What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 8-21

Sean finished of some late 17C musketeers. “From the North Star 1672 line. These lads could be Dutch, French, or some weird German state. Mostly the pigments I used were the new Vallejo Game Colours. Top marks on the opacity.”

Renee got the chance to play a 4 player game of Ticket to Ride France. “I’d been wanting to see how this would play with more players competing for the routes, as the map is large enough that with 2 players you can easily stay out of each other’s hair. But now, when you put down a coloured route onto a track, there were 3 other players who had a chance to actually claim it before it was your turn again. That didn’t really happen as much as I had thought it might, however there was another  mechanic that came into play quite a bit that I hadn’t anticipated. Since players are required to put a coloured route onto the map each and every time they take train cards, there are often turns when you are a just randomly picking a route and placing it somewhere. For the 4 and 5 train routes, there is only one of each colour, so there were a couple of times when those routes were on the board, but no one was actually planning on claiming them, so they were never returned to the supply to be selected again. Or inexplicably all 3 of the blue 3 train routes were on the board so I couldn’t use them. As a result, while it wasn’t the specific chaos I was expecting, there was more nonsense that occurred with the extra players. This also made me realize that you could use this mechanic maliciously to block or thwart your opponents. Might have to play it again.”