What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – July 4-10

Last Saturday Sean ran the first SPQR demo up in the Historical area. “With the help of Mike J who provided some lovely building and terrain we set a handsome table using the entire Starter Set. We had a fair number of observers, a few who I’d tag in to role and move the Romans around as Mike led the Gauls in a spirited and ultimately successful defence of their huts.The rules themselves are quite simple, making this a good choice as an entry game. The textuality of the rules themselves led to some intriguing and historical-ish outcomes as the outnumbered Romans absorbed and rebuffed frequent Gallic charges, inflicting disproportionate casualties on the Celts. However numbers ultimately told and when the Gallic hero slew the Roman commander fighting mano a mano the remaining legionaries lost heart and scampered off. We see the Centurion and his friend the signifer put flight to a horde of Gauls. The barbarians would ultimately rally and stomp them down. We also see the archers in a defensive perimeter, showing off the lovely fence and round houses from Mike J’s collection.”

This week’s theme for Sue was Bases & Faces. “I made some bases for my Stormcast Warcry warband. I wanted a mix of ruins and finely manicured lawn. The ruins come from the Citadel Shattered Dominion Large Base Detail Kit. I primed the ruins with Vallejo Grey, added a black wash, waited for them to dry and dry brushed them Uthhuan Grey. The top 2 faces were mostly finished last week and I just did touch ups today. This included trying to fix the janky eye I painted on the woman and I drew a line on her bottom lip. The top lip is always more naturally shadowed than the bottom lip. The bottom 2 faces I finished today. They are all Stormcast Eternals Heads. The woman and the man in the opposite, bottom corner are from Forgeworld. The blonde man at the top is from Steelheart’s Champions, and the man with the white beard is one of the heads from the Vanquishers box. All of them are primed Wraithbone with Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint over top, except for the man with the white beard. I primed him white and used Apothecary White Contrast Paint to get that beard color. I used a black, Citadel Layer Small brush to do the eyes. I really love a lot of the Stormcast heads. They have so much personality!”

Here is a before and after Contrast Paints and washes to illustrate Sue’s process for painting faces. “I do as much as I can first (when it’s easy to fix) and then apply the Contrast Paints and washes and I finish up the eyes. If you’re nervous about finishing up the eyes after the Contrast Paint or wash has been applied, you can always finish the eye first and have a second brush on hand to take as much of that Contrast Paint/ wash out of the eyes before it dries. I know the first photo is quite dark, but you can really see how just adding a Contrast Paint over his face and a wash over his hair really brings out the detail.”

Renee and Jenn have had a chance to play Cascadia a few more times. “As you may recall, both Jenn and I immediately enjoyed our initial plays of this game, so I was curious how it would fair after a few more plays. As each animal type has a variety of scoring cards, each time you play your strategy for how to play each combination changes, which I enjoy as it makes each scoring approach a bit of a puzzle on its own. I still feel like I’m trying to figure out how to maximize each turn and when to use my nature tokens the most effectively. This version of the game itself is fun to play, easy to learn and set up and great for a casual but puzzly game at any time. However the rulebook comes with a whole set of Achievements you can earn – similar to when you’re playing a video game and meet certain criteria. This includes Scenarios with specific set up with scoring or other goals, as well as achievements you can earn if you win a game while playing the normal game (scoring goals, end the game with specific token numbers, or habitat goals). These can be used with the Solo mode to create challenges for yourself or just to make things more competitive when you’re playing with others.”