New arrivals for Friday March 18th, 2016

Once you get used to working here at The Sentry Box (motto – Suggest a good motto and win a free backrub!) you get accustomed to the pace of releases and the arrival of new products. But even as jaded as I have become, and it is quite sad really, I was surprised that we already received the first expansion for the B-Sieged game. Despite reeling from that surprise arrival, I was able to chronicle the other fine, fine products that we received at the store today.

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New arrivals for Wednesday February 17th, 2016

While there is some debate as to what is best in life, I always look forward to ‘new arrival day’ here at The Sentry Box. That and crushing my enemies. But no matter what you think of as being the best in life, I am sure you can agree that new board games is certainly in the top five. So lets check out what is new week at The Sentry Box.

Titan Race by FunForge

Pit your Titans against one another in a completely crazy, furious race! You play as a rider and his titanic mount, using your power, cunning, and all sorts of magical objects to try to win the race. Ram into your opponents to weaken them, so you can cross the finish line first, and become the next legend of Neverworld!

Combine your dice, your titan’s special ability, and the bonus cards you collect on the circuit in order to perform the best actions, and stay ahead of your opponents. Complete three laps before the others and you will be declared the grand winner of the race.

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