What have The Sentry Box staff been up to? Feb 20-26

Dan came into the store one morning with his nephew Parker to play some Battletech. “We got in a good round of Battletech using 3025 level tech, until he grouped his forces in the middle of the city and let his mean Uncle Dan get my Phoenix Hawk and Panther on top of some high buildings, in a prone sniper like position. It was death by ammo explosions (3/4 mechs) not too soon after that.   My Banshee got the death blow on all 4 of his units, so that was fun.”

After the game of Battletech, Dan got home for a learning game of The Quest Kids with Oliver and Bree. “Spoiler: it’s fantastic. Quest Kids is a kid friendly (5 and up) competitive Dungeon Crawler, with a voluntary cooperative element, meaning you -can- help someone complete a quest if you want to, but you’re in no way obligated to. If you help you get what’s called a Nice Kid card, which gives you some pretty significant benefits. We went all in on this game during the last Kickstarter campaign, so we have 2 expansions still to crack into, including a campaign mode. I’m looking forward to a lot of plays of this one in the next couple years.”

Sue painted the head for Estus Jet from Forgeworld’s Necromunda range. “I wanted her to have a pinup/cyberpunk/California Girl look. I used Dorn Yellow with Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint overtop for the first time for the California blonde hair and I was pleased with the result. I thought that cherry red lips would go well with her retro bangs. After discovering you can ruin paints by leaving them in the car in the cold, I ended up using Evil Sunz Scarlet for the lips because it was the option. I mixed the red paint with white to make a color for the line on the bottom lip. Ordinarily I wouldn’t use Evil Sunz Scarlet for lipstick because it’s too bright. I would recommend Khorne Red or Gal Vorbak Red for a nicer lipstick shade. However, in this case, Evil Sunz Scarlet was ok because Necromunda and cyberpunk in general is all about anything-goes make up. I put a little red make up under her eye to add a bit of a weird cyberpunk flair.”