New arrivals for Thursday Sept, 24th 2015

Another Thursday has come and with it a bounty of new products and expansions to warm the heart of any gamer.


Please note that the FFG products are not available for sale until Friday September 25th.

On Her Majesty’s Service by SMOG

London has become the center of the world and an extraordinary stage where the appearance of monsters, the return of secret cults and the outbreak of infernal machines regularly contend the front page of The Times.

The last one of these incredible events is the arrival of Oberon, ruler of the courts in Faërie, to be present during the jubilee of the Queen. The ceremony is getting closer and the Queen has secretly invited the most avantgardeClubs of the capital to join an expedition in the legendary “Shadow Market”. She promised to cover with honors those who will manage to bring back from this dangerous voyage some precious objects: some keys made of adamant and Atlantean metal, a mithril padlock and a magic chain, magic artifacts which cannot be made in the real world!

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New arrivals for Thursday September 10th, 2015

Once more the gods of dice and cardboard (by which I mean Alliance Distributors) have blessed the store with a new arrival of games and goodies.

Fluxx Dice by Looney Labs

As if Fluxx weren’t chaotic enough, Looney Labs has found a way to change things up even more. Roll the dice and watch the Draw and Play rules change with every turn! Includes five new cards and two dice. Fluxx Dice is not a standalone game. You need one of the many versions of Fluxx to play.

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