What have The Sentry Box been up to – Aug 15-22

Chad tried out the new edition of Warcry this week. “It feels mostly the same but the minor tweaks and changes are very welcomed. We played a scenario where lightning was striking every time we moved our models, that ended up being quite perilous for the Nighthaunt player, and the Kruleboyz were victorious. The new Scenery from Heart of Ghur has nasty gnash whip trees and walkways high enough for a sneaky decent upon unsuspecting passerby’s who are too foolish to waltz beneath.”

Tracy and Greg have played a few more games of Marvel Dice Throne this week, with Greg trying out a new character each time and Tracy mostly using Scarlet Witch to try to get the hang of her. “The latest game saw me using Loki against Black Widow, and I was curious how it would play out. Loki seems quite swingy to me, with a fair amount of variability in how things can go. Black Widow ramps up as the game goes on, so the longer it goes, the better things tend to get for her. I barely managed to win this game, and I think I probably used up all of my luck doing so. I ended the game at 7 health, and that is thanks to some good use of Illusion, as well as some fortunate rolling. In three uses of Illusion I avoided half damage twice and full damage once (from a big attack for 11!). I also transferred two time bombs away and rolled a 6 to remove another. Through the use of some cards I managed to get an Ultimate part way through the game, but even then I was still behind. It came to my turn with me on 7 health, Black Widow on 9 but with two Agility Tokens on her. I didn’t know that Tracy was also holding a card to potentially save health too. I needed some good fortune and rolled 4 6s on my first roll and then the 5th 6 on my second roll for a natural Ultimate to win the game in true Loki style!”

Greg also played a couple of games in their Dice Throne Adventures campaign with his group, winning the third Portal Crawl without too much trouble, and then facing off against the Fallen Monk. “The Boss Fight didn’t start very well for us, but we got into a better rhythm as the game went on, and in the end we took him down, ending with just one salve less than we started with. We all have pretty decent loot cards in our decks now, so as the games go on we get stronger and stronger. Next up is the fourth and final Portal Crawl!”

They got a couple other games in this weekend, including some more Spades. “It was a pretty tight game throughout, with myself and Tracy missing a couple of bids, but also making a Zero bid, and Matt and Lani making all their bids but losing 100 points for getting to 10 bags. In the final round we needed to make Lani fail her bid of 3 while making our collective bid of 9 to have a chance to win. In the end we made our bid but couldn’t stop Lani and Matt, making it the first game I can remember where both teams ended over the 500 point mark, but with them further ahead.” They finished with a game of Tichu, playing girls against boys. “There were no Tichu calls in the first hand so it was fairly even. It was memorable  for the fact that I had two bombs but the rest of my hand was so poor I actually still went out last! In the second hand Tracy called Tichu but I was able to stop her so we sent them into negative points, and followed ot up with a successful Tichu the next hand to open up a gap. We followed that with another successful Tichu to put us to 450 points, but then Tracy and Lani ended up winning all 100 points the next hand, so we were kept waiting. The following hand I had two good straights and the Dragon so I was able to call Tichu and make it to send us over the 500 point mark and get a convincing win.”

Renee and her dad played TEN, a push your luck game in which you are trying to collect runs of numbers in each of the 4 colours. “We hadn’t played this in a while so decided to dig it out again. First time playing a 2 player game and we both quite enjoyed it! We both love the press your luck element; you draw cards from the deck until you stop and take your reward or bust. Your reward can be either all the number cards to add to your sets or all the currency which you can use in auctions for valuable wild cards. But if you choose number cards your opponent gets the currency! Things like limits to the amount of currency tokens a player can have and fights for specific cards made it a lot of fun for the 2 of us.”