What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – April 17-23

Sue painted up He-Man and Skeletor from CMON’s boardgame Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia. “One thing that’s really nice about the original Masters of the Universe line is that they have simple paint jobs and most characters are only comprised of about 4 colors. Skeletor, is a very basic paint job. I used Luxion Purple Contrast Paint and did all the purple parts first as they are the darkest and would be the hardest to clean up if I got them in the wrong place on the other colors. I used Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint for Skeletor’s face, and Frostheart Contrast Paint for Skeletor’s body. I figured Frostheart was appropriate as Skeletor frequently mentions his heart, or lack thereof. One thing about these models is that Contrast Paint is best on models with lots of detail and not too many flat or mostly flat surfaces. Since these guys are all bodybuilders, I found that the Contrast Paint would sometimes pool in a way I wasn’t in love with, mostly on the legs. This can easily be fixed by waiting for the model to dry and mixing the Contrast Paint with the color underneath on your palette and painting over any parts where the Contrast Paint pooled weird. I did this for Skeletor’s legs and I thought it worked pretty well. I was, admittedly, too lazy to mix up a color for He-Man’s legs, and the rest of his muscles, so I used Kislev Flesh over the Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint. It’s a close match but not exact. I used my favorite brown – Gore Grunta Fur Contrast Paint – for He-Man’s loincloth and boots. I did use a hobby knife to remove them from their bases before I even primed them. They are a similar scale to D&D miniatures and I wanted to have the option to display them with my D&D miniatures.”

Kris has been meaning to restart his painting streams for months now, but has been making excuses not to. “I finally bit the bullet today and logged back in to Twitch and set it all up as I needed to paint a Lord of the Rings army for our next round of demos so I figured it would be two birds with one stone. I had forgotten how much it slows me down trying to do it on camera, answering questions and responding to Twitch chat but I think I made decent progress.” Check out his streams! https://www.twitch.tv/dicehatekris

3 Heroes and a Cave Troll complete Kris’ army.

Kris really committed and continued with even more painting! “Painting one army this week was not really the much of an achievement, so seeing as we had scheduled our Pike & Shotte Epic Battles Launch Party, I figured we should really have some models to run demos with! So we have a English Civil War, Royalist Battalia.”

And mirroring them, we have their Parliamentarian adversaries. “The new sprues are lots of fun, the Infantry Sprue builds a full Combined Infantry Unit, while the Cavalry Sprue should really be called the Everything Else Sprue! It builds 3 or 4 different types of Cavalry, your generic Commanders, Commanded Shotte Units, Light Artillery, Medium Artillery, Dragoons, and probably some stuff I am forgetting!”

Renee and her dad are continuing their games of Ticket to Ride and this week they pulled out the Switzerland map. “This map has a ton of tunnels so thankfully you’re allowed to pick up locomotives just like regular train cards – but man it still gets dicey with some very long tunnel routes! The other thing with this expansion is that it has all these routes around the edge of the board that go into Switzerland’s 4 neighbouring countries and has destination tickets that link all these countries or specific cities to all these countries, but which require that you only meet at least one of the links. So at some point both of us had finished our initial routes, had made a point of linking 3 of the countries and then just spent the rest of the game selecting destination tickets on the hope that for each 3 we picked up, we’d already completed at least one. We ended up going through the entire deck, chuckling the entire time and when the game finally ended, we were stunned to discover that after all of that nonsense, we’d ended up in a tie. Too funny!”

Bananya: The kitty who lives in a banana, arrived at the store and everything about it made Renee smile. “I was wondering if it was something we’d enjoy playing when a customer said he’d had fun playing it, so I picked it up. We played a few games and had a ton of fun. It’s a somewhat chaotic game, so you can’t take it seriously at all, which I really enjoyed. On your turn you add a card to your hand, then play a card from your hand resolving its action: Name a card and every player must give you that card if they have it; give your entire hand to the player on your left; pick a card from another player’s hand etc. The goal is to be the first player to get one of each of the 10 different Bananyas in your hand, which of course can be hard when just as you’re getting close, you lose your entire hand! The whole game is adorable but the box being a litter box for the discard pile really makes it.”