What have The Sentry Box been up to – Aug 22-28

Sean joined Mark and Peter with Chris at his place for game of Oathmark by Osprey Games.

We played 2v2 with 1500pts each. Mark’s Goblin Rider horde and Peter’s Olde School Bretonnians faced my Humanish-Elfo-Goblinian Alliance and Chris’ Homage a’ Rohan replete with many thunderous cavalry. It very much so turned out to be a game of heavy cavalry, the uses and abuses of such. Peter’s deftly handled Bretonnians vapourized my horse units and trampled my foot until elf archery, some backstabbing and a plucky unit of goblins stalled his rampage. Mark’s gobbos faced repeated near suicidal charges from Chris’ Rohirric assaults. Only brutal attrition and his giant Living Statues (great paint BTW Mark) blunted their onslaught and prevented a crucial breakthrough.

The game ended in a draw with interpenetrated flanks and pretty much every unit feeling bruised and sore. It was a lively table of beautiful figs and Chris’ choice terrain.  There were figures of august lineage like Peter’s Bretonnians  a line which gamers of a certain vintage hold dear.  Chris’ gorgeous horse boys are a mix of Norman Knights and Rohan figs.  Mark’s boisterous and very heterogeneous horde of greenies have been recruited from The Underdark to Gundabad. My own crew was Gripping Beast and Old Glory historical figs for the poor doomed human foot and reinforced by North Star’s Oathmark Elves and Wargames Atlantic Goblins.

The rules (when we played them right) offered a no nonsense fantasy scrap with very little cheese.  If you hanker for an old timey rank and flank fantasy beat down, consider trying Oathmark. It’s supported by some very nice kits and is just as open to a ‘play what you got’ philosophy.  Excited for the next time when I get to field some Halflings and Dwarves.  Thanks guys for a great game.

Sean also picked up Osprey/North Star’s ‘Crew II’ for Stargrave.

And lemme tell ya, it’s a banger. Four sprues of five figures give you 20 intrepid female space jockeys. The options available in weapons and equipment are wide and varied in keeping with tradition from releases in this line, giving these sensibly clad spacer-women tonnes of poses and load-outs. Seriously, no less than 20 unique heads per sprue, human to alien-ish. And yes you heard me, these are sensibly clad working-class spacers seeking riches and adventure amid the stars wearing serviceable jumpsuits, jackets and padding. No Zero-G Knock-kneed Assault Strippers here.

I’m stoked to do as others have and mix them with the Frostgrave Wizards and put together gun slinging, robe wearing tech priestesses. Why? Cause ya need to sometimes.
Critiques? I’d have been happier with less gun-hands and more gizmo hands. These are Crew and not Soldiers. In this demonstration,  I used one sprue right outta the box and laid on the speed and contrast paints. I present Artifact Acquisition Team Epsilon of the SS Penthesilea. (L to R).

Meet the squad:

Chiaqu,The Leader. You know the type, wears a beret, snaps orders, blah blah blah orders, usually right about the big things. That’s her.
SarshehThe Kid. Tech and retrieval specialist. New and green, mostly because all her predecessors get killed by freaky alien technology. Thinks the whole thing is funny.
Mona-3The Hot-Head. A genetically engineered, cloned Catgirl, she fights the preconceptions and stereotypes of her people by being a close-in knife fighter and stealth infiltration specialist. Doesn’t understand irony.
Green Surf in Sunset, The Weirdo. Sunset is an aquatic humanoid from parsecs away. Has uncanny perceptive  senses that has saved the squad several times. Eats the wrong things, often.
RedThe Vet. Cunning, rage, and intergalactic PTSD wrapped up with a plasma gun. Red (no real name known) is the longest serving member of the squad. Second in command, but never retains a leadership role because of their blast firstinstincts.

Seriously, this box rocks.

Sue finished the accessories for the D&D Frameworks Hill Giant. “These are only *some* of the numerous options to add more character to this delightful figure. They were mostly painted with the Contrast Paints – Skeleton Horde, Aggaros Dunes, and Snakebite Leather. I think the Frameworks miniatures have 2 things really going for them; the fun accessories allowing for lots of customization, and this line has the best detail of any of the WizKids D&D miniature lines. I recommend any D&D player check these minis out if they’re feeling creative.”