What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 18-24

Sue (mostly) finished Severin Steelheart. “Originally from Steelheart’s Champions, I used greenstuff to make a turtleneck for him and put him in Vanquisher armor. I gave him a standard so that I could alternatively play him as a Knight Vexillor if desired. The big hero here is Vallejo’s Silver primer. I wanted my Stormcast Eternals to have heroic, bright silver armor and I think that the Vallejo primer was perfect for this. I thinned down a black wash with Lahmian Medium to preserve the bright silver. I used Vallejo’s Magic Blue for his cloth with Talassar Blue Contrast Paint overtop. This guy has been absolutely killing it in the Warcry league too. Got a decent shot of my leader (who is now based) in the light box also. Although only available in Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep Box Sets, I just think the models in these box sets are so cool they are worth picking up!”

Renee, Jenn and Christopher played The Legend of Redbeard’s Gold from the Escape Room series. “This one had a pirate theme which interested Christopher and it had a easier rating which worked out perfectly! The components and puzzles tied into the theme very well and we found the challenges interesting and fun. I’d definitely recommend this one.”

Jenn wanted to play a dice game so Renee pulled out Rolling Realms. “The first round our realms worked really well together and both of us easily got all 18 points, so we went into the next round way too confident; both the following rounds were more challenging to figure out how to maximize the dice rolls and make good use of our collected resources for extra dice. A fun little roll and write.”