What have The Sentry Box been up to – Aug 29-Sept 4

10 angry wee Orcs are Sean’s new babies. “New kit from Oathmark/Osprey, goes together nicely with solid options. Some arms are a bit weird and limited in pose, but nothing a knife and sprue-goo won’t fix.
These lads are the Axe Gang, a tribute to Kung Fu Hustle, possibly one of the greatest movies ever.  Some sword guys and archers in the queue. 10/10, down with the Age of Men, stick ’em with a fork, it’s the Time of the Orc.

Renee had a chance to try out Shifting Stones with Christopher and her Dad. “It’s a straightforward abstract game with 9 tiles, each with a different colour on each side. You get 4 cards which have a scoring objective ranging from 1 to 5 points depending on how hard it is to achieve the required pattern. On your turn you can take up to 4 actions, either scoring a pattern card or discarding a card to either flip a tile or exchange 2 adjacent tiles orthogonally, drawing back up to 4 card at the end of your turn. It’s a quick game to learn, set and play, and I really like the visual puzzling aspect of this game. We had a lot of fun with the highs and lows of picking up a high scoring card that seemed easy to pull off, until the other players spent their entire turns messing with the board. We ended up playing it quite a bit over the last week, as 2, 3 and 4 player games. There is a little bit of luck with the cards you draw and the state of the board when it’s your turn, but it’s fun having folks react as the board is altered either in or out of their favour. There is also a clever solo variant in which you create a 16 card deck and as you play, you earn a strike on any turn you don’t score a card. Your goal is to score all 16 cards before you get 4 strikes. The puzzle is using the 1 and 2 point cards to both shift the stones to set up the higher scoring cards as well as score points on a turn. I really enjoyed it.”

Renee and Jenn played a game of Viticulture World, an expansion that turns Viticulture into a cooperative game. “In this version, you have 6 years to reach 2 collective goals: all players must score at least 25 points and you must have reached the end of the influence track. It was definitely interesting playing this cooperatively, working together to figure out which actions each player should take and to decide turn order and the associated bonus (who should get the extra worker this year?). Your workers start with super cute hats, designating them as untrained workers that can only work in their designated season until you train them. Another addition we really enjoyed was the innovation tiles which allowed you to upgrade the actions. We both really enjoyed our playthrough and it was really fun to play this version of the game. The game comes with a bunch of different continents, which range in difficultly allowing you to increase the challenge as you get better at the game. But that’s a way off. For now Jenn and I were just happy to get a chance to try the game and learn the rules…and pull out an almost win.” 

Kris played a game of 40k! “I have been working on my Nurgle Daemon Army since I had to redo some bases for Warcry. Then, I picked up all of the Maggotkin of Nurgle Stuff to double dip into Age of Sigmar and now with the new Chaos Daemons Codex I can use it in all 3 games!”

Czech games sent a couple of promotional puzzles for their games so Greg tried his hand at this Letter Jam puzzle. “It’s only a small 300 piece puzzle but with all the plain white it wasn’t as straightforward as you might expect. I usually start with the edges but in this case I started with the words and the big strawberry. Still didn’t take too long of course :grinning: