Maximum Arbitration Part 8: ‘Game Week Five’, The Big Show

Gang violence has brought YYC Hive to it’s knees! Industry stands on the brink of collapse! Is there any solution!?! And…will the solution simply be more violence?

Yes. That is correct.

The Big Show; a meet up between the up-and-coming warlords of YYC Hive. All gangs were invited but only a select few will be able to attend. The time to strut your stuff has arrived! Players who meet the requirements of the ‘Fancy Dress’ Equipment Set rules (Maximum Arbitration Part 6) should inform their Arbitrator, and a date to play the multi-player scenario Gang Moot (Rulebook Pg. 182) should be planned.

As usual, a few changes and modifications will be necessary, but nothing too complex this time around. Firstly,on the day, it will be important to spend a bit of time before game showing off your new, cool builds and models. This is to make sure everyone meets the requirements and is a good time to check out a bunch of opponents and what they are doing with their gangs. A learning experience that should not be missed, and all before the bullets even start to fly!

The scenario functions fine as written with up to five players. For six or more; change the Crew to Random Selection (D3+2). Otherwise go ahead ‘as written’. This is a fun scenario that can be super quick or could be a gruelling bloodbath, either way, you should familiarise yourself with the scenario before playing it.

Having the foreknowledge of setting up the campaign, I hope to have one of my gangs in attendance, assuming I can make their finances work. I will be there either way, to answer questions or ‘help’ with whatever I can. A large multi-player game can take a few hours, so try to get set up early and be ready for the long haul!

-Uncle Mike