What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Jan 16-22

Cam has been painting up some old school lizardmen. “In the old-school (proper) way.  Now to finish the two Stegadons and their crews…”

Greg’s latest game of Azul went about as well as usual, which is to say not very well. “The biggest problem being: other players. Things would go much better if other players didn’t take the things I need. I guess I just need to play solo. In any case, I finished fourth, although it was actually pretty close between myself, tracy and Matt, with Lani some distance ahead of us all.” They also played Just One. “We did it! Thus far our best score has been 11 out of a possible 13, but this time we managed a perfect score! Most of the words were pretty straightforward, with just the odd slightly trickier one, and we seemed to be on the right wavelength for not duplicating too many clues either. We can now retire as Just One Masters. :grin:

Greg cracked open the recent Dice Throne Santa vs Krampus pack and faced off against Tracy. “Tracy’s Santa started and thanks to a So Wild I managed to make her whiff. That was followed by an Ultimate on my turn thanks to Twice as Wild, and things were off to a great start. Thanks to a bit of healing and another great attack it was looking even better after round 2, with Santa down to 22 health and my Krampus on 45. It seemed pretty much inevitable at this point, and neither character has any damage prevention on defence so it was going quickly. With Santa at 8 health and Krampus still on 20+ I thought it was all over when I attacked for 8, but Tracy pulled out a Not This Time card to prevent 6 and survive. Then on her next turn she got an Ultimate thanks to a Six It and some tokens. That hit hard, putting me to 9, but then Santa’s Ultimate also let’s you attack again right away, and amazingly she hit again for exactly 9 to finish me off. It was a most improbable win, and those that know me will know how much it pained me to have Santa come back to win like that. :face_vomiting:

Dan played a couple of 4 player games this weekend, with some non-gaming friends. “We dropped by to visit, and took Clank: Catacombs as well as Sub Terra 2, and a good time was had by all. Catacombs went in a predictable fashion for me, I was able to generate a ton of Clank, but not a lot of movement.  By the time I was finally eaten by the Dragon (in the depths, m 4th game with a 0 score) I had a single Clank Cube left in my pile, and everything else was in the bag.  It wound up being a really close game between Bree, Jason and Taneya, with only 6 points or so separating them, and Jason recounting his points multiple times to try to pull himself out of 3rd place. We didn’t have a lot of time left, so we decided to put Sub Terra 2 on the table, expecting that the game would ramp up the difficulty quickly, which it did.  I really like this take on the Sub Terra franchise.  The tiles are a much better product than what was originally included in the Kickstarter Version of the OG Sub Terra, and the individual player powers seem much more effective at balancing the game out, and giving you a glimmer of hope that you might make it out of the volcano alive (hint: you probably won’t), but when things start to go wrong the game can swing from a potential win to a spectacular loss really, really quickly, which it did. I’ll be buying a second copy of it for them pretty quickly, as birthdays are coming up. ;)”

Renee and Jenn solved Fall of the Dawnstar. “This is another of those puzzle adventures where you complete a small jigsaw puzzle, then use it to solve an escape room style puzzle, then use the code to figure out the next compartment with the next puzzles. These take more time as you have to put together the puzzles, but I always end up enjoying them. In this one the way the jigsaw puzzles themselves were used were clever and we enjoyed it quite a bit!”