What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Oct 3-9

Kris played his first game of Warhammer 40,000 against an army with Knights in it.

And not the fun Knights who search for grails and stuff, giant, spiky, mean Chaos Knights who worship the dark gods and ride around in gigantic armoured mechs with big guns and bigger close combat weapons. Luckily, I had prepared for such an occasion, and my Great Unclean One was well equipped to kill them, or so I thought…

Turn one went well, with my Sloppety Bilepiper increasing my Great Unclean Ones speed, to allow him to not only get close enough to blast one of the wretched warmachines with psykic powers, but to charge in to combat and swing his own giant blade dealing a whopping 24 wounds, and felling one before it had had a chance to fire a shot. Unfortunately for the Greater Daemon of Nurgle, that left him high and dry on the wrong side of the table, and the Big Bad Knight with the even bigger death lazors and space swords blew him back into the warp with very little ceremony!

Luckily, on turn two, I could actually start claiming objectives, and even having traded down in power level, I was well positioned to start digging up the relics, that were our actual mission objectives. Thus began the game of how many points will Kris score while Aiden is killing his army, and the Nurgle tricks keep things on the table long enough to matter? I was actually really surprised, whilst I had zero chance of bringing down his larger knight without the Great Unclean One, the Plaguebearers actually managed to drag down the smaller knights and racked up quite a tally on the objectives.

The game finished 80 points to 20, with the Nurgle Daemons being wiped out to a man(?) but being too far ahead for it to matter at the end of the game!

Kris got in some painting this week. “These two units of Pykes Syndicate are actually for a friend, but they were good practice and I will hopefully be starting on my own army this week, which because Pykes seem to absurdly good value in be the current meta, also has 3 units of them. I will have painted 40 Pykes by the time I am done! Any more and I would have enough for a phalanx (a nice historical joke for you there…)”

Kris also got some painting done on his own projects. “I found myself with some time waiting for shades to dry but not enough time to justify a whole new project so I finished off my Spoikpox Scrivener for my Nurgle Daemons. Whilst I was initially not really a fan of this sculpt, he was actually really good fun to paint, now all I have to do is figure out how to fit him into an army list!”

Greg played a game of Roll Player Adventures. “I’ve never actually played the original Roll Player game but I believe this is only thematically connected, although it’s possible to import characters created in a game of Roll Player into this game. This is a cooperative campaign game where players each have a character using stats that will be familiar to fans of a popular TTRPG. There is a choose your own adventure style of play, using a large storybook with passages to read out. Combat and skill checks are dealt with collectively, with players moving stamina tokens from their stats to a fatigue area in order to add specific types of dice to the pool for performing the check or combat. Players can also use cards and abilities to add, change or adjust dice, in order to try to make the required roll to succeed. The first scenario was pretty straightforward, with easy checks and nothing too complicated. Decisions made now will affect the overall story though, taking us down branched paths in the future.”

Greg and friends had a little time to kill before dinner so they played a quick game of Kingdomino. “It was a pretty close one overall, but I sadly wasn’t able to place my last tile and that meant I finished 7 points off the lead. It’s a nice easy filler game for when you want something that won’t hurt your brain.”

While the Greg and the adults were busy playing Roll Player Adventures and their older sisters were playing elsewhere, Luke and his friend Tavi (both 4 years old) pulled out Outfoxed and played a game just the two of them. “It was super cute to watch and I believe they figured out the pie thief before they escaped off the board :grin: