What have The Sentry Box been up to – April 10-16

Sean painted up some Ooh-Rah from Wargames Atlantic. “These guys obviously have an aesthetic connection and inspiration with many of our favourite sci-fi  film monster chow protagonists. These knuckle heads are gonna get Predatored, Terminated, Face-hugged and ripped apart by Bugs.  All in fun.  I did a pretty standard slap-chop with speed paints (use ALL the greens) and popped some highlights with Vallejo Game Colour Cayman Green and Skin Tone. Both very useful pigments. This kit is fun. Figure build is reasonable, bodies are one piece and the arms are separate but paired by codes on the sprue.  I only had one instance in which the arms didn’t want to work with the body. You are spoiled for firepower options as well (which seems apropos for a kit portraying Space America) with everything from pistols, pulse rifles to BFG’s. Head options are great as well. You can do all the figures in open and closed helmets. There are bareheaded options (rather Arnie-esque), boonie hats and ball caps. The head with the backward ball cap looks like a real d-bag. I made two squads for Xenos Rampant. The first is either a Recon or Light Infantry squad.  I borrowed a data pad from a Stargrave sprue for the one guy who is trying to figure out what their coordinates are. The kit could have had a few less guns and a few more sci-fi widgets. Second Squad is a Support/Heavy Weapons team. Bringing freedom to the galaxy with large caliber railguns.”

Sue’s latest D&D Dollhouse… erm… Diorama. “Mostly put together with the WizKids Warlock Tiles (Full Height Walls sets are currently on sale!), but some pieces are also from WizKids Dungeon Dressings, Settings, and Premium Sets. The miniatures are mostly D&D pre-painted minis, however I did paint a handful of them myself. The minis I painted are either the WizKids pre-primed minis, from the D&D board games, or Ral Partha miniatures.”