What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 10-16

Dan and family played a three player game of My Little Scythe and it went as predicted, with Oliver completing 4 objectives, Bree completing 3 and Dan completing 2.

It was only the second time we’ve played the game since we got it in 2017, and the first time that we’ve played with Oliver (7 years old). So it was a learning experience for all of us.

The game really does a good job of capturing the basic feel of Scythe, while making it more accessible to a younger audience, without making it feel like it’s been “dumbed down” so much that a more experienced player will be bored with it. All of the basics are there, move your pieces, collect resources, or turn those resources into something more useful, and then wage war via a pie in the face against your opponents.

Oliver predictably and consistently played aggressively, racking up as many magic pie cards, and actual pies as he could do the he could wage war with impunity, and it wasn’t until he saw that losing Friendship points every second turn was hurting him that he started trying out other strategies out.  He eventually forced the end of the game by collecting his third magic card.

Bree (also, predictably) played the most balanced game and could have ended the game 2 or 3 rounds earlier than it ended had she wanted to.

In a very atypical fashion, I tried to play the role of Me Nice guy, and attempted every turn possible to grant my opponents free resources so that I could move up the friendship track quickly to claim that achievement, but the dice were against me. I did manage to achieve 8 pies as well as cashing in some crystals for my second chit, but that’s all I could muster. I’m this case, nice guys finished last, but at least I had some fun doing it.

Greg played another two scenarios of Roll Player Adventures, “With the first seeing us trying to find a missing halfling girl who had apparently been taken by a troll, and the second had us investigating in the Undercity trying to find and kill a vampire that was infecting people. There were some trickier skill checks and combats and we failed a couple of times, but overall managed to get through everything ok. We had lots of story choices to make, which typically involve helping or hindering one of three different factions in the game, and the choices you make can open or close doors to you later on. It seems like not everything is what it first appears.” :grinning:

It’s Octoberween, so Sue painted up some tombstones from the Bloodbowl Necromantic Horror – Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers. “I don’t play Blood Bowl myself, but I do love their box sets and feel they’re perfect for adding flavor to my Warcry teams or just really cool diorama pieces.
I was drybrushed the ravens with Thunderhawk Blue and I really think it looks great. I used orange and green Contrast Paint for the pumpkins. And, of course, my favorite Contrast Paint Gore Grunta Fur for the soil.”

Renee and Jenn finally busted out The Mysteries of Terra Proxima, the second expansion for Space Base. “Like The Emergence of Shy Pluto, this expansion is set up as a campaign, with each element being introduced as you make your way through the story. So it slowly adds new elements with win conditions in your game determining when you unlock the next part. It was a great excuse to place Space Base again and with some of the elements already introduced in Shy Pluto, namely the bonus Pluto dice you get to roll on everyone’s turn, we had so much fun!  We played 2 games which allowed us to introduce the first 3 parts of the story, so we’ll likely have to play a couple more sessions before we get to open the big mystery box.”

Renee and Jenn also played a game of Azul: Queen’s Garden. “This is by far my favourite Azul since the original; its thinky, requires lots of planning and adapting and it’s hard compared to the previous versions. I wish I got to play this more as I feel like every time we play it, I’m having to relearn what I do wrong but never seem to remember enough to get that much better the next time. That being said I think Jenn had the highest score we’ve seen yet, going around the score board about 3 times.”

The card game TEN came out this week and got played a bunch of times between the members of Renee’s family with different player counts. “But props go to Jenn, who in our two player game, managed to get complete runs in all 4 colours! This was also the most fun I’ve had playing this game ever, as I had to just watch as time after time, whenever a wild card came out, it was on Jenn’s turn (meaning I had to bid first), and I never had any tokens to bid with, so I just had no choice but to sit there and watch Jenn get almost an entire run of just wild cards! And she would have, if I hadn’t managed to buy the wild 6. It was so ridiculously unfair and made me laugh harder than I have in a long time while playing a game. And because I know all of you are wondering, I have no idea why 2 of the runs go one way the other 2 the other way. Jenn was consistent in the randomness of her tableau set-up.”