What have The Sentry Box staff been up to March 6-18

Sue finished a couple of Necromunda kitbashes for her Escher gang. “First up, I finished an Escher Clan Chymist from Forgeworld. I modified the Chymist slightly by using my hobby knife & file to remove her pant leg as I love the Escher’s high boots. I used the hobby knife to get the basic shape of a leg and then used the file to smooth it out. The head is from the Forgeworld Escher Ash Wastes Upgrade Set. I really wanted a Chymist with ponytails like in House of Blades, or buns, so this was really the perfect head. There is a gap in the back of her coat for her hair, which I easily filled in with Greenstuff. This was a very simple conversion. Below, is the photo from Forgeworld of the original, and then my modified Chymist on the right so you can see the changes.”

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