Machi Koro Millionaires Row tournament

Machi Koro Millionaires Row

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Machi Koro Millionaires Row tournament on Monday March 28th at 6:30pm. Entry to the event will be $5.00 and is limited to a maximum of eight players. We will be using the Machi Koro Millionaires Row event kit.

Inside each kit you will find two Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row Expansion decks as well as two 7-card oversized Landmark sets, one for the event winner and one for event participants and/or retailers. Each kit also includes two large posters for retailers to market their Machi Koro gaming events in their stores.

The overall winner of the event will receive a set of oversized Landmark cards and the Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row Expansion decks.

There is a sign-up sheet available at the front desk and interested gamers are asked to register in advance to guarantee a spot.

New arrivals for Thursday September 10th, 2015

Once more the gods of dice and cardboard (by which I mean Alliance Distributors) have blessed the store with a new arrival of games and goodies.

Fluxx Dice by Looney Labs

As if Fluxx weren’t chaotic enough, Looney Labs has found a way to change things up even more. Roll the dice and watch the Draw and Play rules change with every turn! Includes five new cards and two dice. Fluxx Dice is not a standalone game. You need one of the many versions of Fluxx to play.

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New arrivals for Thursday April 16th, 2015

What is best in life? Hearing the lamentations of your opponent as you crush them with the new expansion for Ascension.

Ascension Dawn of Champions by Stoneblade Entertainment

Dawn of Champions the newest Ascension set brings with it an all-new way to play the game with the new Champion cards, as well as introducing faction specific monsters for the first time!

In Dawn of Champions, players take on the role of Champions of each of the four factions – Dhartha, Nairi, Sadranis, and Kor. Through acquiring or defeating cards that share a faction with their champion, players build reputation, unlocking special cards and abilities as the game progresses.

Dawn of Champions also introduces the new Rally mechanic, which allows players a chance to acquire or defeat additional Heroes and Monsters of the same faction, bolstering their ranks as long as they remain loyal to their faction’s cause.

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