What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – May 1-7

Sue painted up a newer WizKids pre-primed D&D 2 pack – Locathah & Seal. “I think this might be the first seal miniature that WizKids has made for D&D. I immediately thought of the Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign, as seals are mentioned and there is a stat block in the appendix for them. The seal is one of the easiest miniatures I have ever painted. I don’t usually re-prime the pre-primed minis, but in this case I re-primed him with Vallejo Grey primer. Then I painted his eyes and nose, and I gave him a little white patch on the collar to make him a little more interesting, did the base and then used a very thinned down (w/Lamhain Medium) black shade over the whole thing. I did pretty much the same thing for the locathah. Once dry, I added white dots to the black eyes to make them a little more lively. Note: If you are painting the locathah, I recommend painting the inside of the shield first as it is a hard to reach area.”

Renee and her family got in a few games of Steam Up. “I picked this up because I knew the super cute steamers and little dim sum pieces would interest Christopher and it worked because he saw me and Jenn playing it and asked to play it as well. This is a nice light drafting game with a couple of neat mechanics. The dim sum steamers are on a rotating board, which is divided into players’ feasting zones, so one of the elements is turning the board to either move steamers into your zone or out of your opponents’ zones. The dim sum you buy, you place on your unique player board, earning points and bonuses in different ways. There are 12 different characters to play as, so quite a bit of variety there. It’s definitely a lighter game, but with the player interaction and a whole deck of Fortune cards with different abilities and actions, there is enough to keep us engaged.”

Renee and Jenn played the 2 player Horror themed Escape Room box. “We really enjoyed The Little Girl scenario, it had some challenging and ultimately very satisfying puzzles. The House by The Lake was a bit gorier and while there were still some really clever and fun puzzles, we weren’t huge fans of the story. We have no idea why these ones were labeled as 2 player, since we almost always do our escape room games with 2 players, it seemed just like the others. We aren’t horror fans so we aren’t really the target audience, but we still really enjoyed the game.”