What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 31-Nov 6

Greg and Tracy managed to squeeze in another game of Barrage while the kids were playing. “They did both show interest in what we were doing though, and declared their allegiance to be with Mama rather than Dada. Their support wasn’t enough to turn the tide of the game though, because although it seemed fairly even after the first couple of rounds, I had slightly better infrastructure built and was able to start generating more power. I even managed to fulfil the national contract for the first time in a few games. It’s a great game that requires precise planning and timing and it can definitely hurt if another player takes an action space you need. I’m enjoying the challenge though!” They played another game later in the week, “Playing online is definitely a bit quicker and easier than setting up the physical game. However, in this game I was playing White, and on one occasion Tracy failed to spot that I’d built a structure because it wasn’t as easy to see it on the screen compared to in person. That meant she’d wasted a few actions and it definitely set her back. Having said that she did tie her previous best score, but I beat my own previous best by one point so still got the win.”

Greg and his group got in a bunch of games in this week’s gaming session:

Hanabi: We played a four player game and it was going ok, but we did discard a few different playable cards because we hadn’t had time to clue them to each other. That ended up costing us as we had discarded a white 3 and then the other white 3 was the last card in the deck and we weren’t able to get everything out in time, leaving us at 23 points, with the white 4 & 5 still available to be played but no turns left.

Draftosaurus: Another light and fast game which felt like it was going pretty well for the first few turns but then I kept getting passed the right dinosaurs but with the wrong die roll for where I wanted to put them. Always the way! It was a fairly close game overall, but I finished last on 33 points, with Matt winning on 39. I do enjoy this game quite a lot – even with the frustration of getting the wrong dinosaurs or the wrong rolls, it’s quick, easy and fun.

Llama: We moved on to Llama, playing a couple of games as the first one was very fast. In that first game I went out the first two hands very easily, and then after the third hand Tracy had accumulated the 40 points to end the game and I ended up with just 3 points from that third hand to comfortably win a very quick and easy game. The second game did not go my way at all, and Tracy got some redemption by winning with 7 points, ahead of Matt on 15 who had just gone out twice in a row to bring his score down drastically. Slightly too little too late for him though!

Just One: We played a four player game, with each player giving two clues to the active player, meaning six in total. Of course there were times when we doubled up and they only ended up getting 4, or even just 2 clues! Overall it went badly and we scored a measly 3 points. There were even some where we failed despite having all six clues, so we clearly weren’t on the same wavelength. Another fun and quick game.

Renee and Jenn got another chance to play more of their campaign in Space Base: The Mysteries of Terra Proxima. “We’re still loving this! This is hardcore feeding into my love of dice rolling and the thrill of getting bonuses. We’d already added the Shy Pluto dice, which you can buy and then you get to roll them on everyone’s turn for possible additional bonuses like income or points. But one of the bonuses is a bonus dice roll, so that’s obviously the most fun. They’ve also now introduced ongoing rewards, that once you unlock them you have for the rest of the game. So towards the end of our game, I was getting bonus dice rolls for which I earned double rewards, plus optional additional buys before my dice roll, Jenn was allowed to reroll any Shy Pluto dice that didn’t trigger and other stuff I can’t remember. So we were just laughing at trying to keep track of what we all had to do on each other’s and our own turns! It was just awesome dice rolling chaos.”

Clever 4Ever, the fourth game in the Ganz Schon Clever / That’s Pretty Clever series hasn’t made it to Canada yet in physical form, but Renee made a physical version using the app. “And it is so good! Jenn and I played a bunch of games over the last couple of days. I love that I keep getting to fall in love with this game over and over and over again.”

Everyone is posting pictures of their Everdell Complete Collections, so Renee and Jenn found themselves wanting to play Everdell. “This is such an interesting game, with you having to very cleverly use the cards and workers you have to try and generate enough momentum and ability’s to do as much as you can each season before you run out of things to do. Because of the cards we got, and obviously also the choices we made, Jenn and I ended up playing quite different games. She had a full village with cards under some constructions and critters and so many workers left she was able to claim a bunch of events. I only had two-thirds of my village done by the time I ran out, but it still ended up being a pretty close game.”

Greg finished reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: “This was one from my Top 100 list that I’ve been working through, and I vaguely knew the premise but didn’t know any detail about it beforehand. A woman, Claire, is somehow transported back in time while up in Scotland, from the 1940s backed to the 1740s. There she gets caught up with some Scots, including one who is an outlaw from the English. It wasn’t a bad book but I found it quite slow paced, and the character of Claire seems to adapt to life in the past too easily for my liking. I know it’s a fantasy novel but I didn’t find her very believable. I’m not in a hurry to read more, or watch the TV show, but if you’re into historical romantic fantasy you might want to check it out.”

Alex and Luke have been on a bit of a Zombie Kidz Evolution kick lately, and usually want to play a few games in a row to try to unlock the next secret. “We had a bit of good fortune in the games today, rolling blanks or the specific colour needed for the zombies when we would have lost otherwise. That helped us win a couple of games and complete some missions that we hadn’t done before. We’ve now unlocked all the Hero Powers and three of the clones!”

Sue finished her Baby Yoda. “I primed him with Vallejo’s English Uniform and painted his face Gauss Blaster Green. (Or Baby Yoda Green, as I prefer to call it). I used Cadian Flesh for his cheeks and ears before tying it all together with a thinned down Biel-Tan Green (w/Lahmain Medium). I did the black part of his eyes before adding the wash and the white dots after. And, yes, I had to redo one of his eyes to get them to match. I then drilled a hole into the bottom of the mini and set him on my hobby drill so that I could apply Aggaros Dunes Contrast Paint to his robe. I did the hands separately, but I would recommend gluing the between applying the original colors and adding the wash or Contrast Paint as trying to do the wash / Contrast Paint stage while they were still separate created extra work.”

Kris wanted to try something different. “I decided to challenge myself and see how much of my Beastboss on Squigosaur I could paint with this single brush. I instantly failed as I decided that I wanted to use an even bigger brush to get my first layer down, so expanded to these three.”

“I am about half way through and I think he is looking good so far, I am sure the eyes will be a challenge, but everything else seems to have gone fine. And my normal layer/highlight brush for comparison.”

Greg had been wanting to try The Tea Dragon Society Card Game with Alex for a while as she loves the book this is based on. “It’s definitely a little bit too long to hold the attention of Luke though so I hadn’t brought it out until now. I focused on getting a few more higher value cards into my deck that synergised with my Tea Dragon Rooibos, and then switched to just buying memory cards as soon as possible. Tracy was helping Luke and they had a lot of bad luck in the game, with their Tea Dragon Jasmine being quite picky and grumpy throughout. Alex picked up a whole bunch of market cards to help her draw more cards and stave off those negative cards in her deck, as well as making a bunch of good memories with her Tea Dragon Chamomile. In the end I won, but only a few points ahead of Alex, and I was genuinely impressed with how quickly she picked up the game.”

Cam finished this 54mm Space Marine from the now out of print Inquisitor range. “Hopefully knock off another few before years end. Even if I never play the nebulous game that goes with; painting at this scale is very cathartic and a welcome change from 25mm.”