Bitz Trading Day

Lots of bitz

Come down to The Sentry Box on Sunday June 2nd from 11:00am to 5pm and bring your bitz, models, terrain and parts to trade with other gamers. We will have table space available for you to show your wares but it is limited so come early if you want to claim some table space.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get rid of some old models, get some new “old” models or find the perfect parts for your latest conversion.

We will also have a selection of products available at discounted prices.


A Song of Ice & Fire Game Day

A Song of Ice  Fire

Saturday April 6th

Interested in learning to play CMoN’s new Tabletop Miniatures Game set in the A Song of Ice & Fire universe?

Sentry Box will be running our second A Song of Ice & Fire Game Day, come down with a 40 point list and meet some new players, or if you are new and don’t know which end of a Builder Scorpion to point at a Savage Giant why not ask for a Demo Game as our experienced staff will be on hand throughout the event to answer questions and show off the game.

Demos start at 11:00 am and will run until 4:00 pm. Play space will be available from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm for everyone else.

KeyForge Chainbound Tournament


Come down to The Sentry Box on Saturday April 27th at 11:00am for the KeyForge Chainbound Tournament. The event starts at 10:30 am with the first round beginning at 11:00am.

Entry to the event is $13.49 which covers the cost of a sealed deck. The number of rounds is dependent on the number of players and there is a cap of 36 players. The format for the event is Best of One, Standard Swiss sealed event.

An Asmodee account is required for play in all chainbound events. To be entered into the software you must have a valid account on the KeyForge App so that we can scan your personal QR Code and then log the deck at the event.

For more information please check out the Master Vault.

Star Wars X-Wing – Hyperspace Trial

Hyperspace Trial

Come to The Sentry Box on Star Wars Day, Saturday May 4th, for our Star Wars X-Wing Hyperspace Trial. The event starts at 9:00am and the first round begins at 9:30am. Entry to the event is $25.00 if you preregister and $30.00 on the day. There will be five rounds with a a cut to the top 8. There is a soft cap of 64 players.

It will be a full day of high level competitive X-Wing against the best players Alberta has to offer.

Schedule Guideline as follows:

  • 09:00 am Player meet and on the day Payment
  • 09:30 am Pairings for Round 1
  • 11:00 am Pairings for Round 2
  • 12:30 pm Lunch
  • 01:30 pm Pairings for Round 3
  • 03:00 pm Pairings for Round 4
  • 04:30 pm Pairings for Round 5
  • 06:00 pm Prizes and announcement for Cut
  • 06:30 pm Top 8
  • 08:00 pm Top 4
  • 09:30 pm Final

There will be food available for purchase on site for the Lunch Break or multiple local establishments within walking distance.

200 Point X-Wing Squad built to Hyperspace Restrictions. Whilst we encourage creativity, all players must have official FFG product available on site for any ships, cards and other required game material being used. Any questions please reach out to us.

Players must Pre-Register for this event by contacting the Sentry Box, whilst Payment on the day (for an additional $5 fee) is possible, all participants must be registered before 9:00 pm Mountain Time on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019.

The Hyperspace Trial is a Formal Level event and as such, all players are expected to be familiar with the game rules and be prepared to exercise that knowledge to play at a reasonable pace. Players are expected to avoid bumping ships and refrain from other sloppy play mistakes. The focus is a friendly but competitive environment.

To facilitate this all players should be familiar with the following documents

As guidance for any rules questions that have not currently been answered by FFG we will be using the Unofficial X-Wing Community Rules Supplement

If you have any questions pertaining to your squad or other interactions please reach out to us through the Facebook Thread for Rules Questions on this event or contact the store directly.

Special Instructions
All lists must be submitted before 9:00 PM Mountain Time on Thursday May 2nd, 2019.

These lists can be submitted to the store in person, via a Facebook Message to the Store (Please comment that it is your list for the X-Wing Hyperspace Trial) or via email to, please use the subject line X-Wing Hyperspace Trial Squad List – [Your Name]

Whilst lists can be submitted to us in any format, they will be verified in the Official FFG Squad Builder and that will be treated as the definitive standard to any squad building questions. I.E. If it follows the Tournament Regulations and is legal in the App it is a legal list.
Players will be given the opportunity to rectify any non malicious errors found at the player meet before the event starts, any errors found after the Tournament has begun will be punished with a game loss and if the error is such that it cannot easily be rectified (e.g. dropping a non valid upgrade card from the list) the player will be disqualified from the event.

Players will be required to produce a physical copy of their squad list for their opponent before set up, that must clearly indicate their choice of Asteroid, Debris or Gas Clouds.

