What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Feb 13-19

Greg played Ragnarocks. “This game is from Gord Hamilton, the designer of Santorini, and it shares some DNA with that predecessor in that they are both two player abstract games that offer a standard version, or you can add asymmetric player powers to change up the game. Whereas Santorini is typically a race to get one of your builders up to the third level of a building, Ragnarocks is more about claiming territory on the board by blocking off areas with runestones. Each turn you move one viking in any direction and then build a runestone in any direction based on where the viking ended. Vikings and runestones block movement and building channels. When an area only contains vikings of one colour it becomes ‘settled’ and those vikings can no longer be used. Once both players have no more possibilities for movement or building you count up the areas of the settled territory and whoever has the most wins. Tracy and I just played the standard game and it was quite interesting even without the player powers. I’d like to see how they shake things up though. Oh and the runestones are awesome and look amazing on the board!”

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