What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Sept 26-Oct 2

Kris and his group finally, after much real life happening, managed to finish their Arkham Horror Innsmouth Conspiracy Campaign! “This is by far the most time a campaign has taken us to play, including the Circle Undone which we were playing when COVID happened! The joys of being grown ups I suppose. :grimacing: It’s hard to give feedback with it being such a stop start campaign, but I enjoy it, the structure and story felt strong and well put together, and our choices felt impactful. I didn’t like the time jump elements, as I think the deck building, upgrading, and bag organization involved detracted more than added to that feeling of unlocking your memories. That said, I think it still sits in my top 3 Arkham Horror LCG campaigns, now on to Edge of the Earth, which I have been really looking forward to!”

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