What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 25-31

Sue finished the face of Hrothgorn Mantrapper at Sunday’s store painting demo. “I took another in progress shot vs. finished. I primed white because I wanted to do a white beard. First I used Dryad Bark to block out the eyes, then I used Dawnstone to draw the brows. It is easier to fix the eyes and brows at this stage. For a male I try to keep the brows a fairly consistent width. I used Blood Angels Red Contrast Paint for the hat. I did the hat first because red would have been the hardest color to clean up when I got it on other parts of the model. Photo 1 shows just the primer on the face with the eyes and brows blocked out. In Photo 2 I have put Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint over the primed face then finished the eyes, brows, and teeth using a Citadel Layer Small brush. I used Ulthuan Grey to finish the eyebrows. I found having the darker grey outline underneath really helpful for knowing where to fill in the eyebrows. Also by not filling the brow in entirely with the Ulthuan Grey, it made them stand out more against the flesh tone. Everything you see here is a Contrast Paint other than the eyes, brows, and teeth. If you’re intimidated by GW faces, don’t be! GW faces are so detailed, and have so much character, they practically paint themselves. Just let the Contrast Paint or Wash (a.k.a. Shade) do most of the work for you!”

Renee and Jenn finally played Kingdomino Origins with all 3 modules. “These modules definitely add more choices to the game and more math to figure out the best moves. Like the original you draft tiles to add to your kingdom, however now there are resources that come with the various terrain types that not only are worth a point, but also contribute to end game bonuses for having more than your opponents. And volcanos allow you to add more fire to an area to increase its value, but they destroy resources. Or you can proactively spend your resources on cavemen to add to your kingdom for additional end game scoring. While staying true to the heart of the original, it does add some nice additional mechanics.”

Renee finished Heaven’s River, the fourth book in the Bobiverse series by Dennis E. Taylor.  “This book has two storylines, the first being Bob’s search for Bender in Heaven’s River, where they are forced to explore “undercover” which leads to various adventures. It also explores how the Bobiverse, now experiencing replicative drift, is fractioning into different groups with very different ideas of their role in the universe. Like the other books this was a lot of fun to read. It was thought this would be the last in the series, but I am thrilled to hear that the author has started making notes for a possible fifth book.”