Maximum Arbitration Part 7: ‘Game Week Four’, What’s Yours Is Mine…The Takeover Phase Begins!

YYC Hive is dangerous and ill-spirited, just like it’s citizenry. The potential to become a great factory hive was there, but the population could never rise past the petty rivalries and infighting that mark this spire as a lawless outland encampment.

Many come to this hive seeking nothing more than a place to try their fortunes by direct action. Not a place, then, for the faint of heart or the mind clouded by conscience. There are riches here, but none so easily claimed as those simply removed from the possession of another.

The doors are opening on the Take Over Phase!

After a productive Downtime, it’s time to get back to fighting over stuff. The Takeover Phase sees challengers nominate a Territory controlled by their opponent which they wish to seize. Otherwise, the gangs may choose to fight over control of an as yet unclaimed Territory left over from the Occupation Phase (and possibly ‘recently found’ Territories…if needed and at the Arbitrator’s discretion). Players must decide when issuing challenges which option to follow and which Territory is at stake. This allows gangs to take Territory from their rivals by force, as well as grabbing any unclaimed previously.

The moratorium on Territories is now over, and the rules revert back to ‘as written’, allowing gangs to generate income from Territories after every game. While this removes the need for a ‘game week’ we will keep the terminology in play, as it may still be relevant, at least with monthly updates and organisation. In the Takeover Phase, players may fight as many battles as they wish in the time available. Players have had ample time to learn the game, now let’s get into some proper gang violence!

No additional new rules will be added this time, but an uptick in games being played will see me bring in some of my personal Necromunda tiles. Some will be exotic and weird and they will vary with each time I come to the store. If I am there I will give a quick explanation of the tiles and how they work. If I’m not there, you figure it out.

Hopefully you spent your credits!

Hopefully, if all goes to plan, everyone will be killed with choices. Hideous, murderous choices. I built the tiles for the store (and also mine…obv…) and knew that some glorious ‘game week’ I would mash them all together for a real solid playtime. That time is now.

This should keep players happy without the need for any additional stuff, beyond the rules, for this ‘game week’. Players are reminded to try to save away a few credits, for their ‘fancy dress’ alternate weapon sets (Maximum Arbitration Part 6) for the big Gang Moot that is coming up. This ‘game week’ is the time to push your gang into overdrive and get going on your nasty plans as we approach the campaign’s end. Happy gaming and see you next time, Scummers!

-Uncle Mike