Honor Among Thieves: A Dungeon Masters Thoughts

Hey folks! This is Nick B!

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to get tickets for an advanced screening of Dungeon’s & Dragons “Honor Among Thieves”. I thought since it is coming out this week and a lot of people had questions about it, I’d write my thoughts down. Please remember – most of this is just my personal opinion. So experiences may vary (and that’s okay!)

To start off, a little bit about me. I’ve been playing D&D 5e for about 6 years now, and I’ve been a DM for 5 years now. I love Fighters (I know) and I run multiple homebrew campaigns as well as play in multiple different kinds of D&D or TTRPG campaigns. D&D is also something that has influenced my life professionally as well. When I’m not poking around on The Sentry Box social media I work in Theatre around Calgary. Specifically, a few years ago I wrote a play about Dungeons & Dragons and learned just how difficult translating Dungeons and Dragons into a visible experience can be.

So I feel weirdly qualified to talk about the new Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Going into it I didn’t have high hopes for this movie. Video game adaptations are rarely amazing, and there is such a fine line between good D&D representation and cringey representation. Also, writing a narrative about D&D is HARD. How do you capture what makes D&D great? How do you explain the inside jokes, the failures, the stories (especially when D&D is DESIGNED to be personalized for the campaign).  So when I sat down all the way in the back of the theater with 100 or so other D&D nerds, I was ready to be groaning into my popcorn.

You guys. It was good.

Like. Really good.

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – March 20-26

Greg and Tracy played Escape Room: The Game: Super Heroes Next Generation. “This is the second scenario in the box we started the other week, and it’s rated as slightly more difficult. We actually found it to be mostly fairly easy. There was one puzzle that wasn’t difficult but for some reason we struggled with getting it done in a reasonable time. Eventually we got there though, and then we raced through the next couple of puzzles to make up the time. The last puzzle was also slightly time-consuming but we still managed to finish with about five minutes to spare. It was a fun one!”

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to March 6-18

Sue finished a couple of Necromunda kitbashes for her Escher gang. “First up, I finished an Escher Clan Chymist from Forgeworld. I modified the Chymist slightly by using my hobby knife & file to remove her pant leg as I love the Escher’s high boots. I used the hobby knife to get the basic shape of a leg and then used the file to smooth it out. The head is from the Forgeworld Escher Ash Wastes Upgrade Set. I really wanted a Chymist with ponytails like in House of Blades, or buns, so this was really the perfect head. There is a gap in the back of her coat for her hair, which I easily filled in with Greenstuff. This was a very simple conversion. Below, is the photo from Forgeworld of the original, and then my modified Chymist on the right so you can see the changes.”

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What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Feb 27-Mar 5

Behold Sean’s Contubernium! “Clearing off the workbench is starting to bear fruit. :sweat: These duders are Gripping Beast Praetorian Guard (circa 100 CE, now out of print) with Little Big Man Studios shield transfers. Essentially an essay on Sean’s Rule of Miniature Wargaming #3: ‘Get the Shield and Base right and the rest is gravy’. (yay flowers, yay gravy)  Tired of palace intrigue, assassinating and proclaiming Emperors, these Praetorians have ventured out into the field to face down some Germanic Panic. All slappychoppy technique with the exception of the metal tones. GW Gullyman Flesh is a really decent Mediterranean skin tone over black/grey/white.  AP Dark Wood I just fall in love with more every time I slap it on a spear shaft, or pila shaft if you will.  Highlights courtesy of Vallejo Silver and AP Matte White.”

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Crowdfunding Update – MARCH 1

Today we bring you another update on our Kickstarters and other crowdfunded projects. During the last month we’ve received 2 projects at the store and backed 5 additional projects. If you want to be updated when new products – including Kickstarters and crowdfunded projects – arrive at Sentry Box, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  If you are interested in a project below, contact us at the store for more info, prices or to be added to the pre-orders list. It works just like any other pre-order at the store, you only pay when you pick up the game. This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most popular crowd funded games without having to pay upfront and you don’t have to pay for shipping. Plus you get double points on all pre-orders!

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