What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Sept 19-25

Sue finished some painting tutorial pictures for painting eyes on miniatures. “First up, if you absolutely do not want to paint eyes on your model, or the eyes are too small to get much detail, we recommend dropping a brown wash/shade in the area under the eyebrow and over the eye before adding the final flesh wash or Contrast Paint. There is a natural shadow under the brow and over the eye that we are capturing with this simple technique. Shown here on a WizKids D&D mini with Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint over the face.”

Another eye painting technique Sue recommends is painting cartoonishly large eyes and then using other colors to close the eyes more. “I have, again, used a brown to account for that natural shadow over the eye, before finishing up with a flesh color. In this case, I used Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint for the skin, and used Kislev Flesh to paint over the cheeks and forehead. This is also a WizKids D&D miniature.”

Kris has been working on a Maggotkin of Nurgle army to use in the Age of Sigmar Path to Glory campaign that Chad will be hosting on Tuesday Evenings. “I was hopeful that it would be easy to just use the Daemons that I had been working on for Warhammer 40,000 but it didn’t really work out without some Mortal Followers, so I added some Putrid Blightkings and a Lord of Blights, along with a unit of Plague Drones.”

Dan and family went to Turner Valley to game with Pieter and Kristina on Sunday morning.

We got in a really quick round of Downforce, as well as took another crack at the second to last mission in Mechs vs. Minions.

Downforce is a deceptively simple racing game, where you win by having earned the largest pile of loonies, measured in millions. There are theee ways to earn money.  The first is to be cheap at the auction when bidding for your car. You start the game with an immediate debt that you have to make up. The smaller the debt the easier to catch up. The second is by placing bets when someone passes one of three marker points on the board, for who you think is going to win. The third, is by how you actually placed in the race.  Earnings are calculated by adding your bet winnings, your placement earnings and subtracting your debt. You race by playing movement cards, and exploiting your special driver ability.

I initially bid $6m for a car that I thought I could do well with, because my hand was stacked with movement for it, but I was unable to exploit my drivers ability because my hand didn’t meet the requirements.  At the first waypoint I placed a bet that Pieter would win, and then on Kristina at points two and three. Kristina won the race, I came in second, but ultimately I won the game because I’d bet so heavily on her. 10/10 would play again, and 8/10 chance I may buy a copy today if it’s in stock.

Mechs vs. Minions is…chaos in a box. It’s a fully cooperative game where you and your companions are trying to defend a school (that has spiked walls and lava pits) from an invading hoard of minions. Each round a group of mech power ups are dealt, and you decide as a team who is taking what in order to upgrade or repair their mech. You then play your mechs command line of up to 6 cards sequentially, hoping and praying to avoid damage which can reorder your command line, or negate and neutralize your weapons.

Avoiding damage is the key.  Pieter got pinned in a lava pool early in the game, and his mech was so damaged that any attempt to control its movement turned into fits of laughter as he was pulled out of the lava and then thrust right back in, adding additional damage. We were unsuccessful in our task of defending the school, again, but I’ve never had so much fun losing a game.

Renee asked Christopher if he’d play TEN with her, after they discovered Opa had left town with Shifting Stones. “I really like this game as a quick card game. Even though I kept busting, I do love the push your luck element. The “let’s see what I would have gotten if I’d kept going…” is a fun part of the game. With a little auction action for the wild cards, planning how you use your limited currency for the unexpected auctions, prioritizing purchases in the market, this game has a little bit of everything to keep you engaged. Unsurprisingly, Christopher won by a landslide.”