we really liked. One of my favourites of the Deckscape games we’ve played so far.”

Danielle has finally put her farm mock-up together! Now the building begins!

Tia is working on her Lumineth bases. “I’m going for a lava theme.  The rocks are made from molding clay that was heated in the oven then broken apart to give it more of an uneven texture. After gluing the rocks down, I covered the ground with agrellan earth to give it some nice lava-looking cracks. I spray painted black, then white where I felt like it would be ‘hotter’, then yellow a bit randomly around. Now just in the process of adding some orange to it. I’m excited to see how they turn out!”

Sue is reading the new Dungeons and Dragons adventure, Icewind Dale. “I’m really enjoying it! I may be biased as I like the Drizzt Do’urden series, some of which takes place in Icewind Dale, so I was really excited to see a campaign that takes place here. I find that the campaign itself has interesting characters and creatures, and I think they do a really good job of bringing this frozen tundra to life. Even just reading the adventure book, there is a lot of vivid and interesting imagery, and I really feel engrossed in the world of Icewind Dale.”

Greg got Mariposas back to the table as Tracy didn’t want to play anything too taxing. “I went into the game intent on not going for waystations, only to end up going for waystations. I did pick up some season goal card points and got three butterflies back at the end as well though, and ended up winning by one point. On her last turn Tracy ditched her two identical action cards in hope of getting something specific but didn’t get it. That would have won her the game, so it was super close.”

Sam got around to finally playing the second scenario for Arkham Horror LCG on Octgn with her sister! “This game does a really good job of making you feel like you’re really the investigators so I always enjoy playing when I get around to it.”

Game 15 in Greg and Tracy’s The Rise of Queensdale campaign, “Saw us continuing to build the Cathedral and also trying to track down a group of trouble makers. We both made our epoch goal, meaning I’ll be moving on to Epoch 8 (out of 9), but Tracy is just one epoch behind. Also, I have Walnuts!”

Greg also got Escape Room: The Game: The Break In to the table this week. “We’re art thieves breaking into a museum to steal a new exhibit and replace it with a replica. It had some neat puzzles, but also one that had us slightly stumped for a while. Ultimately we got through everything and made it with a few minutes to spare.”

Sue painted the prince and princess of Dungeons & Dragons from the Wizkids Royal Court set. “I love both these models. I love the prince’s expression and pose. A young man who is maybe a little bit headstrong. I can see him locking horns with his father, the king, on more than one occasion. These were mostly painted with Contrast Paints. The prince’s hair is the dark yellow Contrast Paint where the princess is the light yellow Contrast Paint. I thought that his hair should be darker as it may have darkened as he got older, whereas the princess still looks fairly young. I also painted the princess’s lipstick, including the white line on the lower lip, before adding the Contrast Paint to her face. I find that the Contrast Paint covers the white line on the lower lip and gives a nice looking highlight.”

Greg played the 10 minute demo and then the first main scenario, Escape from Hoth, in the new Unlock!: Star Wars. “It was rated as difficulty 1/3 and was definitely fairly straight forward for the most part. I enjoyed the Star Wars flavour quite a bit as it added some good connections to the movies. The one strange thing was that even though they have obviously paid for the Star Wars licence and have a separate Star Wars Unlock app, the music used was not Star Wars, but was similar style Classical music, like Holst’s Planet Suite.”

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