Contrast Paints Part 5 – Nurgle Daemons

Kris is back with another look at the Games Workshop Contrast Paint line.
In part 5 of the ongoing series he looks at some interesting ways of getting the most out of the fewest paints possible to give good variety whilst keeping up the pace for batch painting.

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Games Workshop Contrast Paints: Part 4 – One Step Beyond.

Gosh, time sure flies when you are having fun. Two whole months since part 3 of the series and we are finally back with the promised part 4!

Can Contrast Paints help with something Kris has always found intimidating, painting a primarily white colour scheme.

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Games Workshop Contrast Paints: Part 2 – Pre-Primed Miniatures

In Part 1 of our look at GW’s Contrast Paint range, we gave our first impressions of the paints, and I said that I wanted to take a look at how they interacted with some other miniatures and show some fun ways of using them.

Hopefully, we start that in Part 2!
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Games Workshop Contrast Paints: Part 1 – Initial Impressions

With the launch of our new Social Isolation Painting Challenge, we thought now would be a good time to start a new series of articles looking at Building and Painting your models!

Marketed as “an incredibly powerful paint range” that will allow you to “accomplish some remarkable effects” Games Workshop launched the Contrast Paint Range almost a year ago, so it’s about time we started writing up our feedback after trying the paints in a few different ways.
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