What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 21-27

Greg played some Roll Player Adventures, “In our latest installment we were wrongfully imprisoned for murdering the King (who actually went through a portal to another dimension). We were planning our escape, but couldn’t seem to make up our mind whether we were going to stay loyal to the King’s Guard, or fall in with the Dragul prisoners. Throughout the course of the scenario we: spoke to the warden to get on their good side, even ratting out a gang of prisoners; fought against some guards; fought with another gang of prisoners but then kind of joined them; started a riot; saved a guard, killing some other prisoners in the process; fought and killed the warden; escaped the prison. Pretty eventful, but we definitely flip-flopped around on the best course of action!”

Sean shares his East Squidmoor Hedge Patrol in ambush. “Finished up my Wargames Atlantic Halfings. Based and arrayed a Border Scouts for Oathmark. My palette was already quite browny and as I was experimenting with more SpeedPaint and washes the wee lads came out quite dun. So instead of going back and touching them up I just threw lots of Gamer’s Grass tufts and flowers (10/10, would garden again) and pretended it was what I intended.”

Greg finally got around to the third and final scenario in Unlock: Legendary Adventures, which is a Sherlock Holmes themed one. “This was the hardest rated scenario and had a time limit of 90 minutes instead of the usual 60. Often Tracy and I have found the harder difficulty rating scenarios to not actually be that bad, but this one was definitely a challenge. Some of the puzzles weren’t very intuitive to us, and others were hard due to how vague things were. We needed a bunch of hints and took a lot of penalties to reduce our time, but ultimately we finished about 5 minutes under the 90. Sadly we couldn’t see the score we got because the app froze when we entered the final code, but we were able to use the solution booklet to check that it was correct and verify that it was in fact the end. It was an interesting scenario but I think it could have been improved with some better design choices.”

Sue finally bought a Windsor & Newton (W&S) 000 paint brush! “Last week, I painted some Zombicide minis in low light and noticed some things I wanted to fix. Chris said that a brand new Windsor & Newton brush is like painting with a lazer and I agree! One thing to note is you will want to water down your paints slightly more than usual or they may dry out on the brush before you can get your brush to the model – its that fine of a brush! Pictured above are before and after pictures. The first picture is of Nightwolf and you can see that I got some white paint on his red warpaint, and I also redid his right eye. Below him is a red haired saloon girl. You can see that I got white in some weird places on her eye, and I was able to use the new brush to fix her eyeliner. I also ended up redoing her lips when I was trying to smooth out the chunky paint beside her mouth… (you can see that smoothing chunky paint is not my specialty..) but the brush was great for getting the highlight on the lower lip. Next up, I used the new brush to finish the eyes of a blonde, Southern beauty and Yul Brynner (Magnificent 7/ Westworld). If you look closely, you can see that his eyebrows were connected in the first photo and are now 2 separate brows (courtesy of the new brush). I also used the W&N brush to paint Egyptian style eyeliner onto Yul Brynner as a nod to his most famous role as Ramses II. Long story long, I absolutely think this brush is worth the money and a great tool to have for painting very fine details!”

Renee and her family have been playing Splendor Duel quite a bit over the last week or so. “I provided my initial impressions last week and I’ve now played it quite a few more times with Dad and Jenn. I have to say the game holds up. I really like this version of Splendor and have been enjoying trying some different strategies required with the new mechanics. Having 3 different win conditions does mean that we can go after different cards to meet our strategy, but getting 20 points does appear to be the most popular way to win. I stand by my recommendation that if you like Splendor and often play it as a 2 player game, this is a great version of the game.”

Renee played a 4 player game of Circadians: First Light. “After playing the game with Jenn I was excited to get the chance to play it again, this time with 3 other players. All the locations are double sided based on the number of players so it does a fantastic job of staying balanced with the additional players. With 4 players it was a lot harder to plan your specific moves so you had to figure out more how many dice you were going to send out to do actions vs farming and then hope that the dice you planned to send out could do the actions you most wanted to do. There is an action that allows you to send a dice out that you get to place at the start of the next round before regular turn order, so if you really needed to count on something that worked well. This game does require that you adapt and make less than ideal plays, but if you’re ok with that, just making the most of the situation and pivoting as needed, I think this is a fun dice worker placement game. Totally forgot to take a picture before we cleaned up.”