What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – June 29 – July 5


Alex and Greg played a couple more games of Der Geheimnisvolle Zaubersee before she went up to bed one night. “The first game went pretty badly, just like the first time we played. I thought I’d better try to step it up in the next game and we just about managed to win with Ravenhorst one space away from catching everyone.”


Zingo! Sight Words is a bingo style game where players have a card with nine words on them. Greg, “Two words get revealed from the device and if one or both of the words are on your card you say it out loud and take the tile to cover the spot on your card. The first player to fill their card wins.  I got this one to help Alex with recognizing some of the more common words and we’ve played it six times over the last couple of days.”


Surprise Slides: Frozen II is a simple Candyland style game with very few decisions to make but Greg thought it might appeal to Alex and also be simple enough to get Luke involved. “Players spin the spinner and move to the next space if that colour, but there are also some hidden paths and some parts of the board that can move or flip. Luke was able to understand, spin the spinner and move his own piece, so we had our first full family board game!”

Heads Talk Tails Walk is a memory game where players are trying to find the correct head for the body in the middle. If you do, you take both tiles as a point. If not then all players have to move around in a circle, walking like the animal on the body tile but making noises like the animal on the head tile. Once all ten tile sets are claimed whoever has the most wins. Greg, “This was another game that we were able to get Luke to play and both kids loved hopping, slithering and walking around while barking, clucking or meowing. As an adult it was fun but also tiring!!”


Tia’s The Dreadsaurian just arrived, “Had to 3D print the base because Games Workshop doesn’t sell it (it’s a monster!)”

Chris has been on a bit of a terrain kick lately, starting with a few more elements for his urban Kill Team board.

The statue from the Battle Sanctum set released for the Sisters of Battle was a must-have for me – the results from the faux-marble paint job aren’t quite what I had been picturing, but it’s still turned out alright and it’s a really evocative piece that I’m looking forward to using in a game! I also completed the fourth and final ruined building, using the same drybrushing techniques as I used on the previous pieces. The pale green accent color ended up looking especially good alongside all the dusty greys. Finally, the collection was in real need of smaller scatter terrain, so I’ve completed a set of scratchbuilt barricades and rubble piles. They were build up mostly from leftover bits and sculptamold – an interesting material I hadn’t worked with before. It’s a combination of plaster and paper pulp that easily builds up landforms and rough areas and is considerably lighter than traditional plaster-based fillers. For painting, I used a patchy combination of colors from the brown areas of the urban board itself and the grey tones of the ruined buildings to suggest that the piles are heaps of dirt and rubble mixed together by the forces of war. With the terrain set all but finished, I’m hoping that I’ll actually get to play a game with it soon!


Scooby Doo: Escape the Haunted Mansion is kind of a cross between an escape room game and an adventure game. Greg, “The five Scooby gang members all have standees and separate clue booklets as they each perform a slightly different action. There are map tiles that get revealed as you explore and and cards that get revealed when you interact with things by reading passages from the clue booklets. The story has two chapters and we played through Chapter One in around an hour, leaving Chapter Two for another night. So far the puzzles haven’t been too difficult, and there are also hints you can take if you get stuck. I’m enjoying the narrative and the Scooby Doo tie in as well. Looking forward to Chapter Two!”


Shape by Shape is a solo puzzle of trying to fit the pieces into the square in order to make the image on the challenge card. Greg, “It comes with 60 challenges and I’ve gone through about 20 of them so far. A couple have taken me a bit longer but mostly they’ve been pretty straightforward.”


Rollercoaster Challenge is one of the other solo puzzly things Greg picked up recently. “Each challenge gives you some of the pieces on the board and then some other pieces that you have to add on. The awesome thing is that when you’re done you get to send the little car down the track!”

Annotation 2020-07-05 135634

On Friday’s livestream Tracy and Greg played through Heroquest‘s next quest in the campaign and they were joined by Alex, who took control of the Barbarian. “Some poor goblins bought it in the first room and it just got worse after that. Upon discovering Ulag the cowardly Elf cast a spell which killed him before he even got to do anything. Rude.”


Sue picked up Cities of Sigmar this week for Warhammer, Age of Sigmar. “I have always liked a lot of the older Empire models etc. and was worried that they might phase them out with the arrival of the Stormcast Eternals. I’m glad that wasn’t the case! I like the way Cities if Sigmar allows you to use your older Empire models (as well as elves and dwarves) in the new Age of Sigmar setting which I really like. I thought this book was great, and look forward to one day finishing a Cities of Sigmar army!”

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