Where to Start? X-Wing: Miniatures Game Part 1 – Rebels & Empire

In this new series of articles we will be looking to explore the barrier to entry to various games, what options you have for getting started and what addition purchases are worth the money and what could be considered indulgences.

In this Where to Start, Kris will be talking about Star Wars X-Wing: The Miniatures Game and what options you have to start playing this fun, faced paced Space Combat game set in the Star Wars Universe.

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X-Wing: Why Should I Fly – Firespray-31 Patrol Craft?

This month, Kris will be looking at X-Wing Squad Lists featuring the Firespray-31 Patrol Craft, this iconic Star Wars ship not only featured prominently in the Mandalorian Season 2 but also got a new release for X-Wing with the Jango Fett’s Slave-1 Expansion for the Separatist Alliance.

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Starting Kill Team: Xenos Pt. 1

There sure are a lot of aliens out there – too many for one article, it seems. So today, I’ll be bringing you my recommendations for starting Kill Team with all three available flavors of Eldar – Regular, Spiky, and Mime! We’ll bring some good old Necron skeleton robots (skeletrons?) along, too. Let’s get started!

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Starting Kill Team: Chaos Factions

We’re back taking a look at how to jump-start your kill team, this time featuring the different flavors of Chaos. While they each play differently, all the Chaos factions follow a broad pattern: their particular variety of Marines and their assorted weapon options, plus a less-powerful but more numerous “cannon-fodder” unit that you can use to add numbers and variety.

Let’s dive in!

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Starting Kill Team: Imperial Factions

Since Kill Team uses a specific subset of the models available to each 40k faction, it can be a little tricky to know where to start when first building your new kill team. Over my next few articles, I’m taking a look at each faction and which box sets are your best buys when starting out. I’ve included prices as a guide, but do be aware that they may have changed since this article is published.

First up: the Imperial factions!

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