Starting Kill Team: Chaos Factions

We’re back taking a look at how to jump-start your kill team, this time featuring the different flavors of Chaos. While they each play differently, all the Chaos factions follow a broad pattern: their particular variety of Marines and their assorted weapon options, plus a less-powerful but more numerous “cannon-fodder” unit that you can use to add numbers and variety.

Let’s dive in!

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Starting Kill Team: Imperial Factions

Since Kill Team uses a specific subset of the models available to each 40k faction, it can be a little tricky to know where to start when first building your new kill team. Over my next few articles, I’m taking a look at each faction and which box sets are your best buys when starting out. I’ve included prices as a guide, but do be aware that they may have changed since this article is published.

First up: the Imperial factions!

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Reviewing Strontium Dog – Part 1 The Setting


Imagine my delight in finding that a reputable company had made a game about a beloved, if a bit obscure, comic character of my youth, and further, that it was written by a couple of heroes from my childhood.
Sound too good to be true?
Come have a closer look at Strontium Dog The Miniatures Game and see if it can live up to the nostalgia of a youth misspent…

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South west game night

by Zac Beldan

Last night was the monthly board game night that one of my friends hosts in the south-west. As I didn’t have any other events scheduled for the weekend so I was happily able to go. The event starts after dinner and goes into the early morning and while I wasn’t able to stay the entire evening I did stay long enough to get in a few games. Since I work on Monday evenings I don’t get a chance to hang out at the Open Board Game night at the store so this was my first chance in a few months to play some new board games.

Heroes of Normandie

First off was a quick game of Heroes of Normandie. I was introducing the game to a new player so we tried one of the provided scenarios called Saving Private Rex. I played the Americans and my opponent picked the Germans. The goal of the scenario is for the Americans to find and rescue their General’s pet dog. The game was fun and it was easy to explain the rules but I was struck, yet again, that the true appeal of the game is in larger custom scenarios where you pick your own forces and have a larger number of available orders. The scenario we played was a quick win for the Americans as Private Rex randomly appeared in a space that was easy for me surround and keep away from the Germans.

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Warhammer Diskwars overview


Today was a Marvel Dicemasters event at the store and even though I wasn’t playing I was helping run it for Sentry Box. While I was there I asked Bill to come down and introduce me to the Warhammer Diskwars game from Fantasy Flight.

Diskwars is a product that I was intrigued by when it was first announced but I passed it by during its initial releases. The reason was that the promotional material that FFG released made it look very character focused and less about troops and war machines. It wasn’t until the release of the second expansion, adding the Vampire Counts and a smattering of Skaven and Dark Elves, that I was able to see that it was more troop oriented and had a very good range of units and factions.
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Product Mini-Reviews

Some of the staff have written mini-reviews of various products in the store so I thought I would share a few of them here:


The Forgotten Planet – review by Chris

The Forgotten Planet is a board game for 2-4 players. It is a tile-laying area control game where players compete to control the surface of another planet using pieces representing robots under their command. Players can also use their robots to construct mines, allowing them to construct more robots and bases to extend their control of the planet’s surface. Tiles under your command can collect solar energy to power your robots, but robots that become isolated outside your territory fall inactive for the round.


Call of Cthulhu – Cthulhu by Gaslight – review by Greg Latour

New revised Campaign environment for Victorian Setting. All new stats for 6th ed. Call of Cthulhu. Victorian play environment has a much more gothic feel. Easily the best of 3 environments as it suits the game best. New artwork and maps. Large foldout map of 1890 London.


Citadel Turfs – review by Cam

Easy and quick way to finish bases when applied with superglue. Works best in small clumps along with other sand/rocks and foliage. Only drawback is that the glue used to hold the clumps together is not clear and has to be hidden or coloured to match.


The Day after Ragnarok – review by Drew

Have you ever wondered what the 1950s would have been like if the Nazis assassinated Patton and then called down Gotterdammerung? Ken Hite has. Apparently what you get is a noir steampunk Cold War between a psychic-fueled Soviet Union and the World-Serpent-ruined British Empire. Strap on your venom-fired jetpack and strike out for Darkest Africa!

Besieged by Rowena Cory Daniells – review by Brandon

Very long and gruelling first quarter to a third of the book, trying too hard to build back story. Once you get past that section the book starts to open up and the back story starts to pay off. You get very invested in the female lead character (Imoshen). Not a bad read overall, political intrigue and small battles, though character development takes a while. 3.5 out of 5.