Transformers TCG 2 Pack tournament

Transformers TCG

Come to The Sentry Box on Thursday April 4th for a Transformers TCG 2 Pack tournament. Player registration begins at 6:00pm with the first round starting at 6:30pm.

Entry to the event is $15 which includes two packs and the remaining will be used to build the prize pool for the event. There will be three round with each round being determined by a best of three games.

Star Wars: Destiny Sealed Box Tournament

Star Wars Destiny

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Star Wars: Destiny Sealed Box tournament on Sunday March 31st. Registration for the event begins at 11:30am and deck construction will begin at 12:00. Price for the event is $120 per box. Players will need 1 set of tokens for damage, shields and resources. Sleeves are optional.

11:30-12:00 Player Registration & Box Collection
12:00-1:00 Open packs and create your deck
1:00-4:00 Swiss Rounds followed by cut depending on numbers

Deck building rules

30 points including any plots you wish to add. You may mix hero/villain characters.

1 battlefield unless a plot allows you to add a second.

Must consist of 30 cards. You may only include colours of the characters you have on your team. Hero/Villain cards can be included in any deck. You may only have 2 of each card in your deck.

Prizing will include kit prizes and more depending upon attendance.

HeroClix Cosmic Confluence WizKids Open

HeroClix Winter Open

Come to The Sentry Box on Saturday March 30th for the HeroClix Cosmic Confluence WizKids Open. Registration starts at 11:00am and the first round begins at 12:00. Entry is $15.00 for the Constructed event. This is a National Championship Qualifications event.

This is a 300 point Modern Age Constructed and will consist of three Swiss rounds followed by a single elimination round.

The winner of the event earns a 2018-2019 HeroClix National Championship Qualification. If the winner of the event already earned a 2018-2019 HeroClix National Championship Qualification in the country in which the event is being held, the qualification passes down to the highest ranked player who does not already have a qualification from an event held in the same country.

Prize Structure

(all prizing is cumulative)

Marvel HeroClix: Thane Prize Figure

Top 2
Marvel HeroClix: Black Dwarf Prize Figure

Top 4
Marvel HeroClix: I.S.A.A.C. Prize Figure

Top 8
Marvel HeroClix: Supergiant Prize Figure

Participation Prize
Marvel HeroClix Corvus Glaive’ Special Object

Beyond the Gates of Antares Boot Camp

Antares Boot Camp

Come down to The Sentry Box on Saturday April 13th and participate in our Beyond the Gates of Antares Boot Camp. This is a free event and miniatures and terrain will be supplied.

Beyond the Gates of Antares is the science-fiction skirmish wargame written by Rick Priestley (the creator of Warhammer 40,000). The game includes seven different Antarean factions: the PanHuman Concord, the Ghar Empire, the Isorian Senatex, the Algoryn Prosperate, the Freeborn Vardos, the Boromite Guilds and the Rebel Ghar Outcasts. Beyond the Gates of Antares game play makes use of the successful and exciting dice activation system first pioneered in Warlord’s popular Bolt Action WW2 wargame – ensuring that both sides remain active and engaged throughout every game. Resolution is by ten-sided dice offering considerable expansion and great range of detail compared to traditional six-sided dice.

There will be 500 point armies available for people to use and we have two special draws. Anyone who preregisters for the event will be eligible to win a free sprue of Concord C3 troops (three are available). One lucky attendee will also win a Concord army starter set that includes a rulebook. Call the store or send us a message on Facebook to register.

Blood & Plunder participation game

Blood & Plunder

Come to The Sentry Box on Sunday March 31st for a free Blood & Plunder participation game. The event starts at 1:00pm and there will be miniatures supplied. If you have your own band of fearsome pirates then bring them down and join in on the pillaging and looting. A measuring tape and a handful of d10s would be helpful if you have them.

Blood and Plunder seamlessly covers small unit, amphibious and naval actions set amid the 17th century Caribbean. This highly immersive and tactical game system takes players into the 17th century world of blood thirsty pirates, desperate militiamen and and ferocious natives. All of them in a constant struggle to control the wealth of the New World. Games can be played on land, at sea or a combination of both using a streamlined set of gaming rules that will present new and veteran war gamers alike with unique tactical challenges.

Imperial Assault tournament

Imperial Assault

Come down to The Sentry Box on Saturday March 23rd at 11:00am for an Imperial Assault tournament. Entry to the event will be $5.00. There will be a player meeting at 10:45am and the first round will begin at 11:00am.

There will be 65 minute Swiss rounds with the number of rounds dependant upon the number of players. The Advanced Structure will be used if we get 9 or more players.

Army Lists and deck lists are not required to be handed in, spot checks will be done throughout the day. Players will bring a standard 40 Point List and 15 Point Command Card Deck.