What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Nov 7-13

Renee played a solo game of Hadrian’s Wall, a hearty flip and write. “This reminds me a bit of a Shem Phillips game, where you’re trying to advance on 4 different tracks, using a variety of different actions to do so. You start the round with a set of resources and workers, which you spend to do actions on the sheets, which in turn grant you more workers and resources. You keep playing until you run out of available actions and then your wall is attacked, with each round’s attacks getting fiercer. I really enjoyed my first play, and it plays very well as a solo game.”

Renee also got in a solo play of Fleet: The Dice Game. “This is a quick and fun roll and write in which you manage a fleet of fishing boats. Players draft boat dice, gain income, then draft town dice and on alternative rounds go fishing. They include a good solo version which very easily guides the actions of the AI player for the dice drafting, as well as impacting your sheet so it forces you to make tactical decisions about which dice to prioritize and which strategies to focus on.”

Christopher asked to play So You’ve Been Eaten with Renee, “So we played a game with him as the miner and me as the beast. He picked it up very quickly and did very well managing his actions and we ended the game in a draw, with him acquiring 7 of the 8 gems and me not managing to digest him. The score was very close and he almost beat me.”

Greg managed to get the group together to play the next scenario in the Roll Player Adventures campaign, “This time investigating an explosion at the arena and getting to the Palace to see if we could stop some kind of rift from opening up. Our choices have been taking us down the path of joining the secret Starlit Door Group, so we’re walking a fine line given that we’re supposed to be City Guards. The scenario ended with a bit of a twist that will see us in trouble next game!”

Renee and Jenn finished the Space Base: The Mysteries of Terra Proxima campaign and got to open the Mystery Box! “With every element in the expansion added to the game, we started to feel like it was getting challenging to keep track of everything going on; we can’t imagine what it would be like playing with all 7 players! I did like each of the elements, but I think I’d prefer playing with only one or two added at a time so we could enjoy each part a bit more. Between The Emergence of Sky Pluto and this expansion, we’ve now added a bunch of new cards to the game with quite a few new elements so I think even choosing only to add some of the new cards would make a big difference as well.